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Tiger by Robert Cinega

November 22, 2017<p>Tiger by Robert Cinega<p>Tags : Predator Tiger<p>You Might Also Like<p>Tiger<p><b>Next</b>You are viewing Most Recent Post

Rights & Freedoms


November 21, 2017<p>Chipmunk<p>Tags : Chipmunk Rodent<p>You Might Also Like<p>Rodent<p><b>Next</b>You are viewing Most Recent Post

Rights & Freedoms

Why Drumming Gorillas On The Chest?

July 11, 2017<p>The gentle giants <b><br>Gorillas</b> are often called gentle giants. They are the friendliest and most family-oriented people. But you should not …

Black Mamba

July 08, 2017<p><b>Black Mamba</b><p>Scientific name: Dendroaspis polylepsis<br>Family: poisonnatter<br>Category: Mambas<br>Length: up to 4.5 m<br>Gift: Neurotoxic<p><b>Black Mambas</b> …

Lets Go Shopping

July 05, 2017<p>Lets Go Shopping Cat with Baby Cat goes to shopping<p>Tags : Animal Cat cute kitten shopping<p>You Might Also Like<p>shopping

Teenie Meerkats

July 05, 2017<p>Teenie Meerkats looks cute<p>Tags : Animal animals cute meerkat<p>You Might Also Like<p>meerkat

Albino Hedgehog

July 05, 2017<p>Albino Hedgehogs soo cute<p>Tags : albino Animal animals hedgehog<p>You Might Also Like<p>hedgehog

A Pig With Two Bodyguards

Keeping pets safe on your summer trip

It's summer, time to hit the road and take a family vacation. And for many, that means bringing their furry family members along for the ride too. …


18 Reasons to Live: Pregnant 'Death Row' Dog Adopted Off Rescue's Euthanasia List, Gives Birth Two Weeks Later

Ava was saved just in the nick of time.<p>The pregnant golden retriever-chow mix, who is believed to be between 2 and 4 years old according to WDAF – TV …


Kedi review – slinking around with the street cats of Istanbul

Director Ceyda Torun trails the sleek and eerie feline population of the Turkish city in a sweet-natured documentary<p>Here is a sweet-natured documentary from Turkish film-maker Ceyda Torun celebrating the street cats of Istanbul, who are assigned different names, characteristics etc. (“Kedi” is …


9 Tips for Safely and Sanely Traveling with Pets

It's all in the preparation.<p>For pet parents — who wouldn't dream of traveling without their fur babies — travel plans are never as easy as making …


Victory! Vancouver Bans the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs and Cats in Pet Stores

When animal lovers walk by pet shop windows, they are often overcome with joy at the sight of bouncing baby puppies and tiny mewing kittens. However, …

New Westminster

Sweet Photo of Rescued Lamb and Dog Will Make You Question Why We See Them Differently

Lambie Baa Baa (probably the cutest name ever for a lamb, let’s be honest) is an orphaned lamb who didn’t end up on someone’s plate thanks to a kind …


How an Organic Chemist Invented the Bone-Shaped Dog Treat

The birth of the Milk-Bone happened pretty much on a whim.<p>The first dog biscuits did not resemble the bone-shaped delights of today. Developed by …


Chicks dig drummers, even in the rainforest

Palm cockatoos don't just rock out — they make their own gear.<p>Deep in the rainforests of northern Australia, there’s a beat that tends to pack a lot …


Pregnant Dog Gets The Magical Maternity Photoshoot She Deserves

You only wish you looked this good pregnant<p>A woman arranged a whimsical photoshoot for her very deserving pregnant dog and Twitter is going bonkers …


People Logo

1 of 9<p>Puff is a sassy, strong and sensitive crested duck named for her fluffy hairdo.<p>She spends her days enchanting her followers on Facebook and …

Celebrity Gossip

Introducing The Real Shelter Dogs of Missouri

These dogs’ M.O. is to be totally adorable!<p>What do Giggy Vanderpump, Gordo Maloney-Schwartz, Archie Beador and today’s installment of The Real …

Bravo TV

This Teen Started Matching Her Nails With Her Cat And, Apparently, It's A Trend

I'm honestly struggling to keep up at this point.


Watch a Cat Learn How to Knead Dough from a YouTube Video

This kitty is ready for a job in a bakery.<p>Remember that movie <i>Cats & Dogs</i> from 2001, where a bunch of cats tried to take over the world? No? Well …

Wolves and brown bears could return to British countryside to 'naturally cut deer population'

They are the snarling beasts of fiction and folklore, but conservationists are hoping to bring back wolves to the British countryside within the next 20 years.<p>The Wildwood Trust, which has successfully helped reintroduce beavers, water voles, pine martins and dormice to parts of the UK where they …


9 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Calm And Safe During Fireworks

Noisy fireworks mean anxiety is running high for your furry friends.<p>Did you know that 4th of July weekend (and the days that follow) is the busiest …


Wild ducks reportedly pictured killing, eating small birds

A team of zoologists filmed a group of mallard ducks attacking and eating other birds in Romania.<p>The BBC reported that the aggressiveness has never been documented before and could represent a new behavior.<p>One of the observers watched an adult female duck clamp down on a small grey wagtail and …


Watch These Adorable Fruit-Hat-Wearing Cats Ring Bells For Food

You’ve heard of Pavlov’s dogs; now check out Pavlov’s kittens<p>Everybody loves a cute cat video—especially when the cats in question are wearing <i>hats</i> …


‘Dog racism’ behind move to evict pit bull, lawyer claims

A 63-pound pit bull its owner claims is a therapy dog "savagely attacked" an eight-pound pooch that visits pediatric cancer patients outside the …


Adopt Me! Cat Welcomes Babies, Now Ready for a Forever Home of Her Own

Home: Some pets never have one to call their own. We’d like to help change that by introducing you to an adoptable pet every week. Today, in honor of …


Winners of the BigPicture wildlife images competition 2017 – in pictures

The fourth annual BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition aims to celebrate the diversity of life on Earth, and encourages people to protect and conserve it. Thousands of entries were received for the competition held by the California Academy of Sciences, and here are the winners, …


Pipsqueak Headbutts Puppies - Too Cute!

…Angel, the cat, just wants to relax, but a group of puppies drive her up the wall.WWW…<p>Sign In<p>01:32<p>…Too Cute!W…It's a Puppy Takeover!<p>…After an …