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Thousands of Photos by Apollo Astronauts now on Flickr

Posted By Jason Davis

02-10-2015 10:49 CDT

A cache of more than 8,400 high-resolution photographs taken by Apollo astronauts during trips to the moon …


Wizard School by DFTBA Games

A cooperative card game for 2-5 players, where you, the wizards, fight monsters, take tests, and hopefully graduate from Wizard School.

WTF is Wrong With Polygon?

A new article by the “Polygon staff” titled “WTF is Wrong with Video Games?” has caused quite a stir. (Never mind that the piece is actually nothing …


Cardstock chaos: Spaceteam moving to cardboard

Ferrous Holospectrum soaked, sir.Nearly three years after its release, Spaceteam is still one of, if not the, best multiplayer games on mobile. The …


The Long Dark (Game Preview) Receives Major Update

Content: The Long Dark (Game Preview)
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region

Game Description: The Long Dark is a thoughtful, …


Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise

A security researcher has found two serious flaws in TrueCrypt.

IDG News Service

Windows users who rely on TrueCrypt to encrypt their hard drives have a serious security problem: a researcher has discovered two critical flaws in the program.

TrueCrypt may have been abandoned by its original …


Wizardry Began on The Apple II, Comes Full Circle as it Debuts on The iPhone

Wizardry has to be one of the longest lived franchises in gaming history — and is especially beloved by us, because the dungeon RPG’s first-ever appearance was on an Apple II. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls will be the newest title in the 30-odd-year lineage when it debuts on November 3 for the …


Oculus Connect: 'The Martian' Is the Latest Fox Movie to Get the Virtual Reality Treatment

"We are looking at all our big tentpole IP and looking at what [VR] will bring to old or new stories," said Fox futurist Ted Schilowitz.

Virtual Reality

Freevolt: Perpetual, free RF energy harvesting to power the Internet of Things

The bulk of this Freevolt unit is the antenna. On the left is a speaker that ticked every time enough RF energy had been harvested to make it …


Free Download – Native Instruments Stems Creator

Native Instruments has released Stem Creator, previously available as a beta release, as a free download for Mac & Windows.

Stem files use the .mp4 …


The case against Dropbox looks stronger with each passing day

I first met Drew Houston four years ago, when Dropbox, the file storage and synchronization company he founded in 2007, reached 25 million users. Dropbox was in the midst of a growth spurt that has carried it to more than 400 million users, and a valuation of $10 billion in private markets. Its …



I don't usually report on dice Kickstarters, simply because there's a lot of them. It's not often that a major company is involved in one, though -- …

App Store

Five Must-Have Apps for the Working Photographer

There are thousands of apps out there to expand your mobile photography capabilities, but what about apps that augment your abilities when you're …


Can you grow potatoes on Mars?

This is not as odd a question as it sounds, and by next week I reckon a good lot of you will be pondering it. Why? Well the 30th September sees the …


Top Ten Games with Positive Female Representations

I am a woman. I am a woman who likes board games. When playing games where you can take on roles, I like to be able to take on the role of a woman. I …


Watch this neat Lego Dimensions Easter egg

With so many different beloved fantasy, sci-fi and comic franchises colliding in one game, there's bound to be some Easter eggs in Lego Dimensions.

And there are, lots. Lots and lots and lots. Heck, even the end credits is a delight. But this thing I discovered is a bit more of a surprise, so I …


Portal's GLaDOS sings again in Lego Dimensions

Portal's Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System (GLaDOS) is back in Lego Dimensions and she brought a wonderful new song with her.

The song runs during the end credits of the game and does contain some light spoilers, but it was just too wonderful to not share with the world.

Click play to hear …


More in U.S. are flipping for Eastern board game

RICHARDSON — The wooden coins ricocheted off each other with a click, click, click in the hushed ballroom, sliding around like pucks on an air hockey …

Board Games

Why has Derek Smart picked a fight with Star Citizen?

On August 21st, independent space game developer Derek Smart instructed the California law firm de la Peña & Holiday to send a demand letter. …


Disney princesses as RPG characters

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Walt Disney Company

‘The Long Dark’: Surviving the survival genre

The Long Dark

Developed by Hinterland Studio Inc.
Published by Hinterland Studio Inc.
Available on Windows, OSX, Xbox One
The Long Dark is currently in …

Carl Sagan

Release: System Shock

L-look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you search for your wallet. How fast can you purchase a perfect,

System Shock

A $50 Tablet and a $220 Calculator? Ah, the Wonders of Technology

Casio released a calculator and Amazon released a tablet within 24 hours of each other this week. That alone is unremarkable. One costs $220, the …


Ad Blocker Debate Rolls Into the Weekend

There’s nothing we media types like more than talking about ourselves. So it’s not surprising that the debate around ad blocking, which took center stage in tech media this week after Apple’s iOS 9 update, continued to rage into the weekend.

Ad blocking is the practice of using an app or service to …


Think You Can Land the SpaceX Falcon Lander? Go Ahead

Frustrating fun for your lunch break

Guys, it is super hard to land a rocket on a platform in the middle of an ocean. Elon Musk has had to learn that the hard way, and now, you too can experience the crushing disappointment of trying to land the SpaceX Falcon 9 lander, thanks to a new internet game …


Free-to-play Downton Abbey game debuts

The award-winning drama series Downton Abbey begins its final season of episodes this weekend. To celebrate, ITV has launched its own free-to-play …

Downton Abbey

Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser review

Trespasser is a fitting finale for this chapter of the Dragon Age series and an enticing prologue for what may come next.

Endings are difficult - but …

Dragon Age

The BBC's Grand Theft Auto drama was weird and meaningless

If one thing sums up the pointlessness of The Gamechangers, it's the announcer who spoke up over the end credits following its broadcast. "If you're …

Grand Theft Auto

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