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Case Foundation, B Lab Team Up To Make Measuring Impact More Mainstream

“We know that only a small percentage of the companies that use B Lab’s tools will likely become certified B Corps,” Andrew Kassoy, one of B Lab’s co-founders, and Kate Ahern, vice president, social innovation at Case, wrote in a recent post. “In a generation’s time, this work will help establish a …

Social Innovation

Waste Is an Error of Design

There is a worldwide concern that the ability of our environmental systems to sustain the conditions of life as we know it is being compromised. We …


When B Corp Met Wall Street

If Unilever follows up its B Corp flirtation with a real commitment, it will become the third, and by far most prominent, public corporation to join

Wall Street

The B Corp Revolution

Decades ago, customers only wanted to know how good a company’s products were. Increasingly, they want to know how good the company is.

More businesses …


The Value Of B Corporation Certification – Q&A with Anne Sherman, Director Sustainability, Staach

B Corps are for-profit organizations certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance,


Etsy's IPO – A New Step For the B Corp Community?

On March 4, 2015, online consumer marketplace Etsy, Inc. filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its planned …


How Etsy's IPO Could Spark Investor Interest in B Corps

The planned initial public offering of shares in Etsy, the online handicrafts marketplace, will set up an intriguing test of mainstream investor appetite for companies that voluntarily submit their social and environmental performance to scrutiny in order to become certified “B Corps.”

It also will …


Etsy IPO will show if do-gooders can make money

Etsy is on file to go public, so get ready to start hearing more about B Corps.

In May 2012, Brooklyn, New York-based Etsy wrote in a blog post it had …


Biz Stone to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If You're Not Emotionally Invested, Don't Do It

Internet entrepreneur, Twitter co-founder and Jelly Industries co-founder and CEO Biz Stone has spent his career building innovative businesses that aim to influence how we communicate -- everything from microblogging to podcasting and Q&As.

For Stone, who worked at Google early in his career and …


For some companies, profits come second: Idaho could create 'benefit corporation' rules

Russ Stoddard wanted to make a living when he opened his Boise marketing firm, Oliver Russell, in 1991. He also wanted his business to be a force for …

Measure What Matters Most: Testing The B Corp Handbook, Part Two

(3BL Media and Just Means) - It was one of the happiest days in my new company B Storytelling’s business history: a certified letter from Tallahassee …


How to Make a Social Impact Without Scaring Investors


Good Eggs CEO Rob Spiro hopes to show that for-profit companies can be built to give back, too.

Before Good Eggs, an online marketplace that sells local foods, had a plan, it definitely had a purpose.

"We started a few years ago in 2011 with a mission statement but really not knowing what we were …

New Orleans

Salesforce CEO Slams 'The World's Dumbest Idea': Maximizing Shareholder Value

Jack Welch has called it “the dumbest idea in the world.”

Vinci Group Chairman and CEO Xavier Huillard has called it “totally idiotic.”

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has said that “customers are number one; employees are number two and shareholders are number three.”

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever [UN], has …

20 Lessons Of Innovation For 2015

What building this year's Most Innovative Companies list taught us about the current state of play.

What have you done for me lately?

That is the demanding filter we use to assess candidates for our annual Most Innovative Companies list. It is a brutal, unyielding framework—directly in keeping with …


Supercharging the B Corp Movement

By Charmian LoveEvery so often, a piece of breaking news reaches through the social media blizzard and grabs you by the arm.Like many others, I dip …

Stanford University

With $98m assets under management, Renewal Funds invests in organic food, responsibly made products and environmental innovations. Its portfolio includes Alter Eco, Aquatic Informatics, Elevation Brands, Sensible Organics, Seventh Generation and Sweet Earth. We recently spoke with chairman Joel Solomon, a pioneer in social venture capital, about his views on the sector he’s spent his life inventing and supporting.

Image credit: Mosaic


Joel Solomon, a pioneer in social venture capital, is chairman of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest organization in the …

Venture Capital

How to Leave a Mark

The big debate during the 20th century was about the relationship between the market and the state. Both those institutions are now tarnished. The market is prone to devastating crashes and seems to be producing widening inequality. Government is gridlocked, sclerotic or captured by special …


Have No Fear, The B Corp Handbook is Here. B Storytelling Puts it to the Test.

(3BL Media and Just Means) - I’m a solopreneur and I want to belong. I want to belong to the B Corp movement where companies like Method, Etsy, …


Will Unilever become the world's largest publicly traded B corp?

The movement to put purpose at the heart of business strategy has received a major boost with news that several multinationals, including consumer goods giant Unilever, are considering becoming B Corps, for-profit corporate entities that commit to positive social and environmental goals.

Last month, …


Profit-with-purpose business: breakthrough to scale?

One of the biggest challenges facing the social sector is lack of scale. We have many talented and determined social entrepreneurs, many non-profits

Plum Organics’ quest to do good poses legal risk to Campbell Soup

Days after completing the biggest deal of his life, Neil Grimmer was about to ask his new employer to do something that could expose it to shareholder lawsuits.

It was June 2013 and food giant Campbell Soup Co. had just paid millions of dollars to buy Plum Organics in Emeryville, the healthy baby …

B Corp Business Ethics


Physician-Assisted Death; B Corp Business Ethics; Kent Nerburn
• Physician-Assisted Death
• B Corp …

Business Ethics

B Corps' success about businesses being the best for everyone

Immediate fit: Terence Jeyaretnam, director of Net Balance. Photo: Eddie Jim

Success in business often comes down to dollars and cents, but what would …

Wanna B? This book will help you get there

Relative to the millions of businesses in the U.S., the collection of companies that have formally adopted the blended profit and community impact …


Dividing and Conquering the Trash

Nate Morris pulled his rental Toyota Prius into a parking spot outside Bavarian Waste Services, a waste management company in rural Walton, Ky. Stepping out of the car, he inhaled the putrid odor wafting down from Bavarian’s landfill.

“Smell that?” he said with a grin. “Smells like opportunity.”

In a …


Why Ello's Plan to Stay Ad-Free Can Actually Work

Adam Clark Estes


I want to believe in Ello. It's a cheeky little startup from Vermont with idealistic ambitions and a haunting logo and the …

Union Square Ventures

Fashion’s B Corporations Blend Business with Social Good

NEW YORK, United States — According to dominant corporate thinking, a company’s fundamental purpose is the single-minded pursuit of financial profit. But in recent years, a range of for-profit companies with wider social missions have registered themselves as ‘B Corporations,’ a designation which …

How to Change the World—and Make Some Money Too

Young adults flock to investments that promote social good. This was a hot topic at a big ideas festival over the weekend and is front and center with financial firms.

Social investing has come of age, driven by a new generation that is redefining the notion of acceptable returns. These new …


Why Is Goldman Sachs Advocating For Sustainability?

Even consulting firms and investment banking firms think that better corporate social responsibility equals more money.

One of the most persuasive arguments for increasing a company’s social and environmental performance is that it will save money, enhance profitability, and generate more business …