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Graffiti-Inspired Coffee Tables by Vans the Omega - Design Milk

Vans the Omega is a letterform artist recognized in the global graffiti scene who’s turned his eye to furniture. Inspired by “ancient scripts, …

Design Engineer

artists paint circular mural inside abandoned water tank in the desert

in the desert of slab city, california, artists christina angelina and ease one have completed 'kinetoscope'.The post artists paint circular mural …


graffiti amsterdam

graffiti amsterdam

MAD - 20150321 - 1

MAD - 20150321 - 16

MAD - 20150321 - 19

Cheese Man & Woman


Detail of separation

FAT Wave

graffiti amsterdam

graffiti amsterdam

graffiti amsterdam

Ron English 

A. L. Crego Brings Colorful Street Art To Life

Spanish photographer and motion designer A. L. Crego creates incredible GIF art by taking pieces of artwork he finds in the streets and animating …

The Arts

#streetart #mural


Den Haag Street art

BackDraft: »Mr. Woodland« – Night-Pieces BXLV - 220x