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Creating is not just a 'nice' activity; it transforms, connects and empowers

If we want a world full of innovative, entrepreneurial thinkers, we need to enable and sustain making from a very young age<p>As a child, when I wasn’t eating, sleeping or at school, I was making.<br>My memories of childhood relate to <i>stuff –</i> smell, material and texture: digging up the garden to make …


I’m unemployed and ashamed. The idea that people don’t want to work is a ridiculous myth

The stigma attached to unemployment can be dangerous. We should all think before we judge people who are struggling with trying to find work<p>Last year I made a decision I’d been struggling with for a few years: I walked away from the business I was running, the business I’d sacrificed most of my 20s …


Why The Plant-Based Impossible Burger Is Taking Restaurant Menus By Storm | Fast Company

Developed by Impossible Foods, a startup led by former Stanford biochemist Patrick Brown, who wanted to tackle the enormous environmental challenges posed by animal agriculture, the burger is made from ingredients that yield one-eighth of the greenhouse gases involved in meat production, require …

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Unlock Your Team's Potential With Intent-Based Leadership

Can a simple, three-word phrase change your leadership style?<p>David Marquet served in the US Submarine Force for 28 years. He was assigned command of the nuclear submarine, USS Santa Fe, which at the time, was suffering from low morale, low performance, and low crew retention. By rejecting the …


Blockchain Is Helping Us Feed the World's Hungriest Families

A Different Way to Help<p>Blockchain is making headlines everywhere — from the trading markets to even the arena of universal basic income. Now, this …


The light therapeutic

Research suggests that light looms as large in our well-being as sleep. Rosie Blau consults experts in California and Japan<p>Every summer when he was a …

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Six Companies That Are Redefining Performance Management | Fast Company

The future of performance management will include more feedback and place a greater emphasis on development.<p>Companies spend a significant amount of time on evaluation but comparatively little on development.

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Becoming Mindful Of The Whole

<b>It’s time for each of us to be mindful of the whole.</b><p><b>Day #80 of Sanity</b><br>It is important to be exposed to ideas that you may not be familiar with. Ones …

Jiddu Krishnamurti

‘Brand consultant’? ‘PR researcher’? Why the ‘bullshit jobs’ era needs to end


The Biggest Secret to Life (and Work)

It’s time for each of us to realize the biggest change we need is one of mindset.<p><b>Day #79 of</b> <b>Sanity</b><p>We’ve been thinking a lot about competition lately. …


Is This New Device the Future of the Workplace?

At the Mobile World Congress in February, a small device maker showcased its new augmented reality helmet for workers. Is there an opportunity for AR …

#68 - Do the Right Thing

<b>It’s time for each of us to do the right thing.</b> <b><br>Day #68 of Sanity</b><p>The truth is that we each tend to know the right thing to do. And, too often, the …

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Employers not ready to for digital disruption, where tech and people work side by side

Very few organisations are ready to manage a workforce where the latest technologies and people work side by side. Just 13 percent of UK companies …


This Is The Mind-Set You’ll Need In Order To Thrive In The Future Of Work | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

As machine learning and other forms of workplace automation gain ground, technical competence alone doesn’t cut it.<p>Move to another chair to give the “angry” perspective an opportunity to express itself, then the fearful part, and so on.


The Future of Work — 3 Mega-Trends – Innovation Culture – Medium

The Future of Work — 3 Mega-Trends<p><i>Automation, Basic Income and Post-Capitalism</i><p>A lot of my work, in both public speaking and private consulting, is …

Basic Income

Why These Freelancers Ditched Cities For Rural America | Fast Company

“We’re a black family from Harlem coming into a farming community that was mainly created by Polish onion farmers.”<p>“Most people don’t know what I do or understand how I make money online.”<p>“It can be difficult to watch other freelancers connecting with each other in person while there’s no …

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‘If A Machine Takes Your Job, Your Job Must Have Sucked’: Adobe Think Tank

Fellow humans won’t be your only co-workers in the future, concluded a panel of speakers who discussed the future of work during an Adobe Think Tank …

Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out | Fast Company | The Future Of Business


The Eternal Law - Book Trailer

It’s Easy.

Almost coming back home after traveling to five cities and two countries in less than three weeks, I am encouraged by the amazing people I met who …

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IDG Contributor Network: The future of work is surprisingly human: 2 trends to relieve your fears

AI, big data and bots! Oh my! You don’t need to be a troglodyte or tech-wary prognosticator to fear the future of work. Everywhere we look, the same …

Good News

Why Employee Retention Is More Important Than Ever

1-March-2017 | Future of Work<p>In some corporate environments, employee retention can be little more than an afterthought. Only when our human …

Employee Engagement

Lead With Purpose By Trusting Ourselves

<b>It’s time for each of us to lead with our purpose and connect it with that of others.</b><p><b>Day #22 of Sanity</b><p>Every great business idea is born from a need …


A New Relationship With Time

<b>It’s time for each of us to have a new relationship with time as we integrate ourselves.</b><p><b>Day #21 of Sanity</b><p>I hear all the time how busy you are. You …

Return on Investment

Letting Go Of Beliefs That No Longer Serve Us

<b>It’s time for each of us to start letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us.</b><p><b>Day #18 of Sanity</b><p>Too often we get stuck in what is familiar to us and …


Knowing Your Why - Why You Should Care

<b>It’s time for each of us to know our ‘why’ and why anyone should care</b><p><b>Day #20 of Sanity</b><p>Finding your way in the world starts with a journey within …


Are You Grounded in Reality? How to Navigate Your Life (and Work)

It’s time for each of us to be grounded in reality.<p><b>Day #72 of Sanity</b><p>We’ve developed an innovative framework to creating thriving 21st century …

#70 – A simple act can make a huge impact

<b>“</b><i>A lot of this is about giving and receiving. It’s like there’s an invisible cycle: when we give, we also receive something back. Most of us have</i> …


Ep. 71: Ayelet Baron

0<p>Today on Small Changes Big Shifts we have <b>Ayelet Baron.</b> Ayelet is a visionary author, speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, and former tech executive …

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10 Traditional Desk Jobs That Are Going Freelance

Freelancing has become the career of 55 million American people as of 2016 and as a group, freelancers earned about one trillion dollars last year.<p>According to a study commissioned by Upwork and the Freelancers Union, referenced above, more people enter the freelancing market by choice, not by …