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What you need to know about the end of three-year cellphone contracts

Here’s what you need to know about the end of three-year cellphone contracts for Canada’s wireless industry:

Is there a rule banning three-year contracts in Canada?

Three-year contracts are not illegal, but thanks to the national wireless code the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications …

More seniors re-inventing themselves to ‘un-retire'

Retirement. Days of sleeping late, playing bridge, golfing, sailing, traveling, enjoying grandkids and other long-delayed pleasurable pursuits.

Ahh, …

Boomers' Love/Loathe Relationship With Millennials

Here’s a conundrum for boomers: Why are you so testy about the Millennials you work with because they exhibit the same behaviors you instilled in your Millennial kids as a parent?

That’s the vexing question Lauren Stiller Rikleen answers in her intriguing new book with the plaintive title, You Raised


With LogmeOnce, You’ll Never Forget Your Passwords Again

Heartbleed, that super destructive bug that revealed nearly everyone’s encryptions, passwords, user names and data to hackers has a new kryptonite. Say goodbye to the days of incessantly changing your passwords or, heck, trying to remember what they are in the first place. Say hello to a new …


Baby boomers embrace technology as much as younger users

By Fred O'Connor, IDG News Service

Baby boomers adopt tablets, wearable devices and other technologies just as energetically as younger users, according to participants at the Booming Tech forum, which focused on technology use of that generation.

Those born between 1946 and 1964, “are not a …

Baby Boomers

Workers Want To Update Their Technological Skills

If marketers and advertisers of technology products are really serious about capturing the Baby Boomer’s wallet, they need to stop thinking we all …

How to use iMessage: The ultimate guide

iMessage is the name of Apple's proprietary instant messaging (IM) service that lets you send and receive free text, photo, video, and audio messages …


How to Protect Your Privacy on Your Mobile Devices

These days, smartphones are a one-stop payment, personal health, work, gaming, productivity, texting, tweeting, Facebook-checking machine. We use …

Crafty cooking with the Wonderbag (pictures)


The Beginner's Guide to Securely Using Public Wi-Fi

Wireless internet access is available now more than ever, with everyone from your favorite coffee shop to the restaurant down the street offering free access. While connecting to networks on the go can be convenient, public wireless networks are rarely as secure as your network at home.

Translation: …


News report from 1981 about the Internet.

Technology 1443219

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Peering into the future and with high hopes of what the Internet will unfold, this KRON-TV news report in 1981 gives a …

Jane Pauley's 5 Essential Reinvention Tips

Back in the 1970’s, Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw brought us the news of the day as co-anchors of The Today Show. But last night, the long-time friends, now ages 63 and 73 respectively, reunited at the 92nd Street Y in New York City as Brokaw interviewed Pauley about her new book, Your Life Calling:

New York City

Millennial, Boomer shoppers more alike than you might think - Ecommerce

Millennials (age 18-32) and Boomers (age 49-67) may be generations apart but when it comes to shopping using new technology and media they are not as …

10 Incredibly Simple Things You Can Do To Protect Your Privacy


Welcome To Age 50: Top Work And Purpose Tips

As the last of the boomers begin to hit the half-century mark in January, we offer 50 tips for turning 50. Watch for our series each day this week, covering money, relationships, health, work and caregiving.

Here are 10 career and volunteering tips for anyone turning 50 in 2014 (and those who are …

The Voice

Mashable on Twitter

The Beginner's Guide to Your New iPad

Everything You Didn't Know You Could Do with Google's Voice Commands


Top 10 Worthwhile Uses for Tablets

Boomers take offense at the charge of being tech-incompetent - The Washington Post

Alexandra Petri apparently thinks it’s funny that baby boomers suffer from “technological incompetence” and have to rely on their millennial children to explain how these gadgets work [“Longing for a land line, a VCR and a Tab,” op-ed, Dec.7]. If she wants to see something really funny — but, in …

Baby Boomers

Millennials' mobile tech savvy leaves boomers behind

Canadian adults aged 33 and under are twice as likely to own a smartphone as older individuals with higher average incomes, and are far more likely …

Everything You Need to Know About Gmail's Latest Update

Gmail had a little work done lately, and it's looking good.

The latest version of the web's favorite email client comes with a host of new features, ready to help you reach Inbox Zero. But with new updates rolling out every month or so, it's hard to keep track of the latest tools. Just when you …


Pinterest announces new trip planning tool called Place Pins

At a press event at company headquarters, Pinterest unveils a feature that lets users highlight places and sites on a map.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Pinterest …


How do we use our iPads? Apple counts the ways

Oh, the place you'll go -- with an iPad. A new Apple promo showcases people using the tablet everywhere from under the water to the side of a …


Google Play warms up to tablet-friendly apps

A new "Designed for tablets" tag and tips for developers aim to make it easier for tablet users to discover apps and games.

Google Play is now a …


Amazon lets users give Prime memberships as gifts

The e-tailer rolls out the new feature -- the ability to purchase the $79-a-year membership as a present -- just before the holidays.

Amazon will now …


Older workers’ knowledge is walking out the door

We explore 10 key challenges for business leaders in 2014, with expert commentary on the issues.

When Rob Pypers says he’s retired, his friends just laugh. That’s because after working 30 years for Agrium Inc., a Calgary-based retailer and producer of agricultural products and fertilizers, and …

News (Canada)

Randi Zuckerberg: The Best Thing About Social Media Is Also the Worst

Life can pass you by while you're busy "socializing" on your smartphone.

It's a message we're all familiar with by now, but the most recent proponent of tech-life balance may surprise you: Randi Zuckerberg, a long-time Facebook executive and the older sister of company founder and CEO Mark …

Social Media

Modernist Cuisine’s First iPad App May Be Better Than The Book

The contemporary culinary tome, Modernist Cuisine At Home, has become the brand’s first iPad app. But it’s been designed, not to be a book, but a personal sous chef.

Modernist Cuisine, spanning six encyclopedic volumes of science-driven cooking techniques backed by unbelievable food photography, has …