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House Of Blues Sound Pack Demo for Launchpad, Brilliant

Tera Synth

• By: VirSyn

**** 50% off for a limited time ****

Tera Synth - Modular Analog Synthesizer

Explore new sound spaces with Tera Synth that go beyond the …

@discchord If you liked my last Borderlands Granular vid, I think you're going to love what I'm doing right now. ;)

Genome MIDI Sequencer review – stand-alone pattern-based MIDI sequencer for iPad

As regular readers here will be aware, I’ve recently started a kind of ‘MIDI stuff’ series of articles aimed at those iOS musicians that perhaps …

iOS Apps

Manhattan sunset through a glass of whiskey.

NodeBeat HD is free

NodeBeat HD and of course NodeBeat itself was a real revelation when it first arrived so if you don't know this great app you've got a great chance …


TweakyBeat 1.7 is here!

The TweakyBeat update I've been waiting for is finally here. Version 1.7 adds Midi Sync, AudioBus, and Inter-App Audio so TweakyBeat is going to be …


RP Boo X Nozinja’s MixAfrica

Ambient pioneers The Orb pay tribute to J Dilla on Moonbuilding 2703 AD album

The concept-driven album is their first for Kompakt since 2005.The Orb have announced full details of their return to Kompakt, an album which sees the …

J Dilla

Hear a teaser of The Chemical Brothers’ new album

The Chemical Brothers will return with their xth album in 2015.

There’s no release date yet, but they’ve just unveiled a short teaser of what they’ve …

Chemical Brothers

15+ Breathtaking Photos Of Starry Skies That Will Inspire You To Look Up

Starry Night SkysourceStarry Night SkysourceStarry Night SkysourceStarry Night SkysourceStarry Night SkysourceStarry Night SkysourceStarry Night …


• By: Rodrigo Yanez

"... rocks like hell! I’ve never seen such a small music-application, that was so well balanced with the features."
- …

Anywhere 111 - Add bass! by MattiasHG - made with Figure by Propellerhead

Sorry, this song is still being processed.

This is necessary in order for You to be able to sing on it in Take.

Please try again in a few moments after …

That Moomins #RSD 7" B-side from @KeepersFinders - better than the A side? Well creepy

“Muy muy fino @c0nductr Enhorabuena!”

Graffiti-Inspired Coffee Tables by Vans the Omega - Design Milk

Vans the Omega is a letterform artist recognized in the global graffiti scene who’s turned his eye to furniture. Inspired by “ancient scripts, …

Design Engineer

Calbuco´s eruption

[LCL48] Declaration of love : Dub, chanson & mehr !

From France, to Germany, Brazil, Italy and the France again, this is the story of a "chanson" that met dub, electronics and more. Free download !

This …


Lava lamp gun.

For Eternity

Handmade Porcelain Sculptures by Kate MacDowell

American artist Kate Macdowell creates delicate porcelain sculptures that show the conflict between our romantic ideal of living in unity with nature …


Volcano Erupts in Chile: Pictures

Nerthus´ Potion

Follow @awesomeglobe for more outstanding nature photos Sleeping Goddess at Lost Garden of Heligan England Unknown Master Via @awesomeglobe

Black biting fly