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Françoise Hardy photographiée par Jean-Marie Périer

necroas:Madonna of The Pomegranate -Sandro Botticelli

Madonna of The Pomegranate -Sandro Botticelli.


PatrickBentley - MuddyLion

those babies

those babies

Model Karlie Kloss in “Where Trouble Melts like Lemon Drops.” Photo by Tim Walker, styled by Jacob K; W Magazine October 2010

Photo by Tim Walker, styled by Jacob K; W Magazine October 2010.

Monday feels: Mary Jane the baby sloth, born at our

Monday feels: Mary Jane the baby sloth, born at our National Zoo in 1964.<p>Zoo staff, who hand-reared Mary Jane, named the two-toed sloth long before it was determined that the baby was a male. He’s seen snuggling at 9 months old in this Smithsonian Institution Archives photo.

Look who we found at the beach this weekend

Look who we found at the beach this weekend.<p>When Tim Jerman was a child, he couldn’t decide whether to become a marine biologist or an artist. So he became an artist who created intricate glass sculptures of aquatic life.

Georgia O’Keeffe grooms her two large fluffs at home in New Mexico

Georgia O’Keeffe grooms her two large fluffs at home in New Mexico.<p>“Life” magazine photographer John Loengard captured this candid moment on a trip to mark the artist’s 80th birthday. This photo is now in our National Portrait Gallery.


<b>Monica Bellucci</b> arrives at the Hotel Maria Cristina during the 65th San Sebastián International Film Festival (2017)

Two nude women

23 Amazing Quotes That Inspire You To Think Differently

When everyone looks and thinks the same, only stagnation is achieved. These people will help you rise above the norm.<p>I just returned from a month traveling in South Africa. I was fascinated in many ways how it resembled the USA. In fact, the food, culture, and attitudes are so similar, if you …


Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Threatened to 'Destroy' Bond Star Eva Green After She Refused His Sexual Advances

The mother of actress Eva Green says the <i>James Bond</i> actress was targeted by Harvey Weinstein.<p>On Friday, Green’s mother, French actress Marlene Jobert, …

Experts Warn Congress: North Korean EMP Would Kill '90% of Americans' — Consider Nuke First Strike

Two electromagnetic pulse (EMP) experts warned Congress on Thursday that North Korea is capable of executing an EMP attack over the United States …

Donald Trump's Impeachable Offense

The commander in chief’s calls to abridge freedoms of speech and the press represent attacks on the Constitution he swore to protect and defend.<p><b>Whereas</b> Donald J. Trump stood beneath American flags on the steps of the United States Capitol on January 20, 2017, placed his hand on a Bible, and spoke …

Scientists have discovered this drug fixes cavities and regrows teeth

Goodbye, Fillings<p>Dental fillings may soon be left in the ash heap of history, thanks to a recent discovery about a drug called Tideglusib. Developed …

Dental Care

Why Race Is Not a Thing, According to Genetics

Scientists are unlocking the secrets to how we’re all related—to each other and to the species that came before us.<p>Today, scientists routinely map the genomes of the long dead, from Neanderthals to medieval kings. What they’re finding out, says British geneticist Adam Rutherford in <i>A Brief History</i> …


10 Ways Your Body Is Telling You You’re Running Low on Key Vitamins

Flakey scalp<b>Possible deficiency</b>:<b> Fatty acids</b>If you notice that you’ve got flakes raining down after you scratch your head, you automatically think …


Why more women than ever are having affairs - and everything else I've learnt about infidelity

Esther Perel is explaining why, as a woman, putting sex on your “to-do” list isn’t just OK, but might save your marriage. “Honestly, it’s a wonderful idea,” the Belgian psychotherapist and bestselling author tells me, grave and glamorous in the study of her Manhattan apartment. “People are always …


Happy 77th birthday to LIFE legend Raquel Welch, born today on Sept

Happy 77th birthday to LIFE legend Raquel Welch, born today on Sept. 5, 1940 in Chicago, Illinois. This image appeared on the cover of the June 2, 1972 issue of LIFE magazine. At the time, she was on the set of the film “Kansas City Bomber.” According to LIFE, she was “the hottest thing on wheels.” (Bill Eppridge—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #LIFElegends #RaquelWelch


<i>“I think the core of Jaime Lannister is actually that final line in the pilot when he says, ‘The things I do for love.’ He might do horrible things - and they are truly, some of them, horrific. There’s no excuses. But he does it out of what he sees as a necessity, out of love.“</i><p><b>Nikolaj Coster Waldau</b>