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Could the Germanwings Crash Have Been Avoided?

Probably not. Here's why.

As I write I am listening to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's announcement that the Germanwings crash in France this week was apparently a deliberate act of suicide/murder. The ramifications:

1) Has anything like this ever happened before? Yes it has. For instance, back in …

Air Travel

Bot of Legends hackers get hard drives reformatted thanks to 'malicious coding'

Users of the premium version of League of Legends hack Bot of Legends were in for a surprise when they opened the latest version earlier this week. …

Talk Wargaming: How to Play Wings of Glory WW1

The Father of the Digital Synthesizer

After being ousted from Stanford University in the 1960s for fiddling around with computers too much, composition professor Dr. John Chowning changed …

Spacewar! - video games 60s style

Notes & Descriptions

Program Versions & Sources

The emulation is running various versions of the original game, both from binaries copies of the …

Mature mainframe madness prints Mandlebrot fractal in TWELVE MINUTES

Welcome back to *kah-zzeeep* the old printer ageA programmer better known for work on Arduino has shown off handy vintage mainframe skills, getting …


Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web

Reviving an old computer is like restoring a classic car: There’s a thrill from bringing the ancient into the modern world. So it was with my first …

Raspberry Pi

Elon Musk puts SpaceX photos into the public domain

Last month, SpaceX launched its first deep space mission when the Falcon 9 rocket carried the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite into …

Public Domain

MIDI 101 – part 2 - ins and outs of MIDI under iOS

In part 1 of this MIDI 101 series aimed at iOS musicians, I tried to provide a brief introduction to MIDI as a technology – its history, the basis of …

Why People Are Making The AI Fight Itself In Civilization

A strange thing happened in the Civilization community r/civ on January 10, 2015. Inspired by similar, smaller-scale offerings by a …


I get married today. Here was my groom's cake from last night!

These were some of my favorite games that I played throughout college. My parents completely surprised me with this cake. I love …


The Real Meaning of Common Photographic Expressions -

We photographers do love our catch-phrases, but what do they all mean? Here’s my not-so-serious and very tongue-in-cheek run down of some of the more …

HDR Photography

GeekDad Interviews 'Thunderbirds' Game Designer Matt Leacock - GeekDad

Photo courtesy Matt Leacock

Next week, Matt Leacock’s Thunderbirds game will wrap up its Kickstarter campaign. It’s already over 800% of its funding …

Aiwa Is Making a Comeback

Aiwa’s brand history started in the ’70s with low- to mid-priced home audio equipment. They were the king of inexpensive but decent-sounding stereos …


The Expendables: How Game Development Standards are Inherently Harmful

Many people in the game development industry are young, self taught, fresh out of college; people hoping to make a living on something they love. …

Human Resources

Science Fairs Aren't So Fair

These K-12 events are hardly more than a competition among over-involved parents.

As a parent of two elementary school-aged kids, I know spring is approaching when my Facebook feed fills with desperate pleas for more time, calls for patience, and questions about the locations of retailers selling …


The Fermi Paradox

Everyone feels something when they’re in a really good starry place on a really good starry night and they look up and see this:Some people stick …


Cold War Soviet Aircraft

The 'SimCity' Empire Has Fallen and 'Skylines' Is Picking Up the Pieces

​Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of small Finnish game developer Colossal Order, is having a good day. When I call her, it's only been a few hours since she learned that Colossal Order's SimCity-like game, Cities: Skylines, has sold more than half a million copies in its first week. The first 250,000 of …


Lancaster KB882

On the recommendation of the Society for the preservation of the Edmundston Lancaster, City officials in the Edmundston, New Brunswick have voted to …


Hinterland aims to reinvigorate the survival genre with The Long Dark

Fiery watercolour skies and shimmering auroras are how Hinterland chooses to showcase its take on the end of the world, but even the most atmospheric

The Walking Dead

This Video Teaches You the Basics of Photography Composition

Composing a picture is about more than just putting your subject inside the frame. This video shows you the basics of photo composition so you can …

Cool Stuff

NASA's testing its far-out electric plane concept

NASA's set to test a wing concept it says "may herald (the) future" of electric planes, but it almost looks like a joke -- it has one-third the wing area of a normal aircraft and 18 electric motors. However, the space agency is dead serious about the LEAPTech wing, a joint partnership with two …


Public Service Broadcasting - Go! [Radio Edit]

Finally! A Flying Car Could Go On Sale As Soon As 2017

It’s the future promised to us by the Jetsons, “Back To The Future” and even as far back as Jules Verne: Finally after decades of dreaming and waiting, a company has plans to make a flying car commercially available to the public within 24 months.

Last year, Slovakian company AeroMobil unveiled its …

Flying Car

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand

While Microsoft has dropped hints that the Internet Explorer brand is going away, the software maker has now confirmed that it will use a new name for its upcoming browser successor, codenamed Project Spartan. Speaking at Microsoft Convergence yesterday, Microsoft's marketing chief Chris Capossela …

Internet Explorer

Nintendo is finally developing smartphone games

Despite denying it would ever do such a thing, Nintendo will start creating new games for mobile devices via a partnership with developer DeNA. The emphasis is on the word "new" -- you won't necessarily be getting Super Mario Bros. ports on your Android smartphone, for instance. Instead, the …


Adobe unveils Document Cloud and Acrobat DC to change the way you share PDFs

Today Adobe raised the curtain on Document Cloud, an upcoming service for storing and sharing documents. It’s launching “in the next 30 days” and will set you back $15 a month — unless you already have a Creative Cloud or Acrobat subscription.

According to Adobe, Document Cloud represents the …


What’s smaller, the MacBook’s logic board, or the Raspberry Pi? The answer will surprise you

We’ve been diving deep into the new MacBook today, seeking every last morsel of information. In this search we discovered an interesting factoid; the …


Mars Mars The Martian

Terrain in Chryse Planitia, not far from where the novel The Martian takes place.Photo byNASA/JPL/University of Arizona So I read the scifi book The