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The secret life of a public library security guard

In between the rare maps and historical stacks, fishing out fornicators and nixing narcotics transactions are all in a day’s work for one of Portland’s finest. Illustrations by Alex Nallis

Making the rounds at the Portland Public Library means sporadically checking inside the bathroom. It’s not …


No one could see the color blue until modern times

This isn't another story about that dress, or at least, not really.

It's about the way that humans see the world and how until we have a way to describe something, even something so fundamental as a color, we may not even notice that it's there.

Until relatively recently in human history, "blue" …


Unreal Engine 4 is Now Free for Everyone, Breaking Economic and Gender Barriers One Game At a Time

Last year, Unreal Engine 4 surprised the world by making the subscription for using the engine only $19 a month; now, they’ve made the engine even …

Xiaomi releases a $63 GoPro competitor (with optional selfie stick)

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is breaking into the sports camera industry with a low-cost camera retailing at only RMB399 (US$63). The GoPro-style gadget is also offered in a RMB499 version which includes an accompanying selfie stick.

Dubbed as YiCamera (our translation), the new product is made …


I just made I, I, I, II, III. It's an elegant 2 player game and can be learned and played very quickly. We think it works, but feel free to break it!

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Lab In Berkeley Accidentally Discovers Solution To Fix Color Blindness

CBS SF Bay (con't)

Affordable Care Act Updates:

Health News & Information:



A Handful Of Beautiful Guild Wars 2 Concept Art

Poking about on the Guild Wars 2 website yesterday I found their repository of concept art. I say “found” as if that was hard. It’s literally right …

Concept Art

Off-Label Gaming

It’s rare that anyone plays a game exactly as written. In some cases, we don’t understand the rules, or misinterpret what the designer wrote. …

Game Design

Japan’s Most Legendary Samurai Tale—In Comics

Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai bring the ‘47 Ronin’ to lifeContinue reading on Medium »


Star Trek Online game developers are building a digital memorial to Leonard Nimoy

Everyone's finding a way to honor Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday at the age of 83. Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios has announced that it is building a permanent memorial to Nimoy — and Spock — in the world of the 2010 MMO. Nimoy's connection to Star Trek Online goes deeper …

Star Trek

OnGaming – Make your own card for Paizo’s Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Paizo and DriveThruCards are delighted to announce their partnership and today’s release of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Community Card …


At Least We Got a New Optical Illusion Out of That Goddamn Dress

Never has the color of a dress prompted so much excitement on the Internet. But now, along with some fascinating insights into the science of …


What Blogging Has Become

Why Medium’s new features are more important than they seem

This is a post about Medium, which is a fascinating company partly because it has a lot of money, and partly because its leadership team first brought you Blogger (the first really successful blogging tool) and Twitter (Twitter), and which …


Twitch is playing Halo and it is so painful to watch

Halo: Combat Evolved is now the latest game to join the ranks of the Twitch Plays phenomenon, and it's absolutely painful to watch.

Previous Twitch Plays entries, including Pokemon and Legend of Zelda, featured gameplay where actions are triggered by commands written in the Twitch chat stream. In …


In less than 24 hours I’ll be gaming for 24 hours to support CaliCan Rescue — Cheer me on!

Tomorrow night, Friday night, I’ll be starting a 24hr marathon gaming session to support my friends at CaliCan Rescue. I’m one of the folk who’ve …

Death Row

How I Drastically Improved My Photography with Just Two Little Decisions

The question I get asked the most is: “Wow, nice pic! Which camera are you using?” Does that sound familiar? In the past, every time I heard this …


The Far Side of the Moon Has Phases and Now You Can See 'Em

A new video from a NASA satellite orbiting the moon brings the phases of the far side of the lunar body into the light.

The phases of the moon — full …


AI masters 49 Atari 2600 games without instructions

Artificial intelligence, machines and software with the ability to think for themselves, can be used for a variety of applications ranging from …


First images of the world's largest airplane


Lord of the trance: Dungeon Lords news and more from CGE

Assemble the minions! [Image by Gunther Schmidl]I don’t think I’ve concealed my gaming man-crush on designer Vlaada Chvátil very well. It’s not just …


The Power User's Guide to Steam's Most Useful Extra Features

Steam is a gaming juggernaut on the PC. While everyone knows it's great for managing your game libraryand getting sweet deals, there are a ton of …

Power User

‘Til the dice come back around: Sid Meier’s Starships hands-on preview

In through the nose, out through the mouth.The surest tell that you’re playing a good turn-based game is how readily it induces Inter-Turn Apnea. You …

Sid Meier

Homeworld Remastered impressions: A refined masterpiece

If you're a game company looking to release an HD remake this year (and looking at the 2015 release schedule, there are plenty of you out there), …

Homeworld 2

UK Puts Export Ban on Rare 1800s Photo Album in an Attempt to Keep It in the Nation

The British government is scrambling to keep a rare photo album from the 19th century from being sold to a foreigner and exported from the nation. It …

United Kingdom

Dying Light special edition costs $387,000

Zombie action thriller Dying Light came out three weeks ago in North America, but is only now arriving in the UK, due for a release on Friday.

So, in order to stir up some much-needed Google juice publisher Techland today announced a completely nutty special edition, coming in with a price tag of …


How to set-up and configure Notifications on your iPad

Notification Center has an all new look in iOS 8. Configuring how and which notifications you receive from your arsenal of downloaded apps doesn’t have to be rocket science. If you are new to iOS, are having difficulties setting up notifications on your iPad, or you have no idea what Notification …


Introducing Do — a new class of apps by IFTTT

Take action with the tap of a button. Do empowers you to create your own personalized button, camera, and notepad. Run Recipes right when you want …

To fight peanut allergy, it's better to eat peanuts than avoid them

It seemed like a good idea at the time: With the incidence of peanut allergy climbing among children, the American Academy of Pediatrics advised parents in 2000 to keep peanuts far away from infants and toddlers who might have a life-threatening reaction to them.

But a new study suggests that advice …

Peanut Allergy