#FF Wonderful Weekend Review 8/1/2014

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Architecture Animée, Surreal Animated Photo GIFs of Transforming Buildings

<i>photo by Luis Garcia, GIF by Axel de Stampa</i><p>In his animated GIF series “Architecture Animée,” artist Axel de Stampa adds surreal motion and …

Three German students surprise a homeless guy

How to Make Yourself Do Something When You Just Don't Want To

There's that project you've left on the back burner -- the one with the deadline that's growing uncomfortably near. And there's the client whose phone call you really should return -- the one that does nothing but complain and eat up your valuable time. Wait, weren't you going to try to go to the …


Proof That Hiking Makes You Happier And Healthier!

John Muir was onto something when he said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” Hikers battle bug bites, blisters and …


Misty Copeland's Under Armour Ad Is Like Nothing You've Seen

We've been anxiously awaiting Misty Copeland's first commercial for Under Armour ever since we learned that the American Ballet Theatre soloist signed with the athletic company back in January. And from the looks of this 60-second spot, it was well worth the wait.<p>The ad begins with Copeland …

<3 My 3rd grade teacher used to say "put on your thinking caps" :)

Cancer Family - Photographs and text byNancy Borowick | LensCulture

<b>Grant Winner</b> <i>This project was awarded a special cash grant by juror Clare Grafik. Each of the five jury members selected one photographer from the Top 50 Emerging Talents to be awarded special distinction with a cash grant.</i><p><b>From Juror Clare Grafik:</b><p>“Nancy Borowick’s black and white photographs …


Sport picture of the day: Claudia Fragapane flips on the beam

The dark background combined with the spotlight really focuses the viewer's attention on the graceful somersault of Claudia Fragapane as she competes on the beam. The English gymnast took gold in the women's all-round final


Endearing Portrait Series of Two Little Boys in Amusing Situations

Wesley Armson is no doubt a doting father. He manifests his adoration for his kids by capturing some incredibly cute photos of his two sons as he …


A psychological pain is more traumatic than a physical one, for the body heals easier than the heart. Be careful of harming those you love. Please Share

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LIGHTS "Drive My Soul" Lyrics


Which Fairy Tale Best Describes Your Life?

windling.typepad.com<p>Your nephew is celebrating his birthday in a nearby town. How would you get there?<p>x<p>farm7.static.flickr.com<p>What are your feelings …

A little Friday amusement courtesy of Victor Yalom.