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Fisherman Spears Swordfish, Swordfish Gores Fisherman

A 47-year-old sport fisherman died in Hawaii on Friday after being impaled by a swordfish he had shot with a speargun, CNN reports.Read more...


Airline Secrets - Travel Tips For Flying

There's nothing like jetting off to an exotic tropical locale to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, only to arrive and find that your bags didn't make it. Looks like you'll be stuck living in your airplane sweats for the next two days. Thanks, [insert airline name here].

Of course, traveling is always …

Air Travel

Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace. - The Washington Post

A year ago, my boss announced that our large New York ad agency would be moving to an open office. After nine years as a senior writer, I was forced to trade in my private office for a seat at a long, shared table. It felt like my boss had ripped off my clothes and left me standing in my …


Best places to bring your kids to in Singapore


Chart: The Qatar World Cup Death Toll Is Stunning [Update]

The Washington Post has put together a chart illustrating the body counts of workers involved in construction for the last four Olympics and two World …

Middle East

These Secrets of Amazon's Pricing Strategy Will Help You Find the Best Buys

It can be easy for Amazon customers to assume they're always getting the best price. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what the marketing geniuses …


5 Expensive Life Essentials Worth Investing In

Everybody loves a bargain, and there are few things in life as satisfying as getting the lowest possible price on anything you buy. Even better when …


Best Money Tips: Frugal Ways to Live Chemical-Free

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on frugal ways to live chemical-free, simple strategies for …


Finding Happiness for Free

For a couple of weeks, jot down what you’re doing every half hour or so, and how you feel at the time. Then look for patterns to find what truly …


Fifteen Simple Money-Saving Strategies for Storing and Preparing Food at Home

Food. It’s a human need. We all need food to survive. However, at the same time, it’s an expense. It drains our wallet every day, every month, every …


Green oasis rises in heart of Rio slum

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) - The stench of rotting dog corpses used to waft through Mauro Quintanilha's Rio slum home. Outside stood a towering mound of detritus of every size and shape.

It took a decade and lots of help from volunteers, but Quintanilha moved that stinking mountain. Now, where all the rot …


Valcke confirms Russia, Qatar will host 2018, 2022 World Cups

Zurich (AFP) - FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke on Friday confirmed Russia and Qatar will host the World Cups in 2018 and 2022 respectively, …


Porn, adware found on former FBI web domains

Websites overseen by the FBI have been briefly used to offer visitors porn or links seeded with adware.

Some of the sites involved were seized from net entrepreneur Kim Dotcom and are thought to attract large numbers of visitors.

The sites were taken over thanks to an administrative error by the FBI …

US spelling bee winners shock again in surprising tie

The two co-champions of the US national spelling bee are sharing a trophy, marking the second year in a row the contest ended in a tie.

Vanya Shivashankar, 13, is a five-time competitor of the bee, and her sister won in 2009. Gokul Venkatachalam, 14, nearly won last year.

Paige Kimble, the bee's …

Spelling Bees

Vladimir Katriuk, alleged Nazi criminal, dies in Canada

A Ukrainian man suspected of being a Nazi war criminal has died in Canada.

Vladimir Katriuk was second on a most wanted list compiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a US organisation which investigates Nazi war criminals.

Mr Katriuk passed away aged 93 after a long illness, his lawyer said.

His death …


Vegemite chocolate taste test: is Cadbury's new block awesome or evil?

Combining Australia’s most beloved breakfast spread with milk chocolate seems like the fever dream of a chocoholic who is looking for an excuse – any excuse – to start the chocolate eating early.

And so at 8.30 on Monday morning the Guardian newsdesk overcame their squeamishness and tasted the new …


Cadbury Chocolate and Vegemite combine in latest social media-driven food mash-up

Many thought it was a social media hoax, but Cadbury's Vegemite-flavoured chocolate is real and the latest in a long line of gimmicky food …

Social Media

Objectifs opens at its new yellow chapel digs with a cool exhibition

Photography and film center Objectifs begins its second life at the gorgeous canary-yellow chapel building at 155 Middle Road on Jun more


Lenovo phone features virtual keyboard

Chinese electronics giant Lenovo has unveiled a phone with a built-in laser projector that can be used to display a virtual keyboard or display.

The interactive display can replicate the phone's touch screen, a full-size computer keyboard or even piano keys.

The laser projector can also be used to …


Google's Inbox by Gmail app is now open to everyone without an invite

Google's Inbox by Gmail app is now available for everyone to download and use without an invite for the first time. As part of the its Google I/O …


Google gives first peek at Android M and new Cardboard VR kit

Google has shown off some of the functions of the next version of its Android mobile operating system.

It will give users greater control over their privacy settings and will also introduce a new smart wallet service called Android Pay.

The firm also unveiled a new photos and video storage app with …


China executes teacher for sexually abusing 26 girls

China's top court said it has executed a primary school teacher found guilty of raping or sexually abusing 26 girls.

Li Jishun had committed the crimes between 2011 and 2012 while teaching at a village school in Gansu province.

He preyed on pupils aged 4 to 11 who were "young and timid", according to …


Washington DC officials block Muhammad subway cartoon

Transport officials in Washington DC have blocked plans by an American free speech pressure group to have a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad displayed on the subway.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative wanted to display the cartoon, which won first prize at an event in Texas.

Two …

Washington D.C.

Rick Santorum Threw Josh Duggar Under The Bus, Didn’t Even Hesitate

Rick Santorum throws Josh Duggar under the bus, and more of their fucked up, repressed sexual teachings that ended in kids getting molested.

Keeping Singapore's family food recipes alive

Madam Mardyyanah, 38, has revived her late grandfather's original mee rebus recipe for her elderly grandma, but are families finding it difficult to …


Yusof Ishak Secondary School launches Presidents’ Trail for SG50

SINGAPORE: As the country celebrates its Golden Jubilee, Yusof Ishak Secondary School, which carries the name of Singapore's first president, joined …


New agency offers funding, facilities for social enterprises

SINGAPORE: To complement an expanding social enterprise sector here, an independent one-stop agency will give social enterprises a leg up through …

Social Enterprise

5 arrested for cheating cases at Sim Lim Square

SINGAPORE: Five men aged between 31 and 38 were on Wednesday (May 27) arrested for a series of cheating cases at Sim Lim Square, police …


SIA dresses up two A380s with Singapore flag design for SG50

SINGAPORE: Two of the Singapore Airline's (SIA) Airbus A380s will adopt special livery featuring the Republic's flag on the fuselage in celebration …


Aerial activities around Padang banned on select days, timings from June to August

SINGAPORE: Unauthorised aerial activities will be banned around the Padang for selected dates and timings throughout June to August, as the area has …