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Gamification, Social Collaboration, xAPI Technologies, and Sales-Training Success by Nick Washburn

Gamification has become a very effective strategy and is now more than just a catchphrase. However, the word itself doesn’t mean much without any …


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Will Change Sports Forever

Augmented reality and virtual reality are always looking for new industries to take over. The technology behind AR and VR were initially developed …

Augmented Reality
Internet of Things

A Shortcut Guide to Machine Learning and AI in The Enterprise

<b>Predictive analytics / machine learning / artificial intelligence is a hot topic – what’s it about?</b>Using algorithms to help make better decisions has …


BIW2016 Tech Startup of the Year. YET Analytics...Congrats #BIW16

Open Learning Analytics and xAPI | HT2 Learning

An overview of the xAPI and open learning analytics and look at how Jisc are using Learning Locker as part of their solution aimed at "making the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world"; first delivered as a break-out session during the xAPI Camp at DevLearn15 by …

Yet Analytics - NAB ATSC 3.0 Data Demo

Yet Analytics for Learning and Development

Business Intelligence

xAPI / Caliper Discovery Review

IMS and ADL came together with members of the Community on August 15, 2016 at Utah Valley University to start exploring the differences in xAPI and …

Registration Open for the Fall 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort!

<b>Registration Open for the Fall 2016 xAPI Learning Cohort!</b> <br>We bid a fond adieu to the second xAPI Learning Cohort during our May xAPI Party. We hosted …

Machine Learning

Lurie Children's Hospital | Chicago, IL - September 16, 2016

This xAPI Camp was a four-hour showcase of what’s possible with xAPI. On Friday, September 16, 2016, from 10am – 2pm we were hosted by the Ann & …

Instructional Design

Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph

Imagine a future where individuals can illustrate their progression of lifelong learning and training and its links to their real-world performance. In this version of the future, the once-ubiquitous résumé has been ousted by the experience graph.<p>The graph itself will grow out of ExperienceAPI …


“Extending LRSs and the xAPI for Event-driven Blended and Adaptive Learning” – Highlights from the FocusOn Learning Speaker Session

In this era of digitization, the Learning & Development market is also being disrupted with innovations and technologies to enhance and simplify the …


xAPI and Serious Games JISC

How H2020 European ProjexAct is proposing to use xAPI for doing gaming learning analytics (GLA) with serios games. It describes the full approach from research to models, to methodologies to GLA supporting software to examples.

The Experience API (xAPI): A GPS for Learning by Michael Hruska

Learning has changed. Today, our interconnected lives are filled with technologies and new ways of connecting to information and one another. This …

Machine Learning

Marc My Words: The xAPI Breakthrough by Marc Rosenberg

The xAPI is a specification for building tracking mechanisms into applications and systems. A growing number of innovative products for adaptive and …

The Future Of Big Data Is Bigger Than You Can Possibly Imagine | Fast Company

The Universal Graph can better solve problems–with a higher fidelity of knowledge of our current existence–than our traditional institutions.<p>The past and the present is encoded in the Universal Graph so you can better understand and make future actions.

Big Data

How Corporate Learning Is Getting Smarter in 2016

Learning Tools Smart learning extends beyond the course and into the real world. It takes into account what you’re doing on the job and how well …


xAPIsec: Towards an information security protocol for xAPI - xAPI Quarterly - Connections Forum

In June 2015, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a Memorandum, which mandates the exclusive use of <b>HTTPS</b> with HSTS across …

Information Security

More experiments in the visualization of #xAPI data...

xAPI in Practice - Moving Beyond SCORM to a Big Data Future

The Big Data floodgates have opened, yet most organizations have very little insight into the learning they are delivering beyond who took and …

Big Data

EMT Training Case Study

Overview<p>The Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) is working on innovative applications of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies within a smart city / …

Big Data

xAPI Camp Jisc | London April, 2016

What was it?<p>xAPI Camp Jisc is a one-day event showcasing what’s possible with xAPI. On April 22, 2016, we will be Jisc’s headquarters in London. The …