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Bill Malloy

Bill Malloy co-founded Sway Ventures along with Brian Nugent in 2013, and has since served as general partner at the venture capital firm, which is dedicated to investing in early stage and early growth technology firms that want to change the world through software. Drawing on a 15-year career working at investment firms, and technology firms, Bill Malloy helped produce Sway Ventures business strategies aimed at creating an investment ecosystem that will increase returns while mitigating risks. He takes an active role in the firms that Sway Ventures invests in, serving a several of them as a board member and observer.Mr. Malloy is also the longtime president and board member of Malloy & Company, a firm that provides capital investments, and business strategy to businesses and real estate ventures. I this role, which he has held since 2007, he has ensured the continued year-on-year growth of a company with roots in the 19th century.