Wonderful Weekend Review7/12/14

By Barbara Bogdanow Lavi | Today I combined 3 of my regular posts into one magazine: #FF Fabulous Finds, Sat 's Songs4TheSoul & Sun's Comics There's a mix of articles for weekend reading & enjoyment: #Health, #Psychology #Teens, #Bullying, #Drugs, #Inspiration, #Music, #Photos, #Comics #Videos

4 Motivating TED Talks to Help You Bounce Back From Failure

We’ve all heard the preachy platitude “Failure isn’t an option.” And, generally speaking, it’s not. At least not an option most would purposely choose. But failing is inevitable. Everyone eats humble pie in some way at some point, especially in the cutthroat startup race, where half of all of all …


Why We Smile And How To Spot A Fake One

<b>BI Answers: Why do we smile?</b><p>Studies have shown that smiling can help us cope, make us feel good, and even increase our longevity.<p>Some say we even smile in the womb and can understand the social significance of those toothy grins very early on. "At just 10 months, for instance, an infant will offer …


This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards

Through her work, Esther Honig hopes to discover if a global beauty standard actually exists.<p>Esther Honig, a freelance journalist based out of Kansas City, sent an unaltered photograph of herself to more than 40 Photoshop aficionados around the world. "Make me beautiful," she said, hoping to bring …

Photo Manipulation

Teen turns 'hurtful' graffiti into empowering body image message

When Carleigh O'Connell heard that someone had spray painted a message about her body in her New Jersey town, she didn't cry. Instead, the 14-year-old took matters into her own hands, finding the graffiti and posing with it.<p>"I wanted to show whoever decided to write that that I was stronger than …

What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca Cola?

<b>Have you ever wondered what exactly Coca Cola is?</b><p><b>After 10 minutes:</b> Ten tea spoons of sugar contained in a glass of Cola, cause devastating “strike” …

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See This Pond? It’s Hiding A Secret That You’re Going To Absolutely Love…. Trust Me.

Preparing your house and property for the summer months can be a daunting task, especially if you need to perform maintenance on your pools or decks. …

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Photo Project Captures People’s Reactions to Someone Falling Asleep on Them on the Subway

The New York City subway can be a cold place, metaphorically speaking. Headphones, cell phones, that one Seamless ad they’ve no doubt already read …

Awwwwww so cute

<b>Awwwwww so cute</b><p>The panda, also known as panda bear or the giant panda to distinguish it from the unrelated red panda, is a bear native to south central China. It is easily recognized by the large, distinctive black patches around its eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Though it belongs to the order Carnivora, the panda's diet is over 99% bamboo. Pandas in the wild will occasionally eat other grasses, wild tubers, or even meat in the form of birds, rodents or carrion. In captivity, …