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The IQ war: why screening for intelligence is controversial

For over a century, IQ tests have been used to measure intelligence. But can it really be measured?<p>This piece originally appeared on The Conversation.<p>John, 12-years-old, is three times as old as his brother. How old will John be when he is twice as old as his brother?Two families go bowling. While …


Where's the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works?

The ubiquitous technique for relieving stress and pain has remarkably little scientific evidence backing it, a group of scientists contend


Who Are the Most Influential Artists of the Last Century? 26 Industry Leaders Weigh In

Art World<p>Which artist defined the last 100 years—and continues to reverberate in the work of artists today?<p>,<p>In 2017, a century since Marcel Duchamp …


Why Do Smart People Do Foolish Things?

Intelligence is not the same as critical thinking and the difference matters

Critical Thinking


8 Reasons Why Hiring Introverts Is Great For Your Business

Most companies prefer hiring outgoing individuals who exhibit a flair for taking the initiative and leading from the front. According to …

Satie: Gymnopédie, nr. 1 - Alexandre Tharaud - Prinsengrachtconcert 2015

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue - 1959 (Complete Album)

Beck - Gamma Ray (Version 1)


User Research. Empathy Is the Best UX Policy.

Starting any project, which is not their personal presentation but a product for users, designers should be deeply aware: they work primarily not for …

Want To Become A Better Leader At Work? Try Spending Less Time In The Office

Conventional wisdom has it that the more time you spend in the office, the faster you’ll climb the corporate ladder. But what if spending time on other aspects of your life could make you a better leader?<p>Stewart Friedman, a professor of management at the Wharton School of Business at the University …


3 Mistakes Executives Make When Telling People That They’re Leaving

Senior leaders in Silicon Valley are among the best-educated, most sophisticated, and savviest executives you’ll find anywhere. Yet over the course of placing senior high-tech leaders in new positions over the past 14 years, I’ve seen far too many make fundamental mistakes that cast a cloud over …

Harvard Business Review

At Facebook and Google, Highly Successful Teams Use This 3-Word Question to Spark Creativity (With Incredible Results)

This short phrase has immense power, and can help your team block out doubt and find amazing creative solutions.<p>Imagine you're a leader, and you want your team to accomplish ambitious goals. (Maybe you don't have to imagine.) There are three basic questions you can ask at the outset.<p>All three …


The natural evolution of user interface design

The modern movement of the web<p>In the 19th century, with the advent of mechanized mass production, an excess was created both in production and in …

UI Design

A Short History of Computer User Interface Design

Whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone, every piece of hardware has a user interface (UI) design that tries to contribute to a great user experience. …

UI Design

Barrier Reef plan must move faster: UNESCO

Australia is being urged to accelerate its efforts in rescuing the Great Barrier Reef amid fears the nation will fail to meet its 2050 target.<p>The …

The best Data Science courses on the internet, ranked by your reviews

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1) and (Part 2) by Rice University via Coursera<p>Rice University’s Interactive Programming …

Data Science

Angled rotors let drone fly in any orientation (and play catch)

Conventional multirotor drones, be they quad-, hexa-, octo- (or even 18-rotor) copters, have all their rotors positioned on the same horizontal …


Science Says This 1 Thing in Your LinkedIn Profile Will Make or Break Your Chances of Getting Hired

Studies show your first impression sticks.<p>Many LinkedIn users invest hours into making their profiles look professional. They scour the thesaurus looking for a verb to describe their work experience and they tediously list every professional accomplishment they've ever achieved.<p>Yet, many of those …


Meet Fluent, Microsoft’s New Design System

You're reading Meet Fluent, Microsoft’s New Design System, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on …

Build Developer Conference

Australians are better than everyone else at surviving cancer

While cancer remains one of our biggest killers, we've made significant progress in treating it in recent decades -- and we're doing better than …

Health Care (Australia)

The 14 Best Mirrorless Cameras in 2017

What are the best mirrorless cameras that you can buy in 2017 and how do they compare? From entry-level to professional, we've got the best for you...<p>…

Microsoft introduces Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed database with 5 consistency choices

Arguably the biggest Azure news to come out of Microsoft’s Build 2017 developer conference is the debut of Azure Cosmos DB. The schema-free database service offers developers flexibility with five consistency choices, instead of forcing them to choose between strong and eventual consistency. The …

Cloud Computing

Warren Buffett: One metric tells me the most about the future

Warren Buffett made a name for himself and became a multi-billionaire by making some savvy moves in the stock market. So, it might surprise some …

Warren Buffett

How to make 3D lettering in Illustrator

Last week Adobe released some more videos to their useful Make It Now playlist, giving creatives the chance to pick up a range of practical skills in …


Former Microsoft design director on shaping Hololens, Xbox and Cortana with inclusive design thinking

Kat Holmes is the former principal director of Inclusive Design at Microsoft. In this episode, we talk about the definition of inclusive design, take an inside look at her “special ops” design unit, and dive into the best method for deploying human-centered design.<p>Design is more than a department …

Design Thinking

Wider than wide: A landscape photographer's thoughts on the Canon 11-24mm

Even though I've been writing for DPReview for over 4 years, I've never written any equipment reviews. And why should I? There are far better …


Update: New Rumored Specs of Nikon D820

As previous post said, Nikon will announce a full frame DSLR camera Nikon D820 in this summer, this camera will replace currently Nikon D810 DSLR …


The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow. A …