IW Elementary Music

By Brenda Muench | resources we create or use in music class

Pharrell Williams - Happy - Alex Boye' (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Childrens Choir

2A’s Composition

2D’s Composition

Stomp for 1st grade – Music with Mrs. Muench

We spent our last music class watching a few clips from the Stomp! Out Loud dvd. I’ve found a few more videos that you might enjoy on Youtube as …

2C’s Composition

STOMP - Newspapers

2a's Composition

Do Si Do | Square Dance | Dance Song | Children, Kids and Toddlers Song | Patty Shukla

Square Dance 1 @ Whirl & Twirl Orlando, Florida

Tractor Square Dancing

Rafael Mendez - Flight of the Bumble Bee & Mexican Hat Dance

3b Dances Some of Limbo Rock

2b's Compositions