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Listen to ‘aisatsana [102]', from ‘Syro’

An acoustic piano composition first heard during Aphex Twin's ‘remote orchestra’ show at London's Barbican Centre in 2012, performed on a suspended

Aphex Twin


Navichord got an update that warns users to delete their previous version before updating!

What's new in Navichord v1.2.4

Please remove older version …


Harmonics Wheel is a new music theory app for iPhone that includes a unique instrument controller. Unfortunately the iTunes description does not …


Acid house, Adrian Sherwood and Israeli electronics: August’s 10 must-hear reissues and retrospectives

Thanks to the graft of reissue labels and canny collectors, there’s an embarrassment of neglected, forgotten or misunderstood material being

Baroness announce new album Purple, share cathartic ‘Chlorine & Wine’

The band’s first album since their debilitating 2012 bus crash.

We’re lucky to still have Baronessin 2015. Shortly after releasing their excellent 2013 …


Emo Chorus review – new iOS chorus app from VirSyn

As I posted a couple of days ago, VirSyn have added a new app to their already well-stocked iOS music app collection; Emo Chorus. As the title …


Best photoshop I've ever seen #TheLADBible

John Lemke - Vessel

A Superman Toy On a Flying Drone Is More Entertaining Than Man of Steel Was

Sorry, Zack Snyder, your $225 million take on Krypton’s favorite son can’t hold a candle to this fun aerial footage of a Superman figure attached to …

Man of Steel

Review & Video: Korg KAOSS DJ Serato Controller

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The top of the unit, showing a pretty standard controller layout but of course with that KAOSS FX pad right in the middle, and touchpad …


PREMIERE: Cœur de Pirate - "Undone"


Montreal songstress Cœur de Pirate (that's French for heart of a pirate), made her name writing shimmying pop songs that were coyly cute, heavy on the hooks, and deeply inspired by 60s yé-yé pop—a combo that was met with resounding acclaim and consolidated on her 2012 album Blonde. Tomorrow …


Remix Machinedrum and Lapalux on Launchpad for iOS

Having both emerged from the British electronic music scene in the early 90s, Novation and Ninja Tune have gone on to become highly influential in …


Venetian Snares is in “very serious financial trouble” and needs fans’ help

The Planet Mu producer appeals for fans to purchase his music through Bandcamp.“I guess that’s my job, putting out records,” Planet Mu affiliate …


Mat Colegate reports on the Meltdown performance that blew 40 lightbulbs at the Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall. All photos by Sam Platten.

I …

SeekBeats adds support for Audiobus Remote

One of my all time favourite iOS drum machines, SeekBeats has now added support for Audiobus Remote in the latest update. Excellent app, just gets …


Jamstik+ review: Not quite a guitar replacement, but a great tool for beginners

When I was growing up, my mom would put me in a variety of classes: ballet, piano, swimming. After a semester of each course, I would get bored and move on to something new. The varied curiosity was fun at the time, but eventually it led to my lack of skills in any one outlet.

I didn’t realize how …


Emo Chorus for iPad/iPhone


• By: VirSyn

### 50% off celebrating Emo Chorus release ###

Studio quality reverb for Audiobus / Inter-app audio and your iTunes music …

Emo Chorus

• By: VirSyn

Realistic Choir simulator ranging from simple Chorus emulation to full ensemble Choir with 128 members.

### introductory offer 60% off …

clark - Absence

Spire 4-Track Recorder iOS App by iZotope

iZotope has released Spire, a new free four-track recorder app for iOS mobile devices.

The Spire 4-track recorder is like having an audio engineer in …


Venetian Snares

Humped leafhopper (Proconia sp.) - DSC_0923b

Hidden Lake

Patterning + Audiobus Remote

'Bit.Trip' limited vinyl soundtrack loaded with killer indie games

The folks over at iam8bit have been knocking it out of the park pretty regularly. Earlier this year they released the absolutely gorgeous vinyl edition of the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack, an equally beautiful video-game world map and during ComicCon the outfit unveiled the limited edition soundtrack …

Vinyl Records

[LISTEN] Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

I'm a bit sad that I only just stumbled upon Dillon, but the masses will discover this captivating singer-songwriter and electronic artist from …

Regina Spektor

Wooden Zoo: I Make Geometric Animal Heads From Wood

Want to have animal’s head on the wall but don’t have a gun? I have a solution! I make them from pine wood with my own hands.All of them are created …


How to Create an Illustration in Sketch with 3 Simple Shapes

We’ll teach you the shortcuts we used to make 98% of the steps easier. With our methods you won’t need to use a pen tool to add vector points or …


I have no idea who made this, I'm thinking one day this will all be too real 😅