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Awesome iOS game will make an even awesomer Lego set

A Monument Valley fan has taken to the Lego Ideas website with plans to create real-life Lego models out of the award winning iOS game.

Lego Ideas user Isometry has created a page that you can log in and vote for if you want to support the project; it costs nothing but your time to do so.

And why …

Monument Valley

Squadron 42 – Episode IV : The Shafting


By now you already know that RSI/CIG have given a date of Feb 14th as the date …

Why Two Millennials Created A 'Cards Against Humanity' Game For Election 2016

While many millennials caught up on sleep or Netflix over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Amelia Friedman, 23, and Param Jaggi, 21, used their time to conceptualize, create and launch a new product they call The Election Game.

Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, the so-called “party game for …

Cards Against Humanity

Google Beats Facebook to Developing AI That Can Intuitively Beat the Ancient Game of Go

More and more, we’re hearing stories about artificial intelligences that are “learning to learn”—that is, adopting a learning style more elastic than …


Helpful Acronyms for Newbies

While looking through this sub-reddit's titles for the past week or so, I thought, "wow, there are lots of abbreviations and acronyms we use that …

Board Games

University of Alberta Scientists Calculate Dinosaurs’ Need for Speed - Faculty of Science - University of Alberta

A new study in leg length among carnivorous dinosaurs has yielded a formula to identify adaptations for speed. The theory is simple: to run faster, …

University of Alberta

Deep Minds master the game of Go - Faculty of Science - University of Alberta

A group of computing scientists led by University of Alberta grads have developed the first computer Go program capable of professional-level …

University of Alberta

Space Rocks Are Not Worth Dying For

The Pythons, Anacondas, and Type-9 Heavies streaming through the station just reinforced what I already knew: I was broke, and I urgently needed …


MSUM Planetarium awarded $58,000 for hardware upgrade.

Last week, Student Senate reviewed Student Technology Fee requests and approved the funding request for Planetarium Upgrades in the amount of …


Ridealong: The Flotilla That Will Cross The Galaxy

900 pilots in Elite: Dangerous have banded together to undertake a three month expedition to the far side of the galaxy. But such a long journey into


Seasons Enhanced: All Board Gamers Need A Friend Like This

We all have a game in our board game collection that we love– the one you can’t stop thinking about; the one for which you’re counting down the days …

Board Games

Star Wars: Battlefront Finally Getting New DLC This Week

When Star Wars: Battlefront came out last November, both critics and players noted that the number of vehicles, maps and modes in the first-person …

Star Wars

Card Dungeon iPad Review

on January 21, 2016 at 4:22 pm

A 2D mish-mash of rogue-likes, in game cards, and dungeons is the main idea behind Card Dungeon! I was looking forward …

Board Games

Roll for the Galaxy: I’ll show you my dice if you show me yours

Pairs well with: The tears of your alien enemies.
Traitor Rating: 3/10. You’d need a very long dick to stick it in someone’s ear from all the way …

The Full History of Board Games

The Royal Game of Ur 2600 BC

Within the past few years board games have gone through an explosion of growth. In 2012 The Guardian went as far as …

Board Games

Star Wars: Rebellion is a great board game nearly crippled by an awful manual

Late last year hobby games maker Fantasy Flight Games announced Star Wars: Rebellion. Creating a big strategy game in the Star Wars universe alone would get tabletop fans excited, but what pushed Rebellion to the top of many most-anticipated lists was the fact that it would cover the original trilogy …

Star Wars

Handcrafted Dice Trays

We have spent the last year perfecting the production of these dice trays and are excited to bring them to Kickstarter. Thanks for having a look

To …

Star Wars: Armada review – epic space battles on your dinner table

Board game publishers Fantasy Flight already make some of the most high-end tabletop games in the world, but Star Wars: Armada is something else entirely.

A two-player celebration of the fizzing lasers and swooping squadrons of Star Wars, this is a deep box packed with pre-painted miniatures, tiny …

Pandemic Legacy review: Emotional highs and agonising lows

The world was going to hell, and it was all my fault.

For six months I’d been working as part of a team fighting deadly disease outbreaks around the globe. Things hadn’t gone entirely to plan, and now the virulent strain of flu that had swept through much of Asia had hopped the Pacific to establish …


Designing the Shadow Marshal Stealth Ship

Mission: Red Planet brings steampunk Martian domination to your tabletop

Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage right here—and let us know what you …


Strategic butt coverings in video games

Feminist Frequency's excellent Tropes vs Women in Video Games has a new installment on the prevailing ways that characters' butts are presented in …

Anita Sarkeesian

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak: The Kotaku Review

“It’s Homeworld, but with sand” was my first thought when I saw Deserts of Kharak, a brand new prequel set in the same universe as Relic’s classic …


Apple’s Amazing New Music App Hits All the Right Notes

Today, Apple released one of the most amazingly advanced apps it’s ever made—but one aimed at a fraction of its users. It’s called Music Memos, and …

Apple News

Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto

Planet would orbit the sun once every 15,000 years


Prepare for Ground Assault

“Make ready to land our troops beyond their energy shield and deploy the fleet so that nothing gets off that system.”
–Darth Vader

Yesterday's preview …

Star Wars

Made for Play: Board Games & Modern Industry

Bring along some sunscreen, Forbidden Desert has been submitted

We have top men working on it right now. Top men.It hasn’t been a good couple months if you’re developing board games for the iPad. First Glass Road …

Apple News

The Little Prince / Make Me a Planet : There's a Starman Waiting in the Sky

Pairs well with: Sloe gin with lemonade. Because it’s adorable, just like the game.

Traitor rating: 3/10. It’s dickery by omission – avoid picking the

Board Games

Cancer and Climate Change

I’M a climate scientist who has just been told I have Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

This diagnosis puts me in an interesting position. I’ve spent much of my professional life thinking about the science of climate change, which is best viewed through a multidecadal lens. At some level I was sure that, …