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George RR Martin 'tired' of Marvel villains

The self-confessed 'Marvel fanboy' has 'quibbles' with recent movies from the comic book company

George RR Martin has created plenty of despicable baddies in his Game of Thrones novels, who have been terrifyingly realised on screen. However, the author and geek culture expert has criticised the way …


Game over for Adam Sandler comedy Pixels at US box office

Adam Sandler sci-fi romp Pixels failed to rack up the weekend’s highest score on its debut at the US box office, pulling in a disappointing $24m to open in second place behind Marvel’s Ant-Man.

Analysts suggest the weak return could spell “game over” for the Billy Madison comic as a major Hollywood …

Adam Sandler

Marvel's Stan Lee Defends Both Black Johnny Storm and Fan Criticism

Stan Lee helped create "The Fantastic Four" for Marvel, and Lee just weighed in on the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, in the new movie coming out August 7. The character was originally written as blond-haired and blue-eyed, and some fans objected to casting a …

Stan Lee

#StarWars Star Wars Battlefront

The simplest way to get — and stay — happy, according to psychologists

When was the last time you felt a light-hearted awareness where you had a skip in your step, care-free grin on your face, and overwhelming sense that despite what happened, everything was going to work out?

In other words, when was the last time you were truly happy?

It's an amazing, but often …


'Pixels' is somehow even worse than I thought it could be

When the first trailer for Pixels hit I was worried that the movie was going to be a "steaming pile of cinematic garbage." Now that I've actually seen the Adam Sandler and Kevin James vehicle, I can say that was still far too generous a prediction; it's actually much, much worse. Pixels' real …

Adam Sandler

Periscope Pro Tips: What to Do Before, During and After the Broadcast

A handful of tips I’ve learned about successful Periscope broadcasts.It’s only been a handful of months since Periscope was launched into the public …


Facebook needs to get its piracy problem under control

Since Facebook changed its News Feed algorithm to include more videos, many Pages have adopted the medium to increase their engagement with fans, and draw in new ones. This has led to an explosion in video content and video views on the platform, with users now watching more than 4 billion videos …


11 Movie Love Interests Who Are Actually Garbage

Love is many-splendored thing -- that is unless the person you're falling for happens to be someone who doesn't deserve your love. When it comes to movies, there are just some characters not worthy of the love they're getting or want. Sorry, not sorry.

Here are 11 movie love interests who are kind …


This Woman Has the Most Hilarious Obituary of All Time

"She liked four letter words as much as she loved her rock garden and trust us she LOVED to weed that garden."

​When Mary Patricia Stocks died at 94, her son Sandy knew he couldn't write just any obituary. "I could never write an obit that said she was a beautiful, wonderful person," he told CTV. …


Lightsaber gifs are the best gifs.(We might be biased.)

Lightsaber gifs are the best gifs.
(We might be biased.)

'Me and Earl' and the Dying Box Office: Why the Sundance Hit Fizzled

A version of this story first appeared in the July 31 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

It …


Flickr Brings Back Its “Pro” Subscription Plan

Flickr announced today it’s bringing back its “Pro” subscription plan aimed at power users of Yahoo’s photo-sharing service, which will introduce a variety of new features, including access to improved analytics, software discounts, and more, as well as allow for an ad-free experience. Pro users …


Jurassic World sequel set for 2018

A sequel to Jurassic World will arrive in theaters on June 22, 2018, Universal Pictures announced on Thursday.

Jurassic World co-writers Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly will write the new film, though Universal did not announce a director for the project.

Jurassic Park is like Star Wars. Different …


Critics are ripping apart Adam Sandler's new movie 'Pixels' across the board

It seemed like a home run for Adam Sandler. The trailer for “Pixels” came out in March and broke Sony’s record for the most-viewed trailer in its first 24 hours ever.

Adapted from a two-and-a-half minute short film with the same title, "Pixels" is about classic video games from the 1980s being …


Video creators still strongly favor YouTube over Facebook

Although Facebook has recently made some headway in narrowing the video viewing gap with YouTube, content creators have continued to find more success on YouTube, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. In recent months, Facebook has boasted an average of 4 billion daily video views, …


Oh, hell no: George R.R. Martin was just beheaded by a shark in 'Sharknado 3'

Warning: Sharknado 3 and Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. But really now...

The people in the world of Sharknado will never get to see another Game of Thrones book from George R.R. Martin.

Because he was eaten by a goddamn shark.

In the latest installment of the franchise, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No, the …

George R. R. Martin

Teen Wolf Animated GIF



teen wolf





teen wolf animated GIF

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I'm trying to get my fwb to realize I'm ignoring him.

The plan: Doing well so far: But he’s not responding to me …

Cinemagraph Animated GIF

GIF Animations

Year Animated GIF





katie rees


year animated GIF

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Today, There Was a Rainbow Over Nintendo's Kyoto Headquarters

The weather was partly cloudy today in Kyoto. But through the clouds, a rainbow was apparently spotted in the sky over Nintendo’s …


SDCC 2015: 'Supernatural' Fans Raise Candles to Support Jared Padalecki

Once the moderators opened the floor to fan questions, the audience held up faux candles in unison. The cast didn't know what was happening, but the …

Jared Padalecki

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston delivers ultimate mic drop response

Actor Bryan Cranston delivered the best-ever "mic drop" response to a question — slamming it home with an actual mic drop.

The villainous father and …

Bryan Cranston

Comic-Con '15: EW's Celebrity GIF Guide, Day 2

Stars of ''Game of Thrones,'' ''Outlander,'' ''The Originals,'' and more have some fun at EW's Social Photo Booth in San Diego

Comic-Con '15: EW's Celebrity GIF Guide, Day 2

Stars of ''Game of Thrones,'' ''Outlander,'' ''The Originals,'' and more have some fun at EW's Social Photo Booth in San …

Tara Reid

“What’s your favorite part of playing that relationship together? That the scenes always tend to be different by the time we play them than they are when they’re written in the page. We tend to… not...