Learning About Safety

By Bill Martin | This magazine is meant to pull in variety of different subject that will definitely help educate many adults. 

Semiotics, Semiology and Safety Sense • SafetyRisk.net

<b>Dr Rob Long from</b> <b>www.humandymensions.com</b> <b>talks about the power of symbols in response to this recent article</b><p>When looking for a metaphor or icon to …


Symbols Have Power • SafetyRisk.net

<b>Really interesting article by Dr Rob Long from</b> <b>www.humandymensions.com</b> <b>– only for Safety People who like to “think outside the square” LOL</b><p>One of the …

Oilfield PULSE January 2015

Oilfield PULSE January 2015<p>Follow<p>Advertisement<p>https://issuu.com/leadstonegroupinc./docs/oilfield_pulse_january_2015<p>article<p>issuu

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Canadian Heroes

Powerful New In-Browser Photo Editing Tools Added to Google+

Snapseed’s team has been hard at work since their company was acquired by Google last September. They’ve already put new photo filters in the Google+ …

Smartphone video calling has tripled since 2011, says Pew Center

Video calls on cellphones are rapidly growing in popularity in the US. According to a new poll from the Pew Center, the number of adults making video calls has tripled over the last three years, rising from seven percent to 21 percent. Currently, about 91 percent of US adults have cellphones — …

Pew Research Center

AT&T It Can Wait. Distracted driving is never OK.

Create Your Own<p>Pledge Photo<p>Upload the photo you want to use as your pledge profile photo. We recommend you use a photo where you’re holding your …

Distracted Driving

Lean Training Updates plus additional resource

We have recently become aware of a new resource for those interested in the improvement kata: Mike Rother's YouTube site. We recently released a …

Steps to Safety Culture Excellence - Terry L. Mathis, Shawn M. Galloway

<b>Provides a clear road map to instilling a culture of safety excellence in any organization</b><p>Did you know that accidental injury is among the top ten …

Leadstone Group - Building Your Business

Achieving F.A.S.T. Safety Performance Impact: Culture Shock with Shawn Galloway

A Structured Approach to Coaching - Culture Shock With Shawn M. Galloway

Five Dangerous Safety Perceptions - Culture Shock with Shawn M. Galloway

Incentives Rewards and Recognition - A ProAct Safety Workshop


COR Commercial

Your Supervisor's Log Book

"Wasn't Me" - Entertaining Behavior Based Safety V

What is Identification of Training Need?

From Performance Gap to Needs Analysis

When is a Performance Gap a Developmental Need?

Learning styles do exist: Understanding the 12 ways of learning

Training Evaluation: how to do it!

Task Training Simulation

Wood Group - Wireless Communications for Oil and Gas Animation

Service Rig Field Maintenance Demo

Service Rig Trainer