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Kathmandu graffiti: Street art has made the walls come to life

When the BBC Richer World team visited Kathmandu to attend the first Ideas Fest they were struck by the graffiti. Photographs by Richard Fenton-Smith, additional commentary by Nepalese art director Sworup Nhasiju.

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Google Puts Online 10,000 Works of Street Art from Across the Globe

Circling Birdies by Cheko, Granada SpainSince last we wrote, Google Street Art has doubled its online archive by adding some 5,000 images, bringing …

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¡¡No me mires así..¡¡

By Ata Bozaei 

Google doubles its online database of street art with 5,000 new pieces

Google is showing graffiti artists some love, adding more than 5,000 images of street art to its online database of art. This expansion doubles the number of street art images in the Google Art Project, with the first set of works added last June. "Eighty-five art organizations from 34 countries …


Street Artist Paints Three-Dimensional Portals on the Side of Buildings

In his characteristic style, artist 1010’s new murals are brightening city streets with wavy bands of color and gradients that make viewers feel like they’re seeing through walls. The anonymous, Germany-based graffiti artist has rolled out new masterpieces in the last year— including a gallery show …

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BelgicaNocturna: »Bang-Bang« – Night-Pieces BXLIV - 1493x

L'important c'est pas la chute, mais l'atterrissage...

BelgicaNocturna: »Rabodiga« – Night-Pieces BXLIV - 1476x

BelgicaNocturna: »Nychos« – Night-Pieces BXLIV - 1447x

Night-Parking: »Tome« – Night-Pieces BXLV - 132x


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SMASH137 – Neues Video und Solo Ausstellung ‘Streunergold’ in Köln

Filmemacher Roman Menge ( hat Adrian Falkner aka SMASH137 während der Entstehung einer Leinwandarbeit für die Sparkasse Heidelberg …

Urban Geode Street Art - Design Milk

I am so totally in support of this urban geode street art project. Created by LA artist Paige Smith AKA A Common Name, the geodes are small art …


VIDEO – ‘OS GEMEOS’ – Ein Kurzfilm von Ben Mor

Ben Mor von Black Dog Films hat einen sehr schönen Mood Film mit den OS GEMEOS aus Sao Paulo gedreht. Der 2minütige Clip mit großartigen Slowmo …


Angel of the cold


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Just relaxing

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