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“You don't need words to sing the blues.”

“The most ambitious #visvim piece yet... Lhamo robe hand painted in traditional Japanese "kyo-yuzen" style. 1 of 2 made. #privatestock”


“U2. Cynicism-smashing, highly energetic, emotional, tasteful, brilliant show. As good as ever.”

“It's grrrrrrreat! #PRS #custom #25andahalfinchscale #thankyoupaul #newtool”

“What a sad day, and a monumental loss. BB King's life was in and of itself a time capsule, and a yardstick for modern music history, most…”


“With comedy legends Don Rickles and Bob Newhart at Don's 89th birthday celebration last night. Suitable for framing.”

“Probably the 383737th person to do this today but I don't need to be a snowflake all the time.”

“This could be us but ur not an Airbus a320.”

“earthquake weather”

“#tbt 1998... I bought this guitar in 1996 and I still play it to this day. Quite a deep thing to watch something become old in real time.…”


“#tbt 2000 "3x5" lyrics.”


“OG '08 VSVM G-LINE FBT BNIB sneak peek from the private stock... #visvim”


“We need to catch up soon.”

#tbt 2011 the dude


Kicking it with @donwas, making great music and living the parking lot life. #earthroamer vs airstream #groooooovy

“We know what color the picture is.”

“Sunday night groove... with @milkmansound Pedal Steel amp and loop pedal. Sometimes I play the same idea for a half an hour just to get…”

Last December whilst deeply enjoying a single-serve packet of their maple almond butter, I posted a tweet suggesting that Justin's (@justins) make a cookie dough variant. Realizing the zen-like (aka stoner) genius of this idea, @justins created a single, hand-made batch of nirvana on a spoon: chocolate almond butter with chocolate chips and real chunks of cookie dough. Thanks Justin. You've ruined me for all other of life's awaiting pleasures.

“Music is everywhere in nature. All you have to do is listen for it.”

Wearing my CONTINUUM fleece jacket tonight. Many people believe this to be my best jacket and say I haven't made a jacket as good ever since. "I like your earlier jackets," they say. But the next jacket... it's gonna be bulletproof.

The JM x CHANEL watch box project... Check it out at #chanel #hodinkee #watches

The very talented @vailafadojohn created this beautiful panel to promote tonight's #JMLATELATESHOW with musical guest Ed Sheeran.

The hand-drawn Grateful Dead ticket request envelope I hand delivered to Bob Weir before we played Truckin' and Althea on #JMLATELATESHOW tonight. What a memorable night.

What can you expect from #JMLATELATESHOW tonight? An insightful sit-down with the Super Bowl Halftime Sharks and a marine biologist. Andy Cohen, Alison Becker and musical guest John Legend join me tonight on CBS!

Showing some unsolicited #martinpride since two of my favorite @martinguitar acoustics happen to be in the same room together. On the right is the uber-limited 00-45SC "Stagecoach" model, but on the left is a guitar that's still available, and a sleeper hit in the Martin lineup... It's called the "Mini" or "Terz" guitar, and it's the only miniature acoustic I know of that is built with the same integrity as a full size model. I bring it with me on trips that don't allow for larger guitars, and it's what I call a "pocket song calculator." I can lay in bed and write/brush up on a song without having to travel with a larger dreadnought model. It's the brainchild of my longtime friend Dick Boak and I'm glad I opened its case again. I'd forgotten how great a guitar it is.