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Is CBA symptomatic of a perverse cycle?

The revelations that the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is being taken to court over alleged AUSTRAC reporting and compliance breaches will …


Reporting Season Preview: Telecommunications and Technology Sector: Nick Harris, Senior Analyst


What to do if your holding gets crushed this reporting season?


Chart: Is U.S. or China the World's Economic Superpower?

Is U.S. or China the World’s Economic Superpower?<p>Popular opinion changes depending on where you live<p><i>The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual</i> …

United States

When to Buy Telstra

In Telstra’s case, we know that the rollout of the NBN damages profits margins across the board. This makes Telstra’s impressive mobile phone margins …


Cash Flow Statements | 3 things to look out for this reporting season

It is fast approaching the time of the year when annual company reports will be coming in thick and fast. With so much information on hand, one is …


Attractive opportunities among ASX energy stocks

Page 1 of 1<p><b>Oil prices have more than halved since 2014, weakening the outlook for energy producers. However, Morningstar still sees opportunities</b> …


What to do if your holding gets crushed this reporting season?

The first week of reporting season has already thrown up a few grenades with Isentia and Navitas both missing expectations. In this short video the …


10 easy mistakes for investors to avoid

They say you learn more from your failures than your successes. I’m not sure that’s true but one thing I am sure of is that if you can learn from the …


Six high conviction stocks to buy in August

FY17 reporting season kicks off in earnest mid-August and according to the latest IBES consensus earnings estimates, EPS growth for the S&P/ASX200 is …


Buy Hold Sell: Offshore earners under pressure

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we look at stocks that generate their earnings offshore. These earnings have been squeezed as the local currency …


10 things LIC investors must consider

Through LICs you can access many different managers, asset classes, geographies and investment strategies. One of our funds invests only in LICs, so …


Chart Pack

Chart Pack Graphs on the Australian Economy and Financial Markets<p>Released on 2 August 2017 (data updated to 27 July 2017)<p>The Chart Pack summarises …

Reserve Bank of Australia

Aitken: A contrarian idea is brewing

Telstra shares are trading at levels not seen since November 2013. That's approaching a 5 year low and 40% below the ~$6.50 high reached in February …


Too late to buy FMG? Not according to the chart

The last several weeks has seen Fortescue (FMG) bounce strongly from nearly $4.50 to over $5.80. Some analysts are getting nervous with the iron ore …


August 2017 Reporting Season - Trading Insights

With Bell Direct, stay on top of this reporting season:<p>Our <b>August 2017 Reporting Season Calendar</b> is now available so you don't miss any …

Business Intelligence

Chart: Ranking the World's Most Valuable Brands

Chart: Ranking the World’s Most Valuable Brands<p>In just 10 years, tech brands have taken over the list<p><i>The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual</i> …


Livewire Live insights: Daniel Petre on the the next big trend

Cool Stuff

Buy Hold Sell: Glamour Stocks and Fallen Angels


Profit warnings and profit upgrades in 2017

Of the profit warnings this year, 81% of them have been "downgrades". I have found some really interesting observations that I’ll mention through …


Is the $A too high? An update on our currency valuation models

The Australian dollar has recently broken above the top-end of its previous year-long range against the US dollar. In light of this event, this note …

Iron Ore

Tech & investing insights from a mining magnate

<i>Thursday, July 27th, 2017</i><p>We are pleased to republish a unique video interview with one of the world’s most influential miners. Robert Friedland is …



<b>Results Roulette</b> - In the last results season in February, 51% of the two hundred and sixty odd major results moved more than 3% on the day of their …


5 top-ranked, fully-franked dividend stocks

Page 1 of 1<p><b>These strong performers in telecommunications, banking, healthcare, and retail should be on every Aussie dividend investor's radar.</b><p>The …


Morgans reporting season candidates for surprise or disappointment

FY17 reporting season kicks off in earnest mid-August and according to the latest IBES consensus earnings estimates, EPS growth for the S&P/ASX200 is …


Our macro anti-predictions for 2017

As part of our outlook for the coming six months, we provide a set of “non-predictions” for things that we think will not happen in the second half …

Emerging Markets

Winners and losers from a strong Aussie dollar

While consensus had a strong case for the Australian dollar to fall in 2017, it has climbed 10% so far this year, and almost touched 80c. With the …

Australian Dollar

The miracle of compound interest

We know, you have probably heard this all before, but it is still one of the most fascinating investing phenomena out there: The miracle of compound …

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks shaking up industries