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1992 vs 2017

Dielectric breakdown: how electricity finds the "path of least resistance"

One of my favorite Title Screens

???? Spider uses web net to catch insects ????

Maximum Bro level

Expert Tosser

How a piano key works

Rud Ra

The books

Oddly Satisfying

yeah,sure...when seals can fl...

Apparently Chickens Can Keep Their Heads Amazingly Stable

The 7 things you might have missed this weekend

A British seven-year-old was confirmed to be among the Barcelona terror attack victims, 10 US sailors were missing after a destroyer collided with an oil tanker, and Big Ben is set to bong for one last time.<p>Meanwhile, Spurs suffered a nightmare housewarming at Wembley and England's Stuart Broad …

Stuart Broad


Frozen Bubble

Trying to open a portal to the birb dimension


Untitled # 541<p>By Giuseppe Munafo

An Elephant Got Caught on Security Camera Picking Up Trash and Putting it in a Garbage Can

Bottle rocket under ice

Watch a new World Yo-Yo Champion in action

Shu Takada, 20, is the 2017 2A (Two Handed Looping style) World Yo-Yo Champion. He took the title last week at the global tournament in Reykjavic, …


This is a really neat aluminum spiral video

“This is what you get when you iron a Slinky,” said one commenter.<p>So soothing and gorgeous.<p>A post shared by Chaz Capobianco (@chazcap) on Aug 3, 2014 …

Xeni Jardin

ewwwwwww........sewer chicken

600 million years of human evolution in a flipbook


What braces do