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Ancient Egyptian Agriculture

Agriculture was the foundation of the ancient Egyptian economy and vital to the lives of the people of the land. Agricultural practices began in the …

Ancient History

Egypt’s 5 Greatest Discoveries

Egypt… the land of the Pharaohs… With over 87 million inhabitants today, Egypt is the largest country in North Africa and the Arab World. It is a …


Tomb Robbing in Ancient Egypt

The tombs of the great kings and nobles of Egypt were built to safeguard the corpse and possessions of the deceased for eternity and yet, while many …

Ancient History

The Statuary of Maatkare Hatshepsut

One of the most fascinating aspects of the female pharaoh Maatkare Hatshepsut’s reign (1479 - 1458 BCE) is the artwork she left behind. Art served an …

Ancient History


Per-Ramesses (also known as Pi-Ramesses, Piramese, Pr-Rameses, Pir-Ramaseu) was the city built as the new capital in the Delta region of ancient …

Ancient History

Ancient Egyptian Vizier

The vizier in ancient Egypt was the most powerful position after that of king. Known as the <i>djat</i>, <i>tjat</i>, or <i>tjati</i> in ancient Egyptian, a vizier was the …

Ancient History

Social Structure in Ancient Egypt

The society of ancient Egypt was strictly divided into a hierarchy with the king at the top and then his vizier, the members of his court, priests …

Ancient History

Egyptian Empire

The Egyptian Empire rose during the period of the New Kingdom (c. 1570- c. 1069 BCE), when the country reached its height of wealth, international …

Ancient History

The Art of the Amarna Period

Over the course of Akhenaten’s reign, it is known that at least two different sculptors were employed in the service of the king. The first, a man …

Ancient History

Ancient Egyptian Law

Ancient Egyptian culture flourished through adherence to tradition and their legal system followed this same paradigm. Basic laws and legal …

Domestic Abuse

Balance the Law in Ancient Egypt

Egyptian law was based on the central cultural value of <i>ma'at</i> (harmony and balance) which was the foundation for the entire civilization. <i>Ma’at</i> was …

Ancient History

The Eloquent Peasant Egyptian Justice

<i>The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant</i> is a literary work from the Middle Kingdom of Egypt (2040-1782 BCE) which illustrates the value society placed on …

A Sand Cat with her kittens

One year later

Закусочные слойки-рулетики

Ингредиенты• Тесто слоеное дрожжевое — 500 гр.<br>• Ветчина — 200 гр.<br>• Сыр твердых сортов — 100–150 гр.<br>• Веточки укропа — 2–3 шт.<br>• Майонез — 2 ст. л.<br>• Яйцо — 1 …

Morning stretchies

Gus the business kitten is happy to help you diversify your cuddle portfolio

Cletus is ready to hear all of your problems.


Akhenaten (r. 1353-1336 BCE) was a pharaoh of Egypt of the 18th Dynasty. He is also known as `Akhenaton’ or `Ikhnaton’ and also `Khuenaten’, all of …

Ancient History

Uncovering the Culture of Ancient Egypt

Uncovering the Culture of Ancient Egypt by Alix Wood is a part of the Archaeology and Ancient Cultures series. It is designed for younger, elementary …

Ancient History

Motherly love <3

Just got back from the vet and she is high as a kite

Pet Therapy

Every time I’m putting my shoes on to to go to work she looks at me like this....

Her name is Luna

Her name is purrari. Purrs like a Ferrari, not quite as fast.

if i fits I nap. no matter where I'm at.

it's a meowntain