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The Magically Bizarre Photo Manipulations of a Photoshop Wizard Martin De Pasquale

He’s been called a Photoshop wizard by people who have seen his work and the title suits him well. Buenos Aires based digital artist and art director …

Photo Manipulation

I'm obsessed with this building. I went back a second time and am already on my way back for a third visit. I just can't stop.

Meditative Seascapes by Jeff Friesen

Drawn to the a mysterious spiritual realm that awaits us just beyond the visible horizon, Nova Scotia-based photographer Jeff Friesen captures the …

A Collection of Powerful Black and White Images

I have a background in black and white photography – using actual film and processing in a darkroom. The entire first year of my two year college …


Against All Odds

Cannot walk a Basset that won’t be walked.

Ya nos vamos del parque? 🐶❤/ what do you mean we are going home now?

Mid-level solar flare erupts from sun on May 8

The May 8 solar flare is classified as an M5.2-class flare. M-flares are about one-tenth as strong as the most intense flares, called X-flares.<p>NASA …

Wispy nebulas come in all shapes across the universe. What do you see?

Violent Birth Announcement from an Infant Star. This Hubble image shows IRAS 14568-6304, a young star that is cloaked in a haze of golden gas and dust. It appears to be embedded within an intriguing swoosh of dark sky, which curves through the image and obscures the sky behind. This dark region is known as the Circinus molecular cloud. This cloud has a mass around 250 000 times that of the sun, and it is filled with gas, dust and young stars. Within this cloud lie two prominent and enormous regions known colloquially to astronomers as Circinus-West and Circinus-East. Each of these clumps has a mass of around 5000 times that of the sun, making them the most prominent star-forming sites in the Circinus cloud. The clumps are associated with a number of young stellar objects, and IRAS 14568-6304, featured here under a blurry fog of gas within Circinus-West, is one of them. IRAS 14568-6304 is special because it is driving a protostellar jet, which appears here as the "tail" below the star. This jet is the leftover gas and dust that the star took from its parent cloud in order to form. While most of this material forms the star and its accretion disc — the disc of material surrounding the star, which may one day form planets — at some point in the formation process the star began to eject some of the material at supersonic speeds through space. This phenomenon is not only beautiful, but can also provide us with valuable clues about the process of star formation. IRAS 14568-6304 is one of several outflow sources in the Circinus-West clump. Together these sources make up one of the brightest, most massive, and most energetic outflow regions ever reported. Scientists have even suggested calling Circinus-West the "nest of molecular outflows" in tribute to this activity. European Space Agency ESA/Hubble & NASA Acknowledgements: R. Sahai, NASA JPL/ Serge Meunier

NASA's dazzling photo of a star factory in a serpent

NASA image of the Serpens Cloud Core turns invisible light into a beautiful portrait of a place where stars, like ours, are born.<p>Our sun wasn't always the hothead it is today. At one time, over 4.5 billion years ago, it was a nothing more than some cool dust and gas, free-floating in space. …


Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

Astrophoto: Spectacular View of the Triffid Nebula in Narrowband

What a gorgeous deep sky astrophoto! M20, also known as the Trifid Nebula is located in Sagittarius, and its name means ‘divided into three lobes.’ …

Top 10 Amazing Moon Facts

Photo Credit: NOAO/AURA/NSF<p>Slide 1 of 21<p>Lunar Facts<p>Did you know there's no such thing as a full moon? No dark side, either. And if you think the moon …

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)

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