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搞笑、新奇短片 集合區

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Xi Sui Jing Qigong/Cleaning the Bone Marrow


YI JIN XI SUI JING (Tendon Changing and Marrow Washing Chi Kung)

Most scholars consider <b>Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing</b> (Tendon Changing and Marrow Washing Chi Kung) is modified from Ba Duan Gin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) which …


Sabar dance & its energy - Africa<br>Video from the group waato siita<p>Many other dances video on their page <br><p>...<p>…

The Movements of a Symphony Conductor Get Artistically Visualized in an Avant-Garde Motion Capture Animation

Some classical music enthusiasts are purists with regard to visual effects, listening with eyes firmly fixed on liner notes or the ceilings of grand …

YO. (vlog)


Orgasmic Yoni Yoga

Orgasmic yoga with Red Dakini

I Tried Orgasmic Yoga, And Here's What Happened

I never thought it would happen to me, but I lost my sexual mojo. I've always been blessed with a high libido, a lot of confidence, and a healthy …

This artificial intelligence may start tracking you soon

It’s already 1984 in China.<p>For the last year, the people of Hangzhou, China – a city of more than nine million – have had every moment of their lives tracked.<p>“City Brain,” an artificial intelligence system that interlinks with a city’s infrastructure was installed in October 2016, through a …

A man falling. For quite some time.

Prehistoric People Avoided Inbreeding 34,000 Years Ago With Mating Network, Researchers Say

Prehistoric humans reportedly recognized the dangers of inbreeding and created networks for mating in order to avoid it, researchers say. The new …


Japanese Man vs 450 Horsepower Fan

People walked slightly different in Medieval times

Before structured shoes became prevalent in the 16th century (and apparently in those places where they never have) people walked with a different …


Study Suggests Neanderthals Enjoyed Long Childhoods

Nasty, brutish and short.<p>Until about the last decade or so, that is how many of us were accustomed to thinking about Neanderthal life.<p>But a lot has changed since then, not least of which is the emergence of smoking gun DNA evidence that Neanderthals are, in fact, family.<p>Now a new study runs counter …


Body Juggling Jam


Family of dough twirlers

Boxing your sister too much.

AGE 12 TO MARRIED – He Takes A Photo Every Day


"Swallow Rock" in Brazil sucks people into an underwater cave, and they like it

<i>Pedra Que Engole</i> (“Swallow Rock") is an underground cave in Trindade, Brazil. People jump into it, travel through the water-filled cave for a little …

Male And Female Roles Different In Stone And Bronze Age: Women Spread Culture And Traveled, Men Stayed Home

These days, we often say that people with outdated stereotypes of male and female roles are still living in the “Stone Age.” But a new study has …