#FF Wonderful Weekend Review 1/18/15, #ADHD, #Education, #Personality, #Comics & #Quotes

By Barbara Bogdanow Lavi | Here's an eclectic mix of finds. Hope you enjoy them and the end of your weekend!


Special-ism is under repair<p>Special-ism is in the hospital for the moment. We are hoping for a quick recovery.

What Your Personality Has to Do With Your Neighborhood

Extroverts are more likely to be drawn to a city's center, for example.<p>It’s a well-worn sociological truth that the neighborhoods in which we live can have a powerful effect on our lives. But how do our neighborhoods affect our overall happiness and well being? And what might they reflect about our …

I am waiting your answer friends fast

<p>I am waiting your answer friends fast<p>105 plus ones<p>105<p>58 comments<p>58<p>14 shares<p>14<p>Shared publicly•<p>View 50 previous comments<p>Yes<p>Jan 19, 2015<p>Yes<p>Jan 19, 2015<p>…

Meet the artist who creates surreal masterpieces with his iPhone

“Really I just download some apps I think sound interesting and play around with them for some time.”<p>The iPhone makes creativity-on-the-move a reality