Women's history

It's Women's History Month! Join us in learning about the fascinating lives of the women who have changed the world. Don't miss our list of 100 influential women through history, plus a selection of quotes, inventions and the achievements of women in the past. Plus, discover how the lives of women differed in bygone eras, from the Romans to the Tudors and the Industrial Revolution…

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Women's history


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    100 women who changed the world

    100 women who changed the world

    Which women have had the biggest impact on world history? Here are 100 of the most influential and important women in history – both famous and lesser-known – that have changed the world…

    Tudor women: what was life like?

    Tudor women: what was life like?

    The Tudor dynasty is famous for its women; namely the six wives of Henry VIII, the equally unlucky Jane Grey, and the sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, who wore the crown. But what of those lower down the social scale? What was life like for an ordinary woman in the Tudor period?

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