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By bcpaulos | For renewable energy to succeed, we must fix the way money flows in electricity markets.

Is This How The Trump Administration Might Save Coal?

On Capitol Hill Thursday, Energy Secretary Rick Perry defended a controversial proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear power plants. "There's no such thing as a free market in energy," he said in testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. "Governments are picking winners and losers …


CEO Panel: DOE NOPR Continues ‘Cycle of Subsidies’

A panel of CEOs from some of Texas’ largest energy companies panned Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s directive that FERC consider supporting struggling …


PGE joins California energy imbalance market

Oct. 03--Portland General Electricsaid Monday that is has formally joinedCalifornia'senergy imbalance market, an automated trading market that will …


Wholesale market crisis

In April, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry sent a memo ordering staff to prepare a report to look into the retirement of “baseload” coal and nuclear …

Renewable Energy

CAISO proposes load-shifting product for energy storage

The program aims to reduce the need to curtail solar power during peak generation hours, combating negative prices.


How DOE's baseload power rule 'would blow the market up'

Former FERC officials and energy experts say moves to guarantee cost recovery for generators with onsite fuel supplies could unravel wholesale power …


History of Power: The Evolution of the Electric Generation Industry

<i>POWER magazine was launched in 1882, just as the world was beginning to grasp the implications of a new, versatile form of energy: electricity.</i> …


No business case for lots of wind and solar

In recent years, the increasing competitiveness of wind and solar power has been widely hailed. But there is a cloud to this silver lining – power …

Renewable Energy

California is aiming for 100% clean energy. How much of it will come from Wyoming wind?

State lawmakers are hammering out a bill that would pave the way for California to import more wind energy from Wyoming and export more solar power …

One grid to rule them all

And in the darkness, bind them: The West’s bid for one big electric grid.


Center of the storm: PJM CEO Andy Ott on power market reforms for turbulent times

Ott spoke to Utility Dive about leading PJM's push to reform its operations and pricing for the new energy economy.


The Jacobson debate: Distractions, detours and the Energy Transition

About six weeks ago, a think tank in London, Climate Policy Initiative, released a study on integrating high levels of renewable energy. It wasn’t …

Renewable Energy

Embracing baseload power retirements

A wave of coal and potential nuclear retirements has prompted extensive political controversy over the future of “baseload” power plants and the …

Mind the “storage” gap: how much flexibility do we need in a high renewables future?

Imagine for a moment that we have built enough wind and solar power plants to supply 100 percent of the electricity a region like California or …


The state of wholesale power markets: What's wrong with proposed changes in Eastern RTOs?

In part 2 of the series, Energy Innovation's Robbie Orvis and Eric Gimon critique proposals for capacity auction changes and carbon adders


Prognosis negative: How California is dealing with below-zero power market prices

Market forces and contract obligations are regularly dipping power prices below zero in California.<p>The dynamic is not new — negative pricing has …

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Data Visualisation

<b>How will the overall energy system evolve from now to 2060?</b><p>This interactive visualisation relies on the data and figures behind <i>Energy Technology</i> …

Building the ‘Solar Protection Factor’ Into an Increasingly Green-Powered Grid

Utilities need to prepare for the rise of wind and solar power and the retirements of baseload power plants, and that includes building “solar …


A mightier wind is blowing through Texas

Wind power has long been considered "alternative energy." But in Texas, that label may soon no longer apply.<p>While most of Texas' power still comes …

ELECTRICITY: Thoughts on power markets? Executives have a few

Dynegy raised eyebrows last year when it supported draft legislation in Illinois that would've given a boost to some coal-fueled units (<i>Energywire</i>, …

Large distribution system operators make a pitch for an EU-wide organisation

DSO Enedis sponsors Tour de France<i>EDSO for Smart Grids, an organisation representing most of the large European distribution system operators (DSOs),</i> …


Finkel Review: Summary of submissions from energy industry - Energy Source & Distribution

More than 360 submissions to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market have been received.<p>Australia’s Chief …

US Wind Adopts a ‘New Attitude’ to Confront a Looming Downturn

Wind works. That's the overarching message -- and the Twitter hashtag -- at the American Wind Energy Association's annual Windpower conference and …

Wind Power

Getting wind and sun onto the grid

Integrating variable renewable energy (VRE) technologies into power systems means understanding how they relate to other parts of the grid.

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The case for allowing negative electricity prices

photo: Rog B<p><i>Negative electricity prices have become an increasingly frequent occurrence on the power exchanges that allow them. However, there are</i> …

The great capacity market debate: Which model can best handle the energy transition?

Recent upheavals in wholesale electricity markets are giving new life to a years-old debate about market structure as the nation shifts to a cleaner …

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ISO-NE proposes two-part capacity auctions to handle subsidized generation

Dive Brief:<p>ISO-New England will present a proposal to its board of directors this week to reform the forward capacity market (FCM) to handle greater …


On the economics of wind and solar power

“Many hope that wind and solar power will eventually become economically competitive on large scale, leading the way to a global low-carbon economy. …

There Is No Free Market for Electricity: Can There Ever Be?

Electricity is an input in virtually everything we do as a modern society. Few Americans remember what it was like to live without it and its …