#FF Wonderful Weekend Review 7/25/2014

By Barbara Bogdanow Lavi | Finds in #Psychology, #Cyberbullying, Internet comforting a grieving stranger, Kid's games by LeapFrog, iphone tricks, Spanking ruled reasonable use of force, #Art, GIFs, Quotes, Saturday's Songs for the Soul, & Sunday's Comics

Morning People Are More Likely to Lie to Their Bosses in the Afternoon

And night owls tend to be less ethical in the morning—but siestas might make everyone behave a little better.<p>There are morning people and there are evening people; there is ethical behavior and there is unethical behavior. That much we know, and previous attempts to suss out how those categories …

Daylight Savings Time

Bullying not just child's play

<b>Editor's Note: The Examiner is presenting a two-part series on an increasingly pervasive problem facing adults: bullying. Part 2 will appear in</b> …


A Positive Example of the Internet Comforting a Grieving Stranger

A bereaved parent turned to Reddit for comfort. Reddit, in return, proved that online condolences can be more substantial than just "likes."<p>Yesterday a parent posted this photo (right) on Reddit with a request:<p>"My daughter recently passed away after a long battle in the children's hospital. Since …


LeapFrog Launches Smart Gaming Console For Kids

Known for its kid-focused tablet, children's electronics company LeapFrog released a smart TV console aimed at encouraging child education through …


10 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone Could Do

<b>1. Take Siri to School</b><p>Tired of Siri pronouncing things wrong? Next time she screws something up, tell her "That's not how you pronounce X," and then pronounce it for her. She'll give it another try, and offer you a few options for how she now thinks she's supposed to pronounce the word. Pick the …


New York Court Rules Spanking Children Is A "Reasonable Use Of Force"

A four-judge panel in New York unanimously found that a father who spanked his young son was in the right.<p>A ruling last Wednesday from the state Appellate Division found that the spanking "was a reasonable use of force," despite a family court judge determining last year that the father had abused …


Beyond The Veil - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)


Take A Ride On These Glowing, Musical Swings

Create a playground symphony with this audio-visual swing set by Daily Tous Les Jours.<p>Montreal-based design collective Daily Tous Les Jours built a public art installation that could feasibly turn playgrounds into a multisensory arenas filled with light and sound—or at least encourage some …


Your Brain on Music

Written by Laurie Niles<br>Published: <b>July 25, 2014</b> at 6:48 PM [UTC]<p>Science seems to be supporting us in the the idea that playing a musical instrument …

The Brain

First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining


Pendulum Waves

Natural History