The news Bankrate's investing reporter is reading this week

Here's what Jim Royal, Bankrate's investing and wealth management reporter, is reading this week.

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The news Bankrate's investing reporter is reading this week


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    Meet Jim

    James F. Royal, Ph.D., is a senior reporter for investing at Bankrate, and has been investing in the stock market for more than two decades. Royal is the author of The Zen of Thrift Conversions, and holds a doctorate from the University of Florida.

    Jim Royal

    Jim Royal

    James Royal is a reporter covering investing and wealth management. Before joining Bankrate, he worked as a writer for NerdWallet and a stock analyst …

    7 hot IPOs to watch for in 2021

    The IPO market was hot in 2020, and it looks set to continue in 2021. Especially popular: SPACs, a special kind of company built for merging with others. Here are the details on some hot 2021 IPOs and some key details about SPACs, too.

    Biden's first 100 days and your money

    More stimulus checks, anyone? Student loan relief? Eviction moratorium? Here are some of the key things President Biden will be working on in his first 100 days and how they’re going to affect your money. Sarah Foster sums it all up for you and shows you what to watch for.

    higher wages ahead?

    A lot of debate swirling around increasing the minimum wage to $15, but in some cases increasing wages is actually more efficient for companies and pays for itself. The details:

    What the next gen of vaccines could mean

    Second-generation COVID vaccines are on the way, and they could create even better protection than what’s currently on offer, addressing concerns about efficacy and durability of current vaccines.

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