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It’s no longer the economy, stupid: Our identity politics are polarizing us

By Fareed Zakaria<p>, Columnist<p>Whether you put them in a basket or not, the question of this election is: Who are Donald Trump’s supporters? One way to answer that question is to widen its scope beyond the United States. Trump is part of a broad populist trend running across the Western world. Over …

Trump targets “the FDA Food Police,” calls for elimination of food-safety regulations in new tax plan

Alarm: This is not a joke<p>Sophia Tesfaye<p>September 15, 2016 6:30pm (UTC)<p>In a speech to the Economic Club of New York in Manhattan, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump provided the latest iteration of his tax plan. And according to an accompanying fact sheet released by the Trump campaign, …

Donald Trump

Is This Trump’s Biggest Financial Con Yet?

The Republican standard-bearer’s new economic plan may be his emptiest promise.<p>One of the biggest mysteries about the long con of <b>Donald Trump's</b> presidential campaign is how he has convinced millions of middle-class white Americans that he truly gives a shit about them. How can it be, I’ve often …

Saudis having to shake hands with life-size posters of the royal family. Still cracks me up.

Yazidism: Meet the Devil you will love

“Violent and extreme as their culture was, the Jewish version of the ‘Yazidi Genesis’ has somehow created a Devil out of the ‘Peacock Angel’


The shocking story of Israel's disappeared babies

<b>Tel Aviv -</b> For nearly 40 years, everything about Gil Grunbaum's life was a lie, including his name.<p>He was not, as he had always assumed, the only son of wealthy Holocaust survivors who owned a baby garments factory near Tel Aviv. Grunbaum had been stolen from his mother by doctors at a hospital in …

Palestinian demands should triumph over Israeli and international scheming

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit to the Netherlands was an exercise in complete psychological and political manipulation. Not …

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"Die son of b....h" "You are the son of 66 whores" These are the words of an Israeli in a dying child #FreePalestine

Graffiti in Hebron

Dr. Judy Wood ~ Evidence of Breakthrough Energy on 9/11

Despite US-led campaign, Islamic State rakes in oil earnings

The Islamic State rakes in up to $50 million a month from selling crude from oilfields under its control in Iraq and Syria, part of a well-run industry that U.S. diplomacy and airstrikes have so far failed to shut down, according to Iraqi intelligence and U.S. officials.<p>Oil sales — the extremists' …

Goy Guide to World History (3 Spain Holland Slavery Poland & the Pale

Get this! 90% of Proclaimed Jews are not Jews at all (KHAZARS Exposed)

Cannabis Culture

Court resumed early. Plaintiff Tanya Beemish is too ill to attend court. Her husband David Hebert is speaking on her behalf #Allard #cdnpoli

Why Are So Many Americans So Crazy?

(ctj71081 / Flickr)<p>Over half of surveyed Republicans said they believe that the president is a socialist Muslim who wants to take away gun rights and …

Political Science

Kobani liberated: Kurds take strategic city from ISIS

<b>(CNN) —</b> Kurdish fighters have taken the Syrian city of Kobani from ISIS' grip after 112 days of fighting with the Sunni extremist group, multiple sources said Monday.<p>The announcement comes a day after an Iraqi official declared that Iraq's Diyala Province had been "liberated" from ISIS.<p>Idriss …

Middle East