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'Batman V Superman' Gets Two Posters Teasing The Epic Showdown


‘Batman V Superman’ Gets Two Posters Teasing The Epic Showdown

Check out de faces.

After what felt like years of nothing from “Batman V Superman: …


This Guy's Girlfriend Said His "Geeky Stuff" Had to Stay in the Basement, So He Did This

Meanwhile, when she's gone...


Keeping a straight face at dinner will be quite the challenge.

"Pshh 'no geeky stuff'...she has no idea what …


Christopher Eccleston on why he quit Doctor Who

Christopher Eccleston's stint in the TARDIS lasted just 13 episodes back in 2005, when the actor quit the role, in turn making way for David Tennant. …

Christopher Eccleston

25 Bras Every Geeky Girl Needs

Because a Pokéball bra trumps a plain bra any day of the week.

Batman Bra — $21.99

Wonder Woman Bra — $43

Spider-Man Bra — $75

The Hulk Bra — $19.99

Captain America Bra — $50

Tony Stark/Iron Man Bra — $45

Marvel Comics Bra — $36

Star Wars Bra — $45

Slave Princess Leia Bra — $50

Glow-in-the-Dark Stormtroopers …


The Best New Social Network In Ages Is All About Selfies

Path's third app, Kong, plunges you into a crazy, colorful universe of animated GIF selfies. It's unrepentantly awesome.

There's just nothing that looks quite like Kong, now available on Google Play and the iOS App Store. So what is Kong? It's a social network for animated selfies. The third app …

GIF Animations

What the Heck Are Cinemagraphs?!: The Newest Innovative Video Format for Your Content Strategy

If you’ve seen any of the Harry Potter movies, then you’ve seen a cinemagraph. Remember the newspaper photographs that whimsically came to life right …


16 Hilarious Things People Have Said In Their Sleep

Sleep talking happens to us all, some are just more prone to it than others. But I'm sure you've definitely muttered a word or two at some point in …

Teen attempts a sweet promposal, things get awkward fast

Think wedding proposals are high pressure? Try mastering the art of the perfect promposal— a careful mix of planning, surprise and a little bit of romance before the big dance.

That's what Daniel Pena was going for when he set up customized promposal signs along a road in his hometown and took his …

The Arts

ISS astronaut takes the most epic 'Star Trek' selfie ever

International Space Station astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti may have just out-nerded all astronauts before her with the most epic sci-fi selfie ever.

The Italian European Space Agency astronaut shared a selfie from the ISS on Friday, while dressed in a Star Trek: Voyager uniform.

Pointing over her …

Star Trek

3 digital marketing strategies for making ads more relevant

Relevance. In digital marketing, it's what brands covet and what publishers strive to provide. Relevance is the driving force behind behavioral marketing, contextual advertising, native — and virtually everything in between.

A recent study from Cisco on shopping behavior found that the majority of …


Bob's Burgers, Wondercon 2015

Why The DC Cinematic Universe Is Dark And Gritty

Whenever a tidbit about the DC Cinematic Universe comes along, it never fails, somebody’s got to complain about how serious the whole endeavor is. Doesn’t DC understand they should make more movies like The Avengers? Well, no, they don’t. Actually, they shouldn’t.

Let’s start with the most basic …


Leaked Sony emails reveal 'Doctor Who' is bound for Hollywood

After Wikileaks published a searchable database of more than 30,000 documents and 173,000 emails from the Sony Pictures hack Thursday, it didn't take long for previously undiscovered info to start leaking out.

Several UK news outlets, including The Telegraph, discovered a thread of Sony emails which …


Early peek inside Star Wars Celebration reveals first detailed picture of new Stormtrooper

Fan site Star Wars Underworld found its way into the Star Wars Celebration a bit early and grabbed shots of the landspeeder, arcade machines and our first detailed look at the redesigned Stormtrooper coming to Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens.

The picture appears to be inside the official program for …

Star Wars

Polish nurse cat may be the cutest medical practitioner in history

The cutest nurse at a Polish animal shelter is under a foot tall, with pointed ears and black fur.

Rademenes, a black cat who lives at the shelter in Bydgoszcz, does the important work of providing comfort and companionship to animals undergoing medical treatment. Duties include gently resting on …


Afternoon Tea - Book Afternoon Teas in London

Afternoon Tea in London video

From afternoon tea at The Ritz to The Savoy, there is a afternoon tea London venue to suit all tastes. Find the best …


A wonderful Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea & an amazing view

This Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea is held in a hotel restaurant with amazing views. It's worth leaving central London and heading to …


Afternoon tea at the walled garden #prosecco #sandwich #cute

Cherish Finden on Twitter

The Langham Easter Afternoon Tea@ClassicFineFood @TeacupReview @CacaoBarry_ENG @JamesSteen100 @WalshDirect @ericzieg

Tea at @mr_h_cafe to start the afternoon - and what a lovely cafe it is! #afternoontea

The Park Lane Hotel creates baby shower-themed afternoon tea

In connection to the forthcoming birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second child, The Park Lane Hotel has created a very special Royal Baby


Choux au Craquelin - Crunchy Cream Puff Recipe 쿠키슈 만들기 - 한글자막

14 ways to dramatically improve your Facebook ad campaign

Increasing Facebook ad conversion rates without simply increasing ad spend can be a challenge if you're not an expert. But there are some tried-and-true tweaks that will get you better results, especially if you invest some energy into testing different versions.

To find out more, I asked 14 …


27 Temporarily Banned Episodes of Popular TV Shows

Image credit: Sony Pictures TelevisionOver the years, a number of TV series have removed specific episodes from their rerun schedules. Some …


Watch Batman v Superman's teaser, sign up now for free passes to see IMAX trailer

Trailers for big budget superhero franchises have become events in their own right, and in that spirit Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder has announced special teaser screening events for the first trailer of the film.

The process is simple: You make an account, select your location, find a local …


8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here’s what happened today!

Marina experienced the pancake high.

Reese had a flashback moment.

Louis had no hot water.

Vanessa and Ashley got their drink on.

Ashley spotlighted a stranger.

Anna Farris and friends hugged.

Willow went to the forest.

And Rainn enlightened us.


James Corden, Jennifer Hudson doing car karaoke will give you life

Someone get James Corden and Jennifer Hudson a TV deal for a buddy sitcom involving soulful car rides and fast food pit stops ASAP.

The singer and actress dropped by The Late Late Show on Monday and Corden took her for a round of car karaoke. Needless to say, their subsequent jam session is …

Jennifer Hudson

A Plush Version Of Falkor The Luck Dragon Has Been Spotted In The Wild

The first time I saw “The Neverending Story, I knew what I wanted for my birthday that year (and every year after)—Falkor The Luck Dragon.The …


Russians Parody That Hilarious Lip Dub Video By Three Girls In The car

Remember that instant viral video by the Australian comedy girls Sketch She when they performed an epic lip dub music of the past in their car? That …