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10 Destinations to Visit When You’re a Budget Traveler

The world is full of affordable destinations, and it doesn’t require much effort to find them. No matter what continent, there are always places you …

Europe Travel

Interview with Budget Travel Expert Nomadic Matt (Kepnes)

I don’t often feature interviews on my site, but today I’m thrilled to share one from one of my good friends Matt Kepnes who runs the award winning …

Patagonia, Tours, 8 Nights, From $950

The Real Deal This land only vacation package to Argentina includes four nights in El Calafate, two nights in El Chalten, and two nights in Puerto …

Travel Deals

Where to Eat in Berlin If You're Traveling on a Budget by Blue Perk

5 Inexpensive restaurants in Berlin on a Travelers Budget

Berlin is known for being one of the least expensive cities in Europe. Making it one of Europe’s largest travelers attraction as one can sleep, eat, and party for cheap. During my month in Berlin I was able to try a couple of great places …


Top 10 Tips for Budget Business Travel

Business travel is under greater budget scrutiny than ever. Cost-cutting CEOs want their workers to take fewer trips. They also want expenses on the …


Four Reasons This is the Year of the Budget Traveler

When I started traveling in 2006, there were no large travel blogs as we know them, sharing economy websites, or apps, and there were few online …


Don't Fall Victim to These Common Budget Travel Mistakes

No budget traveler ever makes a perfect set of decisions on a given trip, but with experience comes the ability to recognize potential mistakes and …

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On a Budget? 5 Ways You Can Still Travel the World!

This is part of the #BorderlessTravels series - featuring tips on your upcoming trips.

The world is becoming more accessible, with airlines, accommodation and everything in between available at budget-friendly prices.

If you can sort through the droves of information, you can go a lot further for a …


The Best Places in the World to Travel If You're on a Budget | FWx

This post originally appeared on

Cost doesn’t have to stand in the way of your dream trip. If you’re yearning for a major travel experience on a minor budget, there is no shortage of fabulous destinations out there to choose from. Set your sights on Central and South America, Africa …


Save money while traveling in Singapore - follow these budget tips

Write a list of the world's most expensive cities, and Singapore instantly makes it to the top, if not to the top three. Don't let that scare you off …

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11 budget-friendly and adventurous travel destinations

Adventure travel conjures the image of safaris, wild animals, and far-flung destinations, all of which require oodles of money to experience.

But as the world becomes smaller, the possibilities of affordable adventure travel become ever more feasible. waded through online news clips, …

Central America Travel

Best Budget Airlines | Travel + Leisure

Low-cost carriers are flying high. Here are some of our favorites around the globe.

Fifteen minutes from check-in to gate sounds far-fetched, but it’s already a reality for travelers who fly Peach, a new Japanese low-cost carrier that operates from its own terminal at Osaka’s International …

Travel Deals

Swipe Ultimate Tablet Review: A budget travel companion with battery for days

The Swipe Ultimate Tablet was unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) earlier this year, and it definitely held promise. While not the …


14 tips for finding low airfares, 2015 edition

Are airfares pinching your wallet a little too tight these days? Deals are out there, you just have to know how and where to find them. Here are our top tips for finding cheap airfares this year.

1. There's no 'magic' time to buy airfare

A lot of airfare experts think they're clairvoyant, so they …


10 secrets to ultra-cheap travel

Seasoned budget travelers aren't "cheap" in the traditional sense of the word -- they're just good at stretching every dollar. Here are 10 secrets every budget traveler should know about seeing the world on the cheap without skimping where it really counts.

Walk everywhere

Pack a good pair of shoes, …

Travel Deals

10 Delicious Banana Bread Recipes

You'll be sure to find a new favorite banana bread recipe in this collection. Our quick bread recipes will turn out perfectly moist and delicious …


The Real Cost Of Dating

By Karyn Polewaczyk

Over the summer and into the early part of fall, I dated a guy — we slept at his place after nights on the town, carved out time for couples-esque weekend activities, and in general, felt high with the buzz that accompanies a new romance.

That feeling came to a screeching halt …


What City Represents Your Fashion Quiz

Few things visually define a city more so than the fashion of its residents. New York is street smart — highbrow mixed with lowbrow. Milan brags about killer heels and a ladylike air. London takes its past and balances posh and punk. And, Paris? Well, we all know how ubiquitous French-girl style is …

New York Style

LinkedIn Buys Lynda

Photo: Courtesy of LinkedIn.

In a bid to become a one-stop shop for all things career — with a fast lane — professional networking site LinkedIn just announced its acquisition of, a veteran online education company that offers skills-based video courses for everything from management to …


Best New Apps This Week

The App Store can feel like an overgrown jungle sometimes: Every day, it seems like there are a hundred new apps to filter through, and while you want to check them out, it's hard to know what's worth your while. Well, Refinery29 is here to help. Each week, we're going to highlight the five best …

App Store

Best London Apps - New Tech Products Smartphone

You probably thought that by now you'd have a clone, or, at the very least, a robot apprentice to help you shoulder the burden of some of your pesky responsibilities. As it stands, you seem to have neither — but, aha! You do have a smartphone.

The right apps can help you to delegate some of life's …


Budget-Friendly Small Space Transformation

For Redmond Aldrich designer Taylor Shanahan, revamping homes is second nature. When it came to her own Haight-Ashbury studio, she approached it like she would any job: with a lot of determination and patience.

Shanahan transformed her 450-square-foot space into a colorful oasis full of vivid …

Small Space Design

How To Save Money Every Week

Lattes, errands, fitness classes…we all know spending cash is easy. But, turns out, it can be just as easy to save money, largely by cutting costs on things you won’t even miss. And, best of all: You don’t have to curb your social life, your spring shopping plans, or your Seamless addiction to do …


Keyboard Shortcuts - Website Navigation Tips, Secrets

Here at R29, our computer habits are pretty regular. We tap around, switching between spreadsheets, documents, calendars, and Gmail. We Google things, we check Facebook and Twitter, and we drag our fingers along our MacBook’s trackpad. If we could navigate all those digital tasks without ever …

Keyboard Shortcuts

Apps For Solving Life Problems

Photo: Courtesy Maven.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." You've heard them all before. But, it's 2015. Things are a little different now, so we took a handful of well-known aphorisms and gave them a contemporary spin. Those pieces of advice are decidedly more …


Quirky Travel Behaviors - Hyatt Place Survey, Vacations

You've waited all year to take a proper vacation. Can anyone really blame you for getting a little freaky while you're away?

According to a new survey conducted by Hyatt Place hotels, some 60% of hotel guests engage in quirky behavior while traveling. What qualifies as "quirky"? Oh, taking work …


Best Travel Planning Apps

Each of us has our own travel personality. Some like to be pampered, while others are all about a good adventure. Some seek out five star hotels, and others prefer hostels. Whether your ideal vacation includes sugary cocktails and spa treatments or day-long hikes through lush landscapes, there's …

Travel Technology

What Do All Those Instagram Hashtags Actually Mean?!

#OOTD = Outfit Of The Day

Usually used by fashion bloggers, it show others that they are wearing or have worn.

#WIWT = What I Wore Today

As above, but …


Best Hotel Interior Decor Pictures

Plenty of us tend to be over-sharers on social media. We Instagram our avocado on toast for the second time in a week just because we can. We snap a #FWIS to brag about new shoes. And, if/when we get around to doing house chores, we share a picture of a perfectly made bed just so everyone knows we …


San Francisco Late Night Spots

If anyone knows a thing or two about late-night eats in San Francisco, it’s bartenders, chefs, wine directors, nightlife writers, and drag queens. So, we hunted down these nocturnal experts to share their favorite post-midnight haunts (and what to order), for the next time your hunger strikes …

Northern California