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Trent Richardson Trying to Reclaim His Career

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Trent Richardson, the Cleveland Browns’ 2012 No. 3 …

Cleveland Browns

Oakland Raiders: Will weight loss help Trent Richardson?

The Oakland Raiders are looking to continue to improve in 2015 after a few solid draft classes in recent years.

Oakland has the reputation of drafting …

Oakland Raiders

Dez Bryant Deal Could Push Broncos, Demaryius Thomas

If these rumors are true and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is going to be able to sign a long-term deal, possibly sometime this week, it …

Dez Bryant

Broncos Need To Lock Up Demaryius Thomas As Soon As Possible

It’s becoming more and more clear by the day — the Denver Broncos need to find a way to lock Demaryius Thomas in to a long-term contract as soon as …

John Elway

Scientists Debunk Theory That Pot Is a Gateway Drug

A 2012 study claiming marijuana is a gateway drug has been debunked. In fact, fresh analysis shows that poverty, mental illness and peer group …


Denver Broncos NFL Football Front Page

Training Camp

NFL Week 1: Football Schedule and Odds

The long wait for the 2010 NFL week 1 schedule is over as the phrase “Let there be football”. Can be heard from eager NFL betting handicappers and …


How Travis Maurer went from Missouri pot bust to masterminding Oregon's marijuana initiative

Travis Maurer is a Missourian who got busted on felony marijuana charges and then moves to Oregon. Within a couple of years, he plays a crucial …


This Week in Motoring: July 6, 2015

Moto 3 proves its worth a watch, Goodwood FOS reminds us why it's great and more....

Pikes Peak

Paying QBs big can make winning in the NFL hard

Finding a winning quarterback is a challenge, but winning with a quarterback after giving him big money is a tough task as well.

Finding a good quarterback isn't easy in the NFL and keeping a good quarterback is expensive. Many teams are faced with no choice but to open up the pocketbooks in a big …

Colin Kaepernick

Mike Tice sees 'rising star' on Raiders offensive line

As the Raiders continue to develop a player they hope becomes a franchise cornerstone in Derek Carr, it's vital that the players in front of the …

Oakland Raiders

Raiders Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr. Making Presence Felt

Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr., is not a quiet guy when it comes to football. You can hear him down the hall before meetings and on the field …

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers: Could Donald Brown make an impact?

San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco and head running backs coach Ollie Wilson are somehow sold on former Indianapolis Colts running back …

San Diego Chargers

Chiefs 2015: What player would you take from another team?

If you had one wish for the Kansas City Chiefs in terms of taking any NFL player that is not a quarterback and putting him on the team, who would he …

Kansas City Chiefs

Morning Dump: San Diego Chargers news around the web

Boltman the fan is a lightning rod in Chargers‘ relocation drama Los Angeles Times–14 hours ago For two decades, Dan Jauregui has boasted he is the …

San Diego

2015: Von Miller Rising

Could we see Von Miller rise to new heights in 2015, as he plays in a contract year?

Projecting Denver Broncos Rookie Impact in 2015

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Rumors: Denver attempted to trade Peyton Manning to Houston Texans?

The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning are not always free NFL rumors. The Broncos deny they did not try to trade Peyton Manning off to Houston this …

Peyton Manning

Broncos TE Green: 'I've always felt like I could do more'

Denver had a mountain of decisions to deal with when free agency began earlier this year.

Virgil Green was the first player they addressed. And now, …

Denver Broncos

Jack Steadman, former Kansas City Chiefs GM, dies at 86

Jack Steadman, a key member of the Chiefs' front office since their founding in 1960 as the AFL's Dallas Texans and the general manager when Kansas …

Kansas City Chiefs

Reports: Your Brain on Marijuana is Just Fine

Scares about marijuana’s long-term effects are as old as prohibition itself. The problem for the scaremongers is that there are plenty of older pot …


Why Is a Longterm Deal for Demaryius Thomas Still Not Finished?

Why Is a Longterm Deal for Demaryius...

Denver Broncos position breakdown, quarterback: Peyton Manning or bust

For the fourth straight season, the Denver Broncos are set up to compete for a Super Bowl. But, offensively, it all rests on one man’s right …

Peyton Manning

New U-T San Diego column argues city may be better off without Chargers

As the Chargers prepare to break up with San Diego, San Diego seems to be preparing to tell the Chargers, “I. Am Breaking up with you.” Beyond the …

San Diego Chargers

Games Every Super Bowl Contender Has Circled on Their 2015 Schedules

Revenge. Pride. Standings.

Whatever the reason, there are probably games that teams—and certainly their fans—have already circled on their calendars for the 2015 season.

For Super Bowl contenders, the stakes are even higher. Big games take on more meaning, earning more attention around the league and …

Super Bowl

Justin Houston: Chiefs must get deal done

The Kansas City Chiefs have until July 15 to sign outside linebacker Justin Houston to a long-term deal. Once that date passes, Houston can only play …

Kansas City Chiefs

EXCLUSIVE: Ted 2’s Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg think the U.S. should legalise marijuana

The amount of weed smoking in Ted 2 could give Pineapple Express a run for its money.So it’s no surprise to hear that it’s stars are big supporters …


Colorado Cannabis CEO Advises Pro-Marijuana Advocates to Stay Positive Ahead of the November Mid-Terms

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

There’s a lot at stake. A lot of issues being considered by both pundits and the public, as America heads …


'Weed the people' celebrates marijuana legalization in Oregon

Doug G. Ware
PORTLAND, Ore., July 4 (UPI) -- Thousands gathered in downtown Portland Friday to celebrate Oregon's new legalization of marijuana for …


11 Things You Need To Know Before Toking In Oregon

You can now legally smoke marijuana recreationally in 4 states since Oregon joined the list. I can only assume that more and more states will fall in …