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Gators in strange costumes. Inktober no.6

Atmosphère ! Atmosphère ! Est-ce que j'ai une gueule d'atmosphère ? ...

The Moon Rabbit

#doodle a day - #letitout

Patterning Sequencing Ableton Live

The Producer's Kitchen posted this example of using Patterning's awesome sequencer to sequence Ableton Live!Buy Patterning on iTunes: $9.99

Patterning Update

Patterning's first update is mostly bug fixes, but it's a big one! There are also a lot of usability improvements. What's new in Patterning …

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SynthMaster Player for iOS Update

SynthMaster Player got its first update today. This includes several improvements, including the option now import your own presets made on the …


Akai MPC Touch

Akai surprised no one today by announcing the thing that was already announced over the weekend.I felt it was worth a mention here because it is an …


Disney's New 3D Coloring Books Revolutionize the Way We See 2D Drawings

Coloring books are an engaging way to spark children’s imaginations, and Disney Research is working to further inspire kids by animating the process. Their latest idea to cultivate creative minds is through an app that lets kids see a coloring book character in 3D, as they’re shading it. The …

Walt Disney Company

Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)

Sufjan Stevens

AKAI Intros MPC Touch Touchscreen Music Production Center

Akai Professional today officially introduced the MPC Touch, a new MPC design that incorporates a touch screen interface, in addition to the …


Ninja Tune Celebrate 25 Years with a Special 'Essential Mix'

BBC Radio 1 broadcasted a special Essential Mix by Coldcut and Seven Davis Jr this weekend.

A celebration of our 25th anniversary as an independent …


Lorentz + Laplace

The 40 best dubstep singles

Skip to: #20 / #10To call dubstep close to FACT’s heart is an understatement. Along with grime, it was the key UK genre on the rise when we were an …



Ólafur Arnalds

In the hallowed halls of classical music performance and recording, tradition is a master to be obeyed, from the conductor’s dress to prescribed

Audio Quality

“Sunday Vibes. Door are open at @hodishalfnote #FortunateYouth #Pizza #PepperoniBoard art by @candart_iki”

Navichord update - performance tweaks added to the excellent iOS chord and harmony exploration app

I reviewed Navichord here on the Music App Blog back in September 2014. The original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to …

App Store

Final Touch update - Positive Grid tweak their iOS mastering app - and announce the 'Pro-Series' plugin line

Mastering used to be a bit of an unknown art form hidden within the depths of the overall music production process. However, today, of course, …

Performance Testing


Disney Princesses reimagined as hot dogs

Hey there!

9GAG is your best source of fun. Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all over the world, and discover what …

Majestic Milford

[LISTEN] Shigeto - Ringleader

I was approaching Shigeto's "Ringleader" as a possible track for future inclusion in Sunday Night Chill, but after a minute I knew it deserved its …

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Semi Modular Synth Round Up for iPad

Home » Semi Modular Synth Round Up for iPad

Doug - October 4, 2015

Tags: synth

In this video I’m taking a quick look at the different semi modular synths …

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The 20 best bleep records ever made

Bleep lives right at the heartcore of Energy Flash, my history of rave culture.

It was the first uniquely British twist on house and techno. Rave had …


Semi Modular Synth Round Up for iPad

“Sundaying at Hodi's Half Note in Ft. Collins tonight. All Ages. 7pm. Art by @neff.flix #FortunateYouth #SundayFunday #FtCollins…”