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How Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Survived Being Gobbled Up

Big food companies have an endless appetite for smaller brands that make local, organic and socially responsible products. Over the years, Danone acquired Stonyfield Farm yogurt, General Mills bought Annie’s Homegrown and Campbell Soup swallowed up Plum Organics.

Each time such a deal is announced, …

Ice Cream

How Boise’s Caprock Group became a national leader in ‘impact investing’

The firm has proved that investing in environmental and social causes can be profitable. Big investment firms have taken notice.Click to Continue »

Impact Investing

Better Know a Deal: A First for Benefit Corporations

What will be the next public Benefit Corporation or B Corp? This spring Etsy went from private B Corporation to public. Now there’s talk of global …

Baby Food

The Purpose Of Work Is ... Purpose

Today’s millennial and today’s boomer are both looking for similar things. One is searching for meaning behind their work and one is seeking for meaning in life.

Purpose is going to change the way we work and do business for the foreseeable future. It’s my opinion that by 2020, there will no longer …

Simon Sinek

5 Benefits to Becoming a Certified B Corp

What’s all the fuss about B Corps? What are they? Why do they matter, and why is there a great future in B Corps?B Lab, the nonprofit that provides …


Growing numbers of “benefit companies” pursue both purpose and profit

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Among the many dozens of delivery vehicles that hit the …

Right to Vote

Purpose is The New Purple: How to Get Mouths Moo-ving

July 15, 2015

Purpose is the New Purple: A Remarkable Way to Get Mouths Moo-ving

By Alison Klein

The Purple Cow is something of a modern-day marketing …


Business is the most powerful man-made force on the planet. Why not use capitalism to do good? - Katie Kerr, B Lab’s communications director

In 2006, the trio founded the Philadelphia-based B Lab; the B is short for “B the change,” inspired by Gandhi’s famous invocation that we must be the …


What it will take for social finance to take off

The private sector and investors hold the answer to closing the investment gap in developing countries.

World leaders, finance ministers, business leaders and investors gathered this week in Ethiopia for the United Nation’s International Financing for Development Conference to discuss channeling …


Nine ways to overcome barriers to sustainable business

1. Use sustainability as a unique selling point
Consumers are increasingly looking to buy ethically sourced, sustainable products, especially in the food sector. Brands should use their sustainability as a point of difference to encourage sales, argues Rich Clothier, managing director of Wyke …


The Next Best Generation -- Shifting Paradigms for Business and Leadership in Latin America

"What moves you?" -- I sometimes start public talks about social entrepreneurship with this question, showing a sample of social and environmental challenges in my opening slides. Speaking before young entrepreneurs, university students and activists, the response tends to be an overwhelming show …


'Benefit corporation' offers new path for firms that see past profit

Indiana might not seem like fertile ground for growing socially responsible companies, but a new state law, coupled with local interest in national …

What Clipping Trees Taught Me About Marketing Sustainability

July 01, 2015

What Cutting Down Trees Taught Me About Marketing Sustainable Business

By Alison Klein

June was B The Change in Our Communities month and …

Impact investing isn't much drag on returns: Study

There's now more data to support the idea that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive.

A new study from investment consultant Cambridge …


Rethinking Corporate Purpose

During the last year I have been fortunate to attend a number of conferences on talent management and corporate performance. Most recently I was on a panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference which examined this issue. The panel consisted of a mixture of academic and corporate executives. …

Human Resources

B Corp Ditto Makes a Better Hanger -- and Learns How to Sell It

When Gary Barker's design team embarked on redesigning the clothes hanger as an environmentally sustainable product, Barker secretly thought it was the "stupidest idea" ever. That was in 2006; now the resulting Ditto hangers are being embraced by major retailers such as Levi Strauss, REI and the …

Sustainable Design

Double Duty Dollars: Behind The Crazy Idea That Investors Can Make Money And Change The World At The Same Time

In 2001, after 29 years cultivating Napa’s Silver Oak Cellars and its iconic cabernet sauvignon, Justin and Bonny Meyer sold their 50% stake to partner Ray Duncan for $110 million. With Justin’s health iffy, they hoped it would give them more time together for philanthropy and to build their newer …


10 ways to make your business more profitable by being socially responsible

How sustainable is your business? Photo: Intel free Press/ Flickr.

The trend towards social responsibility in the workplace is driving many successful …

Why Some Companies Are Legally Swearing They Won't Be Evil

More than 1,200 businesses have registered for "B Corp" certification, which obligates them to stringent labor and environmental standards. Would widespread adoption transform capitalism?

Any company can stock its office vending machines with free bottles of organic coconut water and profess to care …


Encountering Benefit Corporations

I first met Jay Coen Gilbert, founder of B Lab, the nonprofit behind the B-Corporation concept, 10 years ago at a Spirit in Business meeting. I invited the group to my "Circle of Entrepreneurs" meeting, and Jay showed up. He liked the way we had created something out of nothing, a talent he …

Pension Funds

Brazil's big greenwash boom

Greenwashing is rife in Brazil, where consumer goods companies are making more green claims than ever, according to a new study from Market Analysis, a Brazilian research firm.

The study – which follows a similar report conducted in 2010 – analyzed more than 2,300 products across six different …


Grow, Grow, Grow and Then What?

The pervasive thinking for VC-backed start-ups for the past 20+ years is to launch and grow quickly. Then they need to grow and grow and keep growing forever. For present day Unicorns, the growth is in the form of revenue growth (profitability is so 1979) and thus valuation growth (that mythical …

Great Recession

This Slide Shows Bosses Totally Don't Understand Millennials

It turns out high pay isn't everything to millennials.

Venture capitalist Mary Meeker delivered her annual Internet trends report on Wednesday, and among the 197 slides she presented was a little nugget on the disconnect between what millennials want in the workplace and what their bosses think they …

Mary Meeker

Why measuring social impact has become just as important for companies as doing the ‘right things’

It began over a pint of beer. Brainstorming business ideas, Steve Beauchesne and his father Tim observed that eastern Ontario lacked a notable craft …

Business (Canada)

No Resume? Criminal Background? No Problem At This Yonkers Bakery

The open-hiring policy at Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, N.Y., invites local residents to apply for jobs — regardless of their immigration status, whether they have criminal or drug records, or even prior work experience.

It's all part of the company's social-justice business model, based on the …


Why Investing In People And The Environment Pays Off For New Belgium

Kim Jordan, the cofounder of New Belgium Brewing, recently traveled to Asheville, which will soon be home to the company’s second brewery. She had a busy schedule on her visit: she checked in on the progress of the new brewery under construction, she spoke to community members at the opening [...]

Environmental Movement

5 Reasons #SocEnt Start-Ups should Measure their Impact

Seven months into their operations, the co-founders of EcoZoom took time to go through the B Impact Assessment — a comprehensive assessment of a …

Being the Best Boss for the World

Starting a small business comes with plenty of challenges. For example: what happens when you’re not quite as small any more? We spoke to Nora

Why Etsy's IPO Changes the Game for Social Ventures

As the second B Corp to go public ever, Etsy is paving the way for other social ventures.

For-profit social ventures sure have come a long way.

Look no further than Etsy's spectacular public offering in mid-April. The IPO netted $267 million for the crafts marketplace, which saw its share price …

Venture Capital