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Wes Craven reinvented horror three times: cinema looks scary without him

If you can judge a film-maker’s influence by how many copycats they inspire, then Wes Craven has to be seen as one of the most influential. Three times he changed his mind about what horror movies should be, and three times we were promptly flooded with all manner of dodgy knock-offs.

The Last House …

Entertainment (UK)

Et tu, movies? How Julius Caesar shows film is taking TV's lead

Only a few years ago, the idea that Hollywood would commit to making not one but a trilogy of big-budget films based on source material would have been almost unthinkable. But it’s been announced that Conn Iggulden’s popular but relatively modest Emperortrilogy about Julius Caesar is to be adapted …

Entertainment (UK)

Weekend Box Office: Zac Efron’s DJ Movie Didn’t Break $2 Million

The big story of the weekend was that War Room, a “faith-based” drama that apparently touts prayer as a cure for domestic violence, was the top new film of the weekend, grossing $11 million on a $3.5 million budget. It comes from Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the brothers behind Fireproof and Facing the


The Diamond Minecart becomes most popular YouTube channel

The most popular channel on YouTube now belongs to British gamer Daniel Middleton, whose Minecraft videos published as The Diamond Minecart were watched more than 402m times in July 2015 alone.

That was enough to make him the biggest channel on YouTube that month ahead of wrestling body WWE’s 399m …


See The Entire Evolution Of "Star Wars" Stormtrooper Helmets--In One GIF

This GIF morphs through every different phase of stormtrooper helmet from the first seven Star Wars films.

As every pristine parcel of information about the new Star Wars movie pew-pews against the bow of nerd-anticipation, it's a perfect time to look back at what a long, strange space-journey it's …

Star Wars

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet, Reviewed by His Biggest Fans

Tickets were gone within minutes, making Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet the fastest-selling play in British history. Cumberbatch has undoubtedly, and possibly unwittingly, acquired the weeping global fandom (or “Cumberbitches”) of three boy bands combined. Fans were so rabid to see him spout …

Benedict Cumberbatch


GIFstory: The origins of the Internet’s weirdest GIFs unveiled

Here at TNW, we’re right in the thick of the summer doldrums — the slow time in the summer that reminds us that startups are run by humans that take vacations sometimes. So in the downtime, I decided to do a little homework surrounding the go-to GIFs populating the newsroom Slack Channel.

So I give …

GIF Animations

Coffee Animated GIF





coffee animated GIF

Dimensions: 958x537

Size: 713KB

Frames: …

GIF Animations

Animation Animated GIF
















perfect loop

elyan parker

animation …


#Cinemagraph #Animation #GIF

#Cinemagraph #Animation #GIF

#Cinemagraph #Animation #GIF

Emotionally Prepare Yourself for a Bittersweet 'Game of Thrones' Ending

It’s hard to imagine a life without “Game of Thrones“. But one day, in the not so distant future, George RR Martin will write the last word in his “A …

George R. R. Martin

PHOTO: Pixar’s New Teaser Posters Will Make You Super Excited for ‘The Incredibles 2′, ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Toy Story 4′

JJ Abrams might not be showing any new trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens during this week’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California but that doesn’t …


Want to Make Beautiful Food Cinemagraphs? Read On.

It all starts with a recipe, according to Daria Khoroshavina of Kitchen Ghosts. Finding the right recipe, she says, is the very important first step she and co-collaborator, Olya Kolesnikova, take in pursuit of creating one of their delicious food cinemagraphs. Both based outside of Moscow, …


Box Office: 'Fantastic Four' Drops 68% For $8M Weekend, 'Rogue Nation' Tops 'Mission: Impossible 3'

This is a weekend box office post for the non-new releases.

Fantastic Four didn’t break any records for a second-weekend plunge, but it was not for lack of trying. The film earned $8 million in its second weekend, which is a drop of 68.75%. I did a piece on Friday about the biggest second-weekend …

Fantastic Four

Portraits of aging dogs will tug at your heart strings

The amount of joy a dog can bring can last a lifetime, even after you've had to say goodbye. Which is why it's important to cherish every stage in their life, from their rambunctious puppy years to their calmer senior days.

Photographer Amanda Jones has been working with animals for more than 20 …

Portrait Photography

5 fun facts about the making of 'Toy Story'

LOS ANGELES — Toy Story turns 20 this year, and at the top of a reunion panel at the D23 Expo on Saturday, John Lasseter knew exactly how the audience felt: "This is the session to make all of you feel really old."


But even two decades after it was born, the story of how the film — the first …

Walt Disney Company

J.K. Rowling tells young writer to use the haters to fuel her ambition

LONDON – Everyone's favourite tweeter J.K. Rowling took her feed to knew levels of awesome on Saturday when she sent out an inspiring message to a young writer.

Rowling took a pause from live tweeting the Ireland v Scotland Rugby World Cup warm-up game to respond to a tweet from an aspiring female …

Rugby Union

George R.R. Martin Finally Accepts 'Game Of Thrones' Will Finish Before The Books

Steve Jennings via Getty Images

You don't need to be the three-eyed raven to see that HBO's "Game of Thrones" is basically racing toward the end of George R.R. Martin's story. Now, the Song of Ice and Fire author has finally accepted the inevitable.

"Anything is possible,” said the author when …

George R. R. Martin

Meet Joelle Emerson, The Startup CEO Helping Slack, Pinterest And Airbnb Tackle Diversity

Diversity in the tech industry is dismal, with white men making up the vast majority of its workforce. That being said, tech companies are aware of the lack of diversity and some are even actively taking steps to do something about it.

Pinterest, for example, recently announced a new diversity …


‘Star Wars’ Fans Apparently Kept Naming Their Kids After Darth Vader Last Year

Just a few days ago, we found out that a whole lot of British people were naming their offspring after characters from Game of Thrones. The concept of bestowing children with surnames inspired by popular TV shows and movies is nothing new. Hell, Disney’s Frozen brought the name Elsa back into the …

Star Wars

Why Women Are More Likely to Ask for a Divorce

A new study suggests women are more likely than men to initiate a divorce in opposite sex relationships, but the same isn't true for non-marital relationships. If men and women were living together without marrying, each gender was equally likely to initiate a breakup

In a presentation to the …


The Westboro Baptist Church Got Trolled By The Foo Fighters

Never gonna run around and desert Foo.

You’re probably aware of a little group called the Westboro Baptist Church.

The extremist, right-wing group of Christians travel across the country protesting soldiers’ funerals and other high-profile events to rail against what they say is the moral decline of …

Westboro Baptist Church

This Theory Perfectly Explains Why 'The Hobbit' Movies Were So Bad

Warner Bros.

Look, some of us liked "The Hobbit" trilogy. They're not the perfect movies, but it's a perfect adventure. Oh, and there's a dragon who's a total baller.

Other people, however, didn't really appreciate the films. In fact, they really hated them.

And that's how frenemies are made.

The …

The Hobbit

Goodbye Google Hangouts, Hello Blab.IM!

I’m not here to debate if Google Plus is dead or a ghost town but I do know that my favorite aspect of Google plus was without question Google …