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Why ‘Fallout’ Is the Best Nuclear War Story Ever Told

The video game series helped me understand the Cold War … and my parents


I wandered the wastelands, desperately searching for a water …

Cold War


Portal Stories: Mel consists of more than 20 maps, full of all-new voice lines, models, high quality materials, and challenging puzzles. We estimate …


A Salute to Dani Berry, a Transgender Video Gaming Pioneer


Apple bars Civil War games from App Store over Confederate flag imagery [Updated]

Update: Apple has indicated it may be walking back some of these removals.Original StoryThe renewed debate over the Confederate battle flag is …

Civil War

Canadian game developers strut their stuff at E3

Canadian game developers flooded Los Angeles for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), this week, showing off games ranging from big-budget blockbusters to those made by single-person studios.

Julien Lavoie, vice president of public affairs for the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, …

News (Canada)

Star Wars Battlefront: fun, sprawling, and worryingly simple

Within 30 seconds of playing Star Wars Battlefront’s survival mode at E3, I was yearning for a mouse. Here I was, finally playing DICE’s Battlefront …

Star Wars

Rogue System takes the hardcore flight sim to the stars

In the proud tradition of realism-obsessed flight simulators, Rogue System models individual components and their parent systems, right down to …

Proof of Concept

Check the Balance of Your Gaming Dice with a Cup of Salt Water

Playing boardgames and tabletop RPGs can bring you a lot of surprising benefits, but it’s not as fun when your dice keep rolling the same result over …

Cool Stuff

Some things you should know about Steam

What can we learn by data mining Steam for fun and profit.

The information in this article was gathered with the help of the tool Steam Spy that I’ve …

Grand Theft Auto

Off the grid: Playing Through the Ages on your iPad today

Not that great, really.A couple days ago I was hit up with a press release for a new site called Tabletopia, a website that acts as a portal for …


The Long Dark -- E3 2015 -- Xbox One Reveal


The Long Dark Launches on Xbox One Game Preview - Hinterland Studio

We’re thrilled to announce that The Long Dark is the first survival game to come to Xbox One, and launches today on the new Game Preview program, …


Indie Developers Report Steam Refund Abuse From PC Gamers, Show Graphs To Back Their Claims

It appears that Steam’s new refund policy will hurt indie developers more than they initially thought. Today, Qwiboo and Puppygames shared some …

Indie Gaming

The post-apocalyptic dimensional space of Native video game design

This week, Doom joined the first-ever class of the World Video Game Hall of Fame, and its reasons for being inducted now seem obvious in …

Game Design

The quest to save today’s gaming history from being lost forever

"The very nature of digital [history] is that it's both inherently easy to save and inherently easy to utterly destroy forever."Jason Scott knows …

Digital Preservation

LEDhead Classic Mattel Electronic Handheld Game Simulator

LEDhead is a multi-platform project that simulates the classic Mattel electronic LED (light emitting diode) based handheld games of the 70's. Now you …


Mind if I roll need?: Hearthstone finally proves that Blizzard hates you

Seems fair

When I picture what Blizzard HQ must look like, the first image that enters my mind is Scrooge McDuck cannonballing into a monstrous pile …


Why XCOM 2 Had to be PC Exclusive

This November, XCOM 2 will appear exclusively on PC (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux), delivered through Steam.

“Yeah, we figured that would surprise some …

Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program | Gamer's Edition

“We're delighted to celebrate our 1.0 release with this Gamer's Edition pack, taking the Kerbals off your screen and onto your desk.”
Miguel A. Piña

XCOM 2 Reveal Trailer – IGN First

What Roleplaying Teaches Writers | Tor

Written by James L. Sutter

As the editor in charge of Pathfinder Tales&mdashthe Tor and Paizo novel line that tie into the Pathfinder Roleplaying …

Wrath of the Righteous for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Paizo launches this week Wrath of the Righteous, a new series for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and new season of organized play. With it …


Agent Decker

Agent Decker is a free, print-and-play deckbuilding game using only 52 cards. In the game you’re an agent trying to get the gear and skills needed to …

Creative Colleagues: Owen K.C. Stephens

Owen Stephens with his mom, Claire McMurray, because he’s just that adorable

Every now and then, I pester my creative colleagues with five questions

The Joy of Unboxing: Mythic Battles

I’d rather die in the mud with those men than live forever as a god.

Athena meets Hades in the miniature-game-without-miniatures that is Mythic Battles!


Star Citizen Assets Leak Into The Wild, 48GB Worth








A huge bounty of assets that are being worked on for Star Citizen have leaked to the public. An …


Imperial Assault: Joining the Dark Sidekick

Matt: Initially, I didn’t spot the mistake. Enthusiastically firing out a message that proposed a date for a day of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, I …

Star Wars

Internet Archive Makes a Bunch of Apple II Games Playable

The Internet Archive just debuted a collection of vintage games made popular on Apple II computers, including Frogger and Spy Hunter.

The games are not only bizarre (apparently Curious George Goes Shopping existed?), but how the Internet Archive obtained these games using a method called “cracking.” To …

Internet Archive