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What Learning Locker Did Next

2015 was a heck of a year for Learning Locker and xAPI in general. We won some game-changing contracts, made nearly 30 releases and finally found a …


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A resource library of presentations and other publications published by members of the Yet Analytics team.


xAPI Camp Autodesk | San Francisco February, 2016

What is it?

xAPI Camp Autodesk is a one-day event showcasing what’s possible with xAPI. On February 11, 2016, we will be at Autodesk’s headquarters in …

San Francisco Bay Area

xAPI: An Introductory Guide

Introducing "xAPI: An Introductory Guide," an eBook for those interested in learning the basics of xAPI and how it can be used to benefit your …


The “Rules” of Data Visualization Get an Update

What are the rules of data visualization, a practice that draws on research into cognitive theory, graphical perception, statistics and journalism? The journalist and educator Alberto Cairo helps tie together many fields of study into easy-to-follow guides to data visualization and information …


Three Reasons Why cmi5 Is Better Than SCORM by Art Werkenthin

cmi5, the new specification from ADL, is solving many of the persistent problems with SCORM that learners, as well as content developers, have had to …


xAPIsec: a Proposal for an Industry-led xAPI Information Security Standard

Rationale and Objective

In accordance with OMB Memorandum M-15-13, which …

4 Personalization Trends And 5 Ways To Design Personalized Learning Experiences

Personalization Is The Future: How To Design Personalized Learning ExperiencesPersonalization represents a move away from the one-size-fits-all …


xAPI Camp Toronto at CSTD November, 17

Where was it?

The Institute of Performance and Learning (“The Institute”) 2015 Conference and Trade Show

Who presented at xAPI Camp at The …

Instructional Design

Learning Analytics Metadata Standards, xAPI recipes & Learning Record Store -

Presentation given at the Open Conference at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia - UoC), Barcelona, Spain



Tech, People and Systems

The article below was written for an internal audience to illustrate the potential of the Experience API (Tin Can API). This brief overview contains …

Coast Guard

Open Learning Analytics and xAPI | HT2 Learning

An overview of the xAPI and open learning analytics and look at how Jisc are using Learning Locker as part of their solution aimed at "making the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world"; first delivered as a break-out session during the xAPI Camp at DevLearn15 by …

New Competency-Based Professional Learning Model for Educators

A new approach to blended, competency-based professional learning aims to give teachers "access to the right materials, to support the right …

Professional Development

The Gray Lady Enters Virtual Reality

Just over a month ago, the Architechnologist asked “Did Virtual Reality Just Have Its Watershed Moment?” and we were left with one big question: will …

Virtual Reality

An Introduction to xAPI Data Analysis

The post An Introduction to xAPI Data Analysis appeared first on HT2.

Data Analysis

Data Visualizations: 11 Ways To Bring Analytics To Life

Looks Aren't Everything

There are more data visualization choices than ever before -- more chart types, more gauge types, more grids, more maps. With …


Video xAPI Community of Practice

IMS Caliper published – we now have a clearer picture how activity streams should be described - LACE - Learning Analytics Community Exchange

IMS Caliper, claimed to be “the world’s first interoperability standard for educational click stream data”, is now publicly available after a long


Send usage data to Google Analytics via xAPI

Understanding how people use your content is important, and maybe even more important for interactive content. We have to understand how people …

Post xAPI Camp Vegas: A Review

This is the second time I have attended an xAPI camp. The first was at UCF in Orlando. This xAPI Camp was held Las Vegas on September 28th and was a …

Why Profiles are Important to xAPI Right Now - xAPI Quarterly - Connections Forum

The above video was made by our colleagues in Australia, Kirsty Kitto and Aneesha Bahkaria. They have been working on the Connected Learning …

The xAPI Personalization Framework

By Myra Travin (Educational Futurist)

“The simplicity that precedes complexity is useless; the simplicity that follows complexity is the pearl of

Google’s been quietly recording your voice; here’s how to listen to—and delete—the archive - Quartz

Google searches are like a stream of consciousness. We plug every idle curiosity, every thought, and every question into the search engine. Google has always kept careful record of these searches, which helps sell ads. But Google also keeps an audio log of the questions you ask its voice search …


How to Give a Data-Heavy Presentation

Data storytelling has become a powerful part of the communications toolkit, allowing both journalists and marketers to communicate key messages by using data and data visualization to drive articles, blog posts, and reports. But the power of data storytelling isn’t limited to written communication: …

Data Visualization

Stephen Hawking warns of an 'intelligence explosion'

Stephen Hawking has been vocal about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) and how they could pose a threat to humanity.

In his recent Reddit AMA, the famed physicist explains how that might happen.

When asked by a user how AI could become smarter than its creator and pose a threat to the human …


xAPI Camp - DevLearn 2015 is ONE DAY AWAY

We aren’t freaking out — we are FREAKING EXCITED!!! The first xAPI Camp at DevLearn, the first of four events we’re putting on hosted by The …

Concurrent Session Details - DevLearn Conference & Expo 2015

101 Free or Low-cost Learning Tools

Learning professionals often create and deliver learning without huge budgets for tools, but it is impossible to …


New Hire Checklist using IoT, originally made during the 2015 ADL xAPI Design Cohort.

Hosted version here: …

xAPIsec: Towards an information security protocol for xAPI - xAPI Quarterly - Connections Forum

In June 2015, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a Memorandum, which mandates the exclusive use of HTTPS with HSTS across …

Heartbleed Bug