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Rihanna Launches Her Own Styling and Beauty Agency

Bad Gal Riri adds a new gig to her expanding resume.<p>Is there anything that Bad Gal Riri can't do? The singer is already balancing a gig as the creative director of Puma, her own beauty line, an upcoming movie role <i>and</i> her forthcoming studio album, <i>ANTI</i>—but she's not stopping there. <i>THR</i> reports that …

‘Rihanna 777’ Documentary Coming to Fox in May

Rihanna’s “777” promotional tour last year wasn’t just a publicity stunt for her new album <i>Unapologetic</i>: now it’s a documentary, too, which will air …

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Rihanna: Crazy in Love

<i>So a superfamous pop star walks into a comedy club . . .</i><p>Actually, “walks” isn’t quite right. Rihanna more <i>glides</i>. She slips in through the back door,</i> …