#FF Wonderful Weekend Review: #Psychology, #Songs 4 the Soul & Sunday #Comic Finds

By Barbara Bogdanow Lavi | This weekend I found more humorous posts than usual. On the serious side #adolescent #sleep studies & recommendations, #Harvard study of thinking dispositions & a #SpecialNeeds Special restaurant. #NeilYoung has a song to save the earth, #EricClapton pick of best version of Hey Jude & more

The Week in Review: Value of Sleep

We blame it on laziness, too much socializing or a late bedtime, but there is also some science involved in why teens just can’t wake up in the …


A Man With Down Syndrome Does Something Truly Remarkable & Brings A Smile To The World.

Tim Harris is the owner of Tim’s Place, a restaurant in New Mexico. Tim a 26 year old man with down syndrome has overcome a great deal of adversity …

Down Syndrome

Harvard Says The Best Thinkers Have These 7 'Thinking Dispositions'

More<p>Darren McCollester/Getty Images Bill Gates isn't just a smart guy — he's disposed to critical thinking.<p>Harvard education scholar Shari Tishman …

Critical Thinking

Watch Neil Young Perform With Orchestra in 'Who's Gonna Stand Up?' Video

Rocker and his 92-piece orchestra show how their upcoming album 'Storytone' came to life<p>It's easy to picture Neil Young up on stage with Crazy Horse …

Eric Clapton’s Favorite Guitar Solo: Duane Allman on Wilson Pickett’s 1968 Cover of the Beatles’ ‘Hey Jude’

Ask a group of guitarists to name their favorite guitar solo, and there's a pretty good chance someone will mention Eric Clapton's solo on the live …


Utah Jazz Sign One-Day Contract With 5-Year-Old Battling Leukemia

Five-year-old J.P. Gibson has been battling cancer longer than he has been alive. In 2012, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which …


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