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Tracking Where A Mouse Moves While Gaming

Over the weekend, Gking19 posted the results of an interesting experiment: tracking the movement of the mouse through their favourite video …

48GB of Star Citizen assets leaked

Star Citizen has seen a sizeable leak of unreleased resources to a few members of the public, after a community manager posted a partial URL in a …


Baldur's Gate Wallpaper

Amber Scott


3:21 PM


Last month we offered three free wallpaper designs for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. We got such a great positive response from …


The ugly truth about the wildly popular 'Game Of War' featuring Kate Upton

If you're a human with a phone or TV, chances are you've at least heard of "Game of War."

The mobile war-strategy game, made by Machine Zone, is making a ton of money (it has the second-highest gross in the App Store), and with Kate Upton as its spokeswoman it has clearly spent a ton of money in …

Kate Upton

Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Surfaces Fall 2015

May 18, 2015

David Hinkle

2K Announces Sid Meier’s Civilization®: Beyond Earth™ – Rising Tide Expansion Pack

Extensive addition for sci-fi entry to

Sid Meier

That wizard came from the moon, and he quietly returned to Destiny

It appears that Bungie stealth-restored Destiny's most notorious line — "That wizard came from the moon" — and not only that, did it about 5 months ago.

You can hear the line in the video above, uploaded yesterday. Some are only noticing it now because it occurs very early in the game's main story …

Peter Dinklage

The next installment of Crysis is a boardgame, if this Kickstarter is funded

If you've ever wanted to play Crysis as a board game, now's your chance. A Kickstarter begun this past week aims to adapt the shooter series for tabletops, and it's about a quarter of the way toward its goal.

Developer Frame6 is looking for $94,851 by June 13 to make Crysis Analogue Edition — The

Board Games

Behind the indie video game sensation that caught NASA’s attention

“Here let’s zoom in so you can see your Kerbal floating above Kerbin,” my boyfriend suggests before hitting the “M” key on his keyboard.

He’s helping …


Consoles Aren't Going Anywhere But Big Budget Games Are Dying

With hundreds of millions of console gamers across the globe, the console approach still has a valid market. Yet with news that Alien: Isolation’s 2.11 million sales were deemed “weak” by their publisher, it’s clear that the era of big budget games has had its day.

Alien: Isolation (shown above) is …

Gaming Consoles

Elite: Dangerous owners to get free Steam key

Frontier will give a Steam key to anyone who has bought or buys Elite: Dangerous from its online shop, as well as those who backed the game's …


The Adventure Case: RPG Players best friend

We’ve seen some sweet dice holders and character cases, but this is totally in its own league: A high quality, fully customizable gaming case that …


Codename Goa

Are you the next Halo? The newest Crossy Road?

Join the quest to take game development to even greater heights. Forget “the sky’s the limit” – with …


Blizzard Drops Ban Hammer on Popular World of Warcraft Bot

HonorBuddy users hit with a six-month ban.

Blizzard has issued temporary bans to a large number of World of Warcraft players for using bots.

In a post on the official World of Warcraft forums, community manager Josh Allen (AKA "Lore") confirmed the company had "recently taken action against a large …

World of Warcraft

When your dad is a CGI Master

GTA 5 mod lets you explore the secret guts of the game's locked buildings

There's a new mod in town that allows PC gamers to explore some of the hidden depths of Grand Theft Auto 5's many previously locked off buildings.

Youtuber Newtheft recently posted a video showing off the Open All Interiors mod. The mod is said to open every interior in the game, complete with …


5 Fascinating Facts About Atari's Star Wars Videogame

Videogames simply wouldn't have been the same without Star Wars. The first of George Lucas' grand space operas landed in 1977, inspiring game designer …

Star Wars

Play the role of a cheapskate with these 5 free RPGs

Want a premiere RPG gaming experience on your PC, but don’t feel like shelling out any cash for Skyrim? Worry not, adventurer, because these days …


Happy 10 year anniversary Leeeeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!!!

It was ten years ago Sunday that the Pals for Life World of Warcraft clan posted their Leroy Jenkins video to the game's official forums, launching a mega meme that has since shown up on Jeopardy, NPR and even an episode of television show Psych.

On May 10, 2005, the Pals for Life posted the video, …

Leeroy Jenkins

How playing World of Warcraft every day for a year led Robert Hohman to found a $1 billion startup

Glassdoor cofounder and CEO Robert Hohman is the first to admit that he's a major geek.

To this day he runs his 450-person startup by day, and still personally codes for it at night. His head of engineering "puts up with me," Hohman tells us, and then explains he's still "a good software …

World of Warcraft

Why are the stories in video games so bad?

People often say they are enthusiastic about games because "they can tell stories", or because they enable narrative moments not possible in other media. But although there are numerous flashes of brilliance in games, this potential often feels like something they circle, but never attain.

That's …


Kerbal Space Program Red Dwarf Style Trailer

Drinking Myself To Permadeath In Brogue

My favourite thing in roguelikes are the unidentified scrolls and potions, and no game does them better than the freeware, long-developed Brogue …


Review: Legend of Grimrock

Really need to lay off the shrooms

As far as reviews go, this one might be the easiest one I’ve ever written. After all, Legend of Grimrock originally …


Review: Cards Against Humanity

Paul: I’d like to talk about Cards Against Humanity, one of our hobby’s biggest breakout successes.The best way to describe Cards Against Humanity is …

Cards Against Humanity

Hacker's MMO Character Publicly Stripped, Killed & Banned


Suburbia board game: a simple, subtle economic simulation

Suburbia is a technocrat’s take on urban planning. The art is streamlined to the point of austerity, there is almost no luck, and the game is unashamed to show off its mathematical guts. At heart, Suburbia is a simple, subtle economic simulation with three moving parts. Players take turns buying …

Board Games

Flying Cathedrals Galore In First Battlefleet Gothic Trailer | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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The first trailer for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada [official site] shows pretty much just a load of flying cathedrals blasting through space …


Slot machines perfected addictive gaming. Now, tech wants their tricks | The Verge

Engineers of addictionSlot machines perfected addictive gaming. Now, tech wants their tricks

By Andrew Thompson

You can play a slot machine in Las Vegas before you’ve even reached baggage claim: there are tiny slots parlors in every terminal of McCarran International Airport. Once you pick up your …

Slot Machine

Edmonton company wants to keep workers safer with virtual reality training software

Jim Colvin talks about Serious Labs

A student pondering a career in the energy sector steps onto a drilling site for the first time. He turns his head …

Virtual Reality