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What I would like to see done with the D.Thomas Contract

Its that time of the year again, time for fans to pretend they know more than the GM (and cap gurus). Because Elway has a very big decision to make …

Calvin Johnson

Which free agents will be paid too much?

Free agency is fool's gold more often than most fans want to admit. We all get excited about shiny, new signings while suffering from collective …

Free Agents

Broncos tag Demaryius Thomas, but pressure to sign him remains

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Whenever a name from the Denver Broncos' hefty list of prospective free agents has been tossed toward John Elway, the team’s executive vice president of football operations/general manager has almost always answered the same way.

Something on the order of, "Sure, we want (insert …

Peyton Manning

Free-Agent Matchmaker: Perfect Fits for Ndamukong Suh, DeMarco Murray and More

There are many elements to the perfect NFL free-agent match:

The match must help both parties. It should make the team better (for the right price) while enhancing both the player's career and his checkbook.

The match must be sensible. Teams with major cap issues cannot splurge. No matter how flush …

Ndamukong Suh

Denver Broncos Final Free-Agency Outlook and Predictions

The Denver Broncos are set to begin the new league year. Teams can begin negotiations with outside free agents on March 7 but can't make an official announcement about a signing until March 10.

According to, the Broncos have more than $116 million committed to 45 players who are under …


NFL Free Agency 100: Top Specialists

We love to rank things in the NFL world, including free agents. But this time they’re being ranked with a scouting emphasis to give a full picture of what each team is getting with a free-agent contract.

The goal of the NFL Free Agency 100 is to look at each player the way an NFL front office will. …


Denver Broncos Free Agency Countdown: No. 2 Ed McCaffrey

Denver Broncos

Chart: 2015 NFL salary cap, adjusted team positions

The NFL on Monday announced the 2015 salary cap will be $143.28 million.

Per the collective bargaining agreement with the players' association, each …


Rehab complete, resurgence next up for Norwood

DENVER — IfJordan Norwoodwanted to see the path to recover from a torn ACL, he didn't need to look outside of his locker room withChris Harris …

Legend and Legacy: The Drive

Any series such as this that has the most historically significant games in a team's history as its theme had better include, and early on, any game …

John Elway

Denver Broncos to franchise tag Demaryius Thomas, nixing reunion with Jets' Eric Decker, per report

Today, March 2, is the final day NFL teams can apply the franchise tag to players. The deadline is 4 p.m. (EST).

In short, franchise tagging a player …


ESPN SportsCenter

theScore is the best way to follow the NBA, NFL, NCAA Football, World Junior Hockey Championship, NHL, MLB and all major sports!

theScore is the …

Kansas City Chiefs Final Free-Agency Outlook and Predictions

The franchise-tag deadline has passed, and the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the few teams who used the tag on a player who could have been highly targeted had he become a free agent: Justin Houston.

Though the Chiefs used the non-exclusive tag, it is rare a team gives up two first-round picks …


La'el Collins is consistently boring, and that's good

His tape is boring with a bit of nasty, but that's exactly what makes La'el Collins one of Stephen White's favorite 2015 draft prospects.

I selected LSU left tackle La'el Collins as the first offensive lineman to evaluate this spring. I used Draft Breakdown to watch him play against Wisconsin, …

Auburn University

Broncos salary cap figure set for 2015

Thanks to a carryover from last year and other adjustments, the Broncos will have an adjusted team salary cap of $150,066,024, according to figures …

San Diego

Draft Prospect File: Indiana RB Tevin Coleman


Coleman knows just one speed: full. This usually serves him well; he accelerates quickly to the second level, and when he faces a …


Broncos still hope to get Demaryius Thomas signed long-term

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- When the Broncos have used the franchise tag in this century, it hasn't been the beginning of an end. In the months after Jason …

John Elway

Free agency outlook: Tight ends

Proportionally, the Broncos' tight end position faces more uncertainty than any other position group this year -- or perhaps any year -- as free …

John Elway

NFL franchise tag 2015: Here's everyone who got tagged (and who didn't)

Note: Click a link to go the team's respective SB Nation blog covering the news.

The Broncos placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Demaryius, …

Franchise Tags

Updated Denver Broncos Salary Cap

Before Demaryius Thomas

Before the Franchise Tag that was placed on Demaryius, the Broncos had a team cap of 149.504 million, expenditures of 131.274 …

Denver Broncos

Horse Tracks: John Elway is a Football Guy ... Duh

The blog post in question was written by Jake Marsing over at Mile High Huddle. Before we get to Horse Tracks, I'm going to dissect and destroy his …

John Elway

Broncos players look ahead to the Kubiak era

DENVER — The Broncos are making the change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense under new Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips. Von Miller & T.J. Ward …


Broncos put franchise tag on Demaryius Thomas

The Broncos officially designated Demaryius Thomas with their franchise tag on Monday, a bargaining tactic that will pay the receiver $12.82 million …

Franchise Tags

Denver Broncos safety concern based on budget issues, slim pickings

This isn't a good year to be looking for a safety, with the draft and free-agent pool low on help for 2015.

Denver Broncos

Broncos can be Major Players in NFL Free Agency

The consensus is the Denver Broncos are in salary cap trouble.

There’s no way John Elway can do anything with Peyton Manning’s huge cap hit and …

John Elway

Denver Broncos have IDENTIFIED man to step into veteran star's shoes

The Denver Broncos appear set to place their faith in youth rather than experience in one position next season at least, according to reports …


Denver Broncos Rumors: Team Close To New Contract With Peyton Manning, But Losing Other Key Offensive Players

The Denver Broncos are rumored to be very close to a new deal for quarterback Peyton Manning, but as the team locks up the 38-year-old quarterback …

Peyton Manning

Denver Broncos: 5 Free-Agent Targets Worth More Than Their Price Tags

Last year, the Denver Broncos handed out a few big contracts but to only a few players.

The result? Zero playoff victories.

This year, they're going to spread the wealth a bit more. With no gaping holes besides the offensive line but a handful of areas in which they can improve, the Broncos will have …

Denver Broncos

Broncos Draft Prospects: OG Ali Marpet, Hobart

Coming from a small school such as Hobart, it could be believed that Ali Marpet could have flown under the radar in this year’s NFL Draft. But Ali …

Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders: 5 offseason needs for 2015

Oakland Raiders