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Why the Republican Party Should Support Gay Marriage

<b>Why the Republican Party Should Support Gay Marriage</b><p><b>Taylor Ney</b><p><b>Land O’ Lakes, FL.</b><p>Author Bio: Taylor is from Land O’ Lakes, FL. He was born in 1997, …


Preparing for the Worst (Weather)

<b>Preparing for the Worst (Weather)</b><p><b>Chris Horkachuck</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that the East Coast, from its …


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Bashir, Palin, and How Things Got Out of Hand

<b>Bashir, Palin, and How Things Got Out of Hand</b><p><b>Samuel Dorsey</b><p><b>The Independent Project. Redding, CA</b><p>Martin Bashir, and his rant about how Sarah Palin has …

Sarah Palin

How Is My Opinion Important?

<b>How Is My Opinion Important?</b><p><b>Baxter Hankin</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>“Why me?” many people ask. “How could I do that? I’m just some average person.”<p>This attitude is …


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Health Care

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Voting Rights

<b>Voting Rights</b><p><b>Mayra Zepeda</b><p><b>Bolingbrook, Illinois</b><p>Hello there. I’m Mayra Zepeda, a seventeen year old from Emporia, Kansas but now residing in …

Right To Vote

Peaceful Prevention of Nuclear Proliferation

<b>Peaceful Prevention of Nuclear Proliferation</b><p><b>Matthew Argraves</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>Unilateral military force by the United States to prevent nuclear …

Foreign Policy

Understanding The Syrian Conflict

<b>Understanding The Syrian Conflict</b><p><b>Akash Ahuja</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>If you have read any newspaper this past weekend, then you’ve most likely read or seen an …

Syrian Civil War

Syria in Crisis

<b>Syria in Crisis</b><p><b>Reed Waxham</b><p><b>The Vista Voice. Folsom, CA</b><p>Intense burning. Excruciating suffocating. Painfull death. The effects of nerve gas on the human …


Minimum Wage, Corporate Disenfranchisement, and Small Business

<b>Minimum Wage, Corporate Disenfranchisement, and Small Business</b><p><b>Samuel Dorsey</b><p><b>The Independent Project. Redding, CA</b><p>Currently the issue of the minimum …

Small Business

Rebuttal: “What is the Common Core?”

<b>Rebuttal: “What is the Common Core?”</b><p><b>The Independent Daily</b><p><b>Mohave County, AZ</b><p>This is a rebuttal to: What is the Common Core? By Akash Ahuja<br>This rebuttal …


Americans Should Demand Humane Treatment Of Prisoners

<b>Americans Should Demand Humane Treatment Of Prisoners</b><p><b>Kate Dunbar</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>Injustice exists in America. Everyday. Any place. Anytime. But the problem …

Rights & Freedoms

What is the Common Core?

<b>What is the Common Core?</b><p><b>Akash Ahuja</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>A rebuttal to this article is written by The Independent Daily, and is found here.<p>The Common Core bill …


Western Forests, Global Warming, and Managment

<b>Western Forests, Global Warming, and Managment</b><p><b>Samuel Dorsey</b><p><b>The Independent Project. Redding, CA</b><p>The devastating and recent wildfires that have been …

Climate Change

The Immigration Situation

<b>The Immigration Situation</b><p><b>Andrew Harper</b><p><b>Rocky Mount, NC</b><p>Immigration in America is a very touchy subject. According to the Department of Homeland …


Gun Control: A Letter To Congress

<b>Gun Control: A Letter To Congress</b><p><b>Sarah Clements</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>Representative or Senator,<p>My name is Sarah Clements, and as your constituent; as a Sandy …

Gun Control

Edward Snowden and Party Polarization

<b>Edward Snowden and Party Polarization</b><p><b>James Duckworth</b><p><b>California</b><p>By now most of America has heard the story of Edward Snowden, the ex-NSA contractor who …

National Security Agency (NSA)

Obama’s Five Years

<b>Obama’s Five Years</b><p><b>Kaustav Mitra</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>5 years ago we elected a man who told us that there will be change. That the government is out to help us …

Guantanamo Bay

Electoral College

<b>Electoral College</b><p><b>Akash Ahuja</b><p><b>Newtown, CT</b><p>Believe it or not, we’re all going to start hearing about the new presidential candidates in about a year. …