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Water in the Inner Solar System by AstroBiological | Anchor - The easiest way to start a podcast

Water is everywhere it seems. I talk about that. Wheres the most unlikely place to find water do you think? Also, some news from NASA'S TESS mission?


Small players on the Solar System Stage by AstroBiological | Anchor - The easiest way to start a podcast


TESS Mission Launch!

Christiaan Huygens and Titan

A Brief History of Astrobiology

7 Days of AstroBiological: Water

Working on an AstroBiological video..Coming soon!

Wolf Rayet Stars

Astro Biological

Story Telling in Strategy Gaming

This post is a response to the eXplorminate blog article “Why is Game Story Telling So Bad?”. I could feel the author’s pain, but I feel he glossed …


First-Ever Drone Swarm Attack Has Struck Russian Military Bases, Sources Claim

We knew this day was coming.<p>Ever since technological advancements made drones possible, people have warned of the potential dangers of weaponised …

What is The Galactic Habitable Zone?

'Raw water' sound good to you? Then maybe diarrhea does, too

The ad features a happy-looking young man dipping into a stream and looking refreshed after a sip of the clear, cool-looking water.<p>“The earth constantly offers the purest substance on the planet as spring water,” the site explains.<p>“This water is magical.”<p>And for just $16 a jug, plus a $22 deposit, …

Environmental Health

Are Human Beings The Only Technologically Advanced Civilization In The Universe?

The truth might not be ‘out there’ at all.<p>There may never have been another intelligent, technologically advanced alien species in the entire history …

Stellar Storms May Light Up Signs of Life on Alien Planets

Stellar storms, or eruptions of material that are regularly spewed into space by stars, could help scientists search for potentially habitable …

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Surprise Ice Discovery Just Made That Interstellar Object Even More Confusing

Comet? Asteroid? (Aliens?)<p>When 'Oumuamua first came to the notice of astronomers, zooming into the Solar System from very, very far away, it was …

Astro-biological! A podcast, A group and A whole lotta love!

<b>Hello hello!</b><p>I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks, working on a new Facebook group devoted to Astrobiology. So far it’s been fun, and people are …

2 Bizarre Ancient Galaxies Found in a Colossal Sea of Dark Matter

Two enormous galaxies seen merging in the distant universe have astronomers rethinking the leading theory of how galaxies form.<p>When the universe was …

Earth Without People

However, it took more than $130 million and a lot of man-hours to drain and seal the arsenal’s lake, in which ducks once died minutes after landing …


Lessons From Dying Extrasolar Earths

Trouble is, researchers are still unsure about all the grisly endgame details, and their models of such slow motion horrors are hard to test. But a team of researchers now say that finding and observing nearby aging Earth-analogues, undergoing the ravages of their own expanding sun-like stars, will …

Carbon Dioxide

Deep in The Ocean, There's a 'Shadow Zone' Where The Water Is 2,000 Years Old

An airless, mysterious abyss.<p>The oldest water in the ocean didn't reach its advanced years by accident.<p>Deep in the North Pacific, a vast stretch of …

What is Astrobiology? - Astrobiology

Astrobiology seeks to understand the origin of the building blocks of life, how these biogenic compounds combine to create life, how life affects - …


Exploring an Exoplanet

What is the Goldilocks Zone?

Welcome to LHS 1140b: A Super-Earth in the Habitable Zone

<b>The MEarth exoplanet survey has nabbed a rocky super-Earth transiting its host star just 41 light-years away from Earth.</b>An artist’s impression of …


The Fungus That Turns Ants Into Zombies Is More Diabolical Than We Realized

Carpenter ants of the Brazilian rain forest have it rough. When one of these insects gets infected by a certain fungus, it turns into a so-called …

Does Titan Harbour Life?