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How to deal with multiple identities on xAPI

By Bruno Winck on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 in Post Series, Uncategorized, xAPI. No Comments

The identity of the learner is crucial when it comes to …


Analytics 3.0

Artwork: Chad Hagen, Nonsensical Infographic No. 5, 2009, digital

Those of us who have spent years studying “data smart” companies believe we’ve already lived through two eras in the use of analytics. We might call them BBD and ABD—before big data and after big data. Or, to use a naming convention …


The Future Of The Internet, According To Its Father

Geeking out with Vint Cerf

The Internet has changed a lot over its 30-something years. That terrible dial-up noise is gone; the Ethernet cord has been cut; Tinder happened. What’s next? If anyone knows, it’s Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president and chief Internet evangelist. He is considered a “father …

Vint Cerf

xAPI Camp - DevLearn 2015

What is it?

xAPI Camp is a one-day event showcasing what’s possible with xAPI. On September 29, 2015, we’ll be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas …


eLearning Authoring: Taking the Next Step with xAPI by Craig Wiggins, Peter Berking, Andy Johnson & Steve Foreman

Authoring tools enable instructional designers (ISDs) without programming skills to create eLearning products. ISDs use these tools to create and …


xAPI: Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training

Riptide has just completed the Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT) project for the University of Southern California (USC), Institute …

Virtual Reality

Video xAPI Community of Practice

SXSW PanelPicker

Capture the Data of Experience

As new technologies emerge, it can be a challenge to gather data from all of those sources to really capture the …


What does 3 years of #xAPI data look like? cc @YetAnalytics @floatlearning

xAPI: Developer Bootcamp Debrief

Until last week, I haven’t really had the opportunity to look much into what is now called the Experience API (aka xAPI) since it it was called “Tin …

Boot Camp

HR's New Weapon of Choice: People Analytics, Care of Big Data

Big data—yes, it is that term again—is here to stay.

There is a change, however, in the way big data is now being discussed. People are no longer …


Amplifying the Experience API: xAPI Camp at DevLearn 2015 by Michael Hruska & Nikolaus Hruska

It was packed at the Seattle xAPI Camp at Amazon Headquarters on July 21, 2015. This event highlighted new use cases, implementations, collaborative …

With Google as Alphabet, a Bid to Dream Big Beyond Search

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Shortly after its founding, Google posted a document on its site called “Ten things we know to be true,” an effort to distill its unusual corporate culture into a succinct list of prescriptions — the 10 commandments of Googliness. Among the most-quoted of Google’s big …


Data Trippers - EPUB3 + xAPI

xAPI Shifting to 3rd Gear

You might be surprised to find out we’re in 2nd gear. We shifted out of 1st gear at DevLearn last year. Between November 2014’s xAPI Hyperdrive and …


xAPI: Experience the experience! « LEARNING LIVE

Dr. Martyn Farrows

Mirjam Neelen

There is a lot of buzz about enabling real-time collection and analysis of disparate learning experiences. After all, …

xAPI Vocabulary Update + Working Group Progress

xAPI Vocabulary - Improving Semantic Interoperability of Controlled Vocabularies

Currently Experience API (xAPI) mostly focuses on providing “structural” interoperability of xAPI statements via JavaScript Object Notation Language (JSON). Structural interoperability defines the syntax of the data exchange and ensures the data exchanged between systems can be interpreted at the …

Yet Developers on Twitter

What are the Yet Devs doing this weekend? Turning @twitter into an #xAPI Activity Provider!

xAPI- AR Program

Welcome to the xAPI-AR program. The mission of this program is to facilitate an international collaboration from members in both the AR and xAPI …

Augmented Reality

craig wiggins on Twitter

Team Across X shows off their aggregated EPUB3 activity data in the LRS #xapi #xapibootcamp

XAPI Interest Group Home - XAPI Interest Group


Welcome to the MedBiquitous XAPI Interest Group. This group explores uses of the XAPI specification to track health professions education …


xAPIsec: a Proposal for an Industry-led xAPI Information Security Standard

Rationale and Objective

In accordance with OMB Memorandum M-15-13, which …

Do You Need an xAPI Learning Record Store?

It used to be that we inferred the efficacy of training by measuring learning outcomes. We still do. Most often that means having SCORM content …

xAPI Bootcamp 2015

No frills, no filler, no fee.

Back by popular demand, the 2nd annual xAPI Bootcamp takes place at the ADL offices in Alexandria VA. Here's a recap of …

Package & track elearning: why companies need both AICC & xAPI

Companies and organizations involved in elearning need learning content to be compliant with some requirements, i.e. with regards to the way content …

You Haven't Left The Building But Your Brain's On A Virtual Reality Trip

For just a few minutes, I'm standing in the streets of Kathmandu. Families pick through the rubble left behind by April's devastating earthquake. I take in the sounds of metal clanking, of footsteps and chattering. A few people walk by, staring straight at me.

I want to help — but can't.

That's …

Virtual Reality

Making Competency-Based, Personalized Learning Real for Teachers

When it comes to preparing teachers, development providers must build a collective infrastructure that connects learning happening everywhere and …

Learning Systems Design

As a way to get back into the swing of things with my blog, I thought I’d write a quick post on what I’ve been thinking about most lately as I’ve …