#FF Wonderful Weekend Review 7/18/2014

By Barbara Bogdanow Lavi | Fabulous Finds in Psychology, Health, Parenting, Music (Saturday's Songs 4 the Soul) and Sunday's Comics

Mental Illness: What You See / What You Don't See

Mental Disorders

A Simple Eye Test Could Accurately Detect Alzheimer's

Current tests for Alzheimer's include expensive tests using brain PET or MRI imaging. But two studies have shown that a simple eye test can detect …

How the Internet Is Helping a Father Fight an Illness Unknown to Science

In 2012, Matt Might sat down to write a blog post. The 5,000-word essay titled "Hunting Down My Son's Killer," which was also republished on Gizmodo, …

Run4Wilbs: Inspiring a community to change - CNN.com

Mike Wilber beat his first 5K goal time by more than 30 seconds on June 28.<p><i>Editor's note: Mike Wilber is one of six CNN viewers selected to be a part of the Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge program. Follow the "Sassy Six" on Twitter and Facebook as they train to race the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with</i> …


5 reasons to drink coffee before your workout - CNN.com

<i>Editor's note: Registered dietician Cynthia Sass is Health magazine's contributing nutrition editor.</i><p><b>(Health.com)</b> -- Half of Americans start their day with coffee, and according to recent study, working out after downing a cup of java may offer a weight-loss advantage.<p>The Spanish study, published in …


Should Your Kids Get An Allowance?

<i>Most money experts agree that children should be given an allowance in order to learn financial skills at an early age. I disagree. Children should</i> …

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Lightnin Hopkins ~ Trouble in mind


Unbroken - Trailer

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