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Open Learning Analytics and xAPI | HT2 Learning

An overview of the xAPI and open learning analytics and look at how Jisc are using Learning Locker as part of their solution aimed at "making the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world"; first delivered as a break-out session during the xAPI Camp at DevLearn15 by …


Toronto: xAPI Camp

xAPI Camp is a one-day pre-conference experience at the Institute for Performance and Learning’s 2015 Conference & Trade Show that showcases what’s …


xAPI Camp - DevLearn 2015 is ONE DAY AWAY

We aren’t freaking out — we are FREAKING EXCITED!!! The first xAPI Camp at DevLearn, the first of four events we’re putting on hosted by The …

Concurrent Session Details: What? I Don’t Have to Be an Art Wiz to Create My Own Design Assets? - DevLearn Conference & Expo 2015

If you work in L&D, chances are you use design assets (like photos, drawings, icons, and fonts) all the time. And if you don’t have a graphic design …


New Hire Checklist using IoT, originally made during the 2015 ADL xAPI Design Cohort.

Hosted version here: …

Internet of Things

xAPIsec: Towards an information security protocol for xAPI

In June 2015, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a Memorandum, which mandates the exclusive use of HTTPS with HSTS across …

Heartbleed Bug

Got non-traditional data? Wearables? IoT? Need to bring 'em together & evaluate activity in one place? No prob. #xAPI

We asked Seattle's L&D Professionals what they want to learn


xAPIsec: Towards an information security protocol for xAPI ~ Stephen's Web

Interesting item that discusses and links to proposed secure specifications for xAPI. There's nothing in the overview that will surprise web …

Information Security

A Kind of A.I. Called Machine Learning Is Reshaping How We Live. It’s Time We Understood It.

Computers and the algorithms they run are precise, perfect, meticulously programmed, and austere. That’s the idea, anyway. But there’s a burgeoning, …

Machine Learning

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xAPI Camp: Toronto is the new Brooklyn

There’s a band called JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound who are determined that Baltimore is the new Brooklyn, but we’re nominating Toronto. We’re …

New York City

TOPYX LMS Adds Experience API (xAPI) Functionality


Interactyx, the developer of the TOPYX® learning management system (LMS) software, is pleased to announce Experience Application …


How Virtual Reality Will Take Over Your Virtual Life

Gamers and early adopters are going to put virtual reality on shelves, but social uses of VR will bring it into all our lives.

Even though no one actually has one of the shiny new VR headsets in their hands (or on their heads), the roadmap to the platform's success is becoming clearer. For gamers, …

Virtual Reality

Going with xAPI

From our xAPI Camp at Amazon's Headquarters in Seattle, WA on July 21, 2015. The decision to go with xAPI is an exciting one, but a successful xAPI project hinges on an understanding of what success looks like. In this presentation, I share a number of questions one should ask of technology …


Recorded Future User Network (RFUN) Conference 2015

Our keynote speaker for the fourth annual RFUN Conference is Dan Geer, chief information security officer at In-Q-Tel.

This year, RFUN will showcase …

The Future

DevLearn 2015 Conference Expo · xAPI Camp

xAPI Camp at DevLearn

xAPI Camp is a one-day pre-conference experience at DevLearn that showcases what’s possible with the xAPI. It is a day filled …


How to deal with multiple identities on xAPI

By Bruno Winck on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 in Post Series, Uncategorized, xAPI. No Comments

The identity of the learner is crucial when it comes to …

Analytics 3.0

Artwork: Chad Hagen, Nonsensical Infographic No. 5, 2009, digital

Those of us who have spent years studying “data smart” companies believe we’ve already lived through two eras in the use of analytics. We might call them BBD and ABD—before big data and after big data. Or, to use a naming convention …

The Future Of The Internet, According To Its Father

Geeking out with Vint Cerf

The Internet has changed a lot over its 30-something years. That terrible dial-up noise is gone; the Ethernet cord has been cut; Tinder happened. What’s next? If anyone knows, it’s Vint Cerf, Google’s vice president and chief Internet evangelist. He is considered a “father …

Vint Cerf

xAPI Camp - DevLearn 2015

What is it?

xAPI Camp is a one-day event showcasing what’s possible with xAPI. On September 29, 2015, we’ll be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas …

eLearning Authoring: Taking the Next Step with xAPI by Craig Wiggins, Peter Berking, Andy Johnson & Steve Foreman

Authoring tools enable instructional designers (ISDs) without programming skills to create eLearning products. ISDs use these tools to create and …

xAPI: Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training

Riptide has just completed the Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT) project for the University of Southern California (USC), Institute …

Video xAPI Community of Practice

SXSW PanelPicker

Capture the Data of Experience

As new technologies emerge, it can be a challenge to gather data from all of those sources to really capture the …

What does 3 years of #xAPI data look like? cc @YetAnalytics @floatlearning

xAPI: Developer Bootcamp Debrief

Until last week, I haven’t really had the opportunity to look much into what is now called the Experience API (aka xAPI) since it it was called “Tin …

HR's New Weapon of Choice: People Analytics, Care of Big Data

Big data—yes, it is that term again—is here to stay.

There is a change, however, in the way big data is now being discussed. People are no longer …


Amplifying the Experience API: xAPI Camp at DevLearn 2015 by Michael Hruska & Nikolaus Hruska

It was packed at the Seattle xAPI Camp at Amazon Headquarters on July 21, 2015. This event highlighted new use cases, implementations, collaborative …