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Preview: Magicka 2 might be more wizardry than I can handle

The original Magicka was something of a surprise hit for publisher Paradox Interactive. The top-down, dungeon crawler by way of twin-stick shooter was …


How Success Almost Killed A Game, And How Its Creators Saved It

Magic: The Gathering is a game where players use cards to cast spells on their opponents. The game quickly became a hit after it was introduced in the mid-1990s. But the game's very popularity led to a crisis inside the company.

Magic cards are sold in small packs with random sets of cards, like …


Star Wars: Battlefront looks just like the movies, and it’s coming November 17th

I remember the first time I played Star Wars: Dark Forces back in 1995. It’s an oldie, but it was a goodie: a first-person shooter that put you inside a little corner of the Star Wars universe, where you could battle it out with blasters and thermal detonators to your heart’s content. It was …

Star Wars
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After 18 Month Hiatus, 'Pandemic: The Board Game' Spreading to iPhone and iPod Touch This Week

Author Joseph Leray

Posted On2015-04-15 16:30:56

Watch App

The TouchArcade Borg Collective was pretty enamored with Pandemic: The Board Game [$6.99 (HD)] …

Board Games

3D print your own gorgeous Dungeons & Dragons monsters for free | Games

Games By Apr. 15, 2015 4:29 pm

Dungeon Masters take note, it’s time to step up your game with some 3D monsters.

Designer Miguel Zavala has been going …


The Rise of Cooperative Games

When we think about games, we usually imagine two or more players combating one another in a “zero-sum” situation. Whoever doesn’t win must lose, and no one’s interests coincide with anyone else’s. This is the classic, prototypical structure of a game or sport. Checkers, backgammon, gin, tennis and …

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nVidia Debunks Moon Landing Conspiracy with GeForce 970

It truly is amazing how far along we have come in the ability to render life-like scenes on a computer. I’m not just talking about gaming, but CGI in …

A 12-Year-Old Girl Takes On The Video Game Industry

Maddie Messer is 12 years old. She loves science, her dog, and a good video game. One of her favorites is the mobile game Temple Run.

In Temple Run, you run along a path through a swamp or a forest, while being chased by a tribe of fierce monkeys. Maddie loves the game, except for one thing: Her …

Video Game Industry

Neverwinter (Xbox One) – First look

Dungeons and Dragons’ MMORPG has landed on Xbox one to some mixed reviews. I decided to voyage into the vast world of Neverwinter as a newbie to the …


Dollar’s buying power plummets in first day of “official” WoW gold trading

Just over a day after Blizzard introduced the first official method for converting dollars into World of Warcraft gold, the amount of in-game currency …

World of Warcraft

How a Cities: Skylines modder turned community generosity into a full-time job

There are two main ways to make a living making games. You can sign up with an existing game developer, earning a salary or freelance rate to provide …

Game Programming

In Free Mobile Games, a Tiny Minority of ‘Whales’ Still Does Most of the Buying

By and large, players expect mobile games to be free — and although the number who convert to paying users is inching up, almost none of them ever pay anything, according to a new report from app testing firm Swrve.

The report looked at in-app purchases made within freemium games in January 2015, …

Mobile Games

GAME OF THRONES’ Opening Credits / LEGEND OF ZELDA Mashup Is A Beauty

Nintendo’s CEO may have dashed the hopes of that Netflix-produced live-action Legend of Zelda series, but that hasn’t stopped some incredibly …

The Full History Of Board Games

The Royal Game of Ur 2600 BC

Within the past few years board games have gone through an explosion of growth. In 2012 The Guardian went as far as …

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Destiny – Bungie’s Latest FPS (No Spoiler Review)

Let me start by saying I love Bungie. They made Halo, and lord knows I have put more than my share of hours into the Halo franchise.

With that being …


East London's board games café trashed as masked raiders take £3,000 cash and computers

Draughts, which opened in Hackney last summer, was forced to shut up shop in the aftermath of the raid yesterday morning. A safe was wrenched out of …


Exploring X Rebirth, the space sim with enterprising ambition, with Egosoft's Bernd Lehahn

In the second in our series on the space sim games giving you the chance to live on the final frontier, we take a sci-fi's eye view at X Rebirth.

Science Fiction

[Air Forces]Canadian Air Force [Decal Included]

Canadian Air Force [Decal Included]

RCAF Canadair Sabre CL-13 Mk.5/6, aircraft 23445 of the 444 “Cobra” Squadron,
camouflage created by MightyArrow |


Sony buys out and shuts down OnLive game streaming service

Sony is buying up some "important parts" of OnLive, the first major video game streaming platform, and casting the rest aside. The game streaming …


Game Discovery Exhibition strengthens industry

As the home of a major video game studio like BioWare, Edmonton is no stranger to video game development.

One University of Alberta student group …

Game Programming

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon Review (Spoiler Free!)

Greetings, Inquisitors!

It’s been a few months since I last picked up my controller and played Dragon Age: Inquisition. After my 170+ hour first …

Dragon Age

Fans Have Dropped $77M on This Guy’s Buggy, Half-Built Game

This massively multiplayer universe may not be up and running for several more months. Or several more years. Or … longer.The post Fans Have Dropped …

Science Fiction

“It felt like robbery”: Tomb Raider and the fall of Core Design

The house that built Tomb Raider sat on top of the world in 1998. Fresh from two gang-busting chart toppers that eventually amassed roughly 15 million …

I'm taking a break. It's not you, gaming, it's me

It's a strange, almost scary thing to look out at the landscape of games, which encompasses hundreds of genres and hundreds of thousands of titles, and find nothing that grabs you.

I'm in the middle of one of those funks where no game interests me at the moment, and I don't have a big project on …

Virtual Reality

Open Board Game lets you 3-D print your own tabletop board game

Game development company Thinker Thing is in the process of developing a full community of free downloadable plans for 3-D printing your own board …

Board Games

‘D&D’ Encounters DM Report: Elemental Evil Session 2

Things are rolling again with the Adventurers League–the new season has started with the Elemental Evil theme, and I’m back in the weekly DM chair …