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The Transformative Power of Squatting

A.I. Can Track Humans Through Walls With Just a Wifi Signal

We have questions.<p>The Machines now have X-ray vision. A new piece of software has been trained to use wifi signals — which pass through walls, but …

Artificial Intelligence

These dance moves are scientifically proven to be sexy

It's all in the hip, thigh, and arm movements<p>Science has determined the most attractive female dance moves, and I'm sorry to say that the lawnmower, the sprinkler, and the move my friends affectionately refer to as "noodle arms" did not make the list.<p>Psychologists in the U.K. asked 39 female …


Something Weird Happened to Men 7,000 Years Ago, And We Finally Know Why

The women, on the other hand, were fine.<p>Around 7,000 years ago - all the way back in the Neolithic - something really peculiar happened to human …


Mating Rituals of Humans in Their Natural Habitat

(YouTube link)<p>The format of a nature documentary works pretty well with the wildest species in the world -the human. In a video from Viva Dirt …


the original Sukshma Vyayama shown by Dhirendra Brahmachari

Archaeologists uncover stunning find to help shed light on the dawn of mankind

Australian researchers have led a dig which they say has shed new light on the dawn of civilized humans.<p>Archaeologists from the Australian National University (ANU) have unearthed a treasure trove of items from a cave in Kenya, giving researchers fresh insight into a crucial time period when <i>Homo</i> …

Incredibly detailed embryo maps chart each cell’s developmental fate

NEWS<p>The path to a mature organism is much more dynamic than previously thought.<p>Heidi Ledford<p>Search for this author in:<p>Pub Med<br>•<br>• Google …

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88,000-Year-Old Middle Finger Discovery Could Change Early Human History

As researchers continue to make new discoveries about the evolution and migration of early man, a new study gives evidence that humans may have migrated out of Africa much earlier than previously believed. Archaeologists working in Saudi Arabia's Nefud Desert have discovered the fossil of a human …

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Xi Sui Jing Qigong/Cleaning the Bone Marrow


YI JIN XI SUI JING (Tendon Changing and Marrow Washing Chi Kung)

Most scholars consider <b>Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing</b> (Tendon Changing and Marrow Washing Chi Kung) is modified from Ba Duan Gin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) which …


Sabar dance & its energy - Africa<br>Video from the group waato siita<p>Many other dances video on their page <br><p>...<p>…

The Movements of a Symphony Conductor Get Artistically Visualized in an Avant-Garde Motion Capture Animation

Some classical music enthusiasts are purists with regard to visual effects, listening with eyes firmly fixed on liner notes or the ceilings of grand …

YO. (vlog)


Orgasmic Yoni Yoga

Orgasmic yoga with Red Dakini

I Tried Orgasmic Yoga, And Here's What Happened

I never thought it would happen to me, but I lost my sexual mojo. I've always been blessed with a high libido, a lot of confidence, and a healthy …

This artificial intelligence may start tracking you soon

It’s already 1984 in China.<p>For the last year, the people of Hangzhou, China – a city of more than nine million – have had every moment of their lives tracked.<p>“City Brain,” an artificial intelligence system that interlinks with a city’s infrastructure was installed in October 2016, through a …