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The Surprising Truth About Online Marketing (According to Science)

Some eye-opening data from LinkedIn recently revealed a clear directive on how professionals want to be marketed and sold to online.<p>Good news for those of you looking to using LinkedIn to generate more sales leads with your content. New data released from LinkedIn reaffirms the importance of using …


What your Social Media profile photo says about your personality

I'm intrigued and excited at the potential for what we can learn about a person just from their Social Media profile photo.<p>As part of my workshops …


Ikea Had a Great Reaction to Balenciaga Making a $2,145 Version of Its 99-Cent Blue Bag

The designers at Balenciaga must be big Ikea fans, because the French fashion house just unveiled a fancy new leather bag that looks strikingly like …


How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post

Learn how this company developed a successful content promotion strategy without spending more money or hiring more team members.

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A social media manager's guide to staying organized

Do you die a little every time a new social network debuts, because your schedule is so over-loaded that you simply don't have time to manage another …

Social Media Marketing

How Brands Looking for New Audiences Can Avoid Shea Moisture’s Mistake of Alienating Core Fans

Shea Moisture had, by its own account, “really f-ed this one up.”<p>On Monday, social media exploded as fans of the hair-care brand, which has long …


Understanding the Instagram Algorithm: 7 Key Factors and Why the Algorithm is Great for Marketers

The Instagram algorithm, just like the Facebook News Feed algorithm, is so mysterious yet ingenious and brilliant in showing the best content to the …

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LinkedIn hits 500 million users as it remains the quiet giant of social media

LinkedIn just hit a big milestone — the social networking platform now has more than 500 million users, according to a statement the company sent out on Monday.<p>In other words, you can now easily peruse the resumes of half a billion people.<p>While it may not make as much noise as Facebook, Twitter, …


12 ways your landing page is making you lose potential customers

A study by Wishpond of 62 landing pages shows that a lot of B2B SaaS business landing pages are not able to convert about 87 percent of their visitors by not fulfilling certain aspects on the landing page.<p>When looking at landing pages for the B2C market this metric even goes up to about 91 percent, …


Incredibly Cool Examples Of User Interface Animations To Take A Swipe From

Screenshot via Fabrizio Bianchi<p><b>Animation is a powerful</b> feature that all mobile app designers and developers should use—in fact, it’s one of the top …


Want More Readers for Your LinkedIn Articles? Stop Making These 8 Simple Mistakes

These common errors could be sabotaging your LinkedIn articles.<p>Three years ago, I hit publish on my first LinkedIn post. Since then, I've written more than 125 articles on LinkedIn, and I've edited another 200-plus articles. So I've had the chance to observe what works--and what doesn't--on this …

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Social Media Matters in Marketing for More Reasons Than You Think

Sell yourself, build your brand and engage your audience.<p>If you know anything about modern day marketing, then you know social media is critical. This is the first time in history that people have been instantly connected all over the world, able to communicate in a moment over different mediums.<p>If …

Social Media Marketing

Keys to conquering social media in 2017

Social media—as many digital marketers know it—refuses to slow down.<p>To keep up with trends, consumer inquiries and engagement efforts, it’s …

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FTC Puts Influencers on Notice for Potential Disclosure Violations

After reviewing Instagram posts by celebrities, athletes and other influencers, the Federal Trade Commission has sent out 90 letters to various …

Social Media Marketing

4 Ways to Ramp Up Your Content's Impact Through Social

Too many marketers make the mistake of thinking that posting content amounts to a solid social media distribution strategy -- and content distribution requires a lot more thought and creativity than that.<p>Just a few years ago, content marketing was the cool new kid on the block. The term had only …

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How to Find Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The Unique Selling Proposition, or Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Position Statement or simply USP, is the factor or benefit that makes your …

How to make Twitter profitable

For better and sometimes worse, Twitter is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Twitter has arguably played a critical role in at least two of the defining political upheavals of our era: The Arab Spring and the election of a political outsider, Donald Trump, as president of the United …


How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Wondering if your social media marketing efforts are paying off? Want to better understand what’s working? A social media audit will help you analyze …

Social Media Marketing

Influencer marketing is creeping into Alexa

Hearst Corp. is bringing daily Oprah quotes to Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Echo

FTC warns influencers and brands to make sponsorships clear

If the industry doesn't shape up, enforcement action may be around the corner.

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THIS JUST IN: FTC Takes Action Against Influencers, Marketers Over Sponsored Posts


Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Analytics + 4 Free Tools

On an average day of Instagram, 80 million photos are shared. 80 million!<p>No wonder Instagram has doubled in the last two years with its highly visual …

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27 SEO Essentials for Every Long Form Blog Post

I love long form content.<p>Want proof? Take a look at this.<p>That article is just a sample of an article I recently wrote. It’s over 4k words.<p>Sometimes, …


Instagram for Android now works offline

At Facebook's annual developer conference in San Jose, Instagram announces the Android app will be getting offline capabilities that will allow you …

Sorry, Celebs, Using #Sp On Instagram Ads Isn’t Gonna Cut It

The FTC just sent 90 letters to celebs and brands reminding them of the rules.<p>Posted on April 19, 2017, 20:21 GMT<p>The Federal Trade Commission, the government organization that regulates advertising, just announced that it has started a crackdown on Instagram #sponsored posts. It sent 90 letters to …


This is How to Recover From a Social Media Disaster

Managing your company reputation can be challenging in today's volatile online world. This is how to plan, respond, and recover from a social media disaster.<p>Managing your company reputation can be challenging in today's powder-keg online world. And as we've recently seen, whether you're United …

Social Media Marketing

Learn How to Take Amazing Product Photos With Just Your Phone (and Build Your Own Online Store)

Product photography can make or break your online store. Customers coming to your shop want to see what they’re paying for. Your snapshots should not only be representative, but also aspirational. So, real talk: Without great product photos, you could be losing out on some serious sales.<p>That’s why …

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