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Geri dönüştürülebilir malzemelerle yeni objeler yaratmak gibisi yok. Özellikle kendimize özel müzik aleti, gece lambası günlük hayatta kullanacağımız …

The 25 Best Small Towns in America Photos

While there’s nothing quite like the energy of the big city, the hectic pace isn’t for everyone, and urbanites themselves often need a respite. Luckily, the U.S. is home to thousands of perfectly charming small towns that are great places for weekend escapes—or to settle down in. We’ve swept the …

Hot Springs

Dünyanın Büyülü Anlarına Tanıklık Eden Hiç Photoshop Kullanılmamış 78 Harika Fotoğraf

The Last Iceberg - Photographs by Camille Seaman | LensCulture

California-based photographer and 2011 TED Fellow, Camille Seaman, has been photographing in both Arctic regions, including in Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica, since 2003.<p>Seaman writes:<p>“Nick Cave once sang, ‘All things move toward their end.’ Icebergs give the impression of doing just …

Brian Atwood, Sonbahar / Kış 2015-16 koleksiyonunu Milano'da sundu. Tasarımcının koleksiyonunda İstanbul'dan ilham aldığı parçalar da var. #MFW

Weird Internet Trends Of 2016


Londra'da couture randevusu! New Bond Street butiğinde gerçekleşen Sonbahar / Kış 2015-16 koleksiyon sunumundan Chanel Couture manzaraları. #LFW

Cuba , "The Special Period"-1994-98

Fotoğraflarla: Seyyahların gözünden dünya

National Geographic Traveller dergisi İngiltere baskısı, 2015 Gezi Fotoğrafları Yarışması'nın birincilerini açıkladı. İşte altı dalın birincileri ve eserleri.



In the post-war era Britain's population was faced with massive housing shortages. The existing housing stock was often disgracefully inadequate for even the most basic of needs. Modernist architecture with its close links to left wing ideology reflected a progressive solution to the practical and …

Vortex - Photographs by Jan Q. Maschinski | LensCulture

The photo series, Vortex, presents improbable portraits of individuals in awkward moments, looking stunned or stoned, at once suspended outside of the moment and/or inertly trapped by it. What binds this portrait series together is the “far-away look” in the eyes of the subjects, although the …

Transition time - Photographs and text by Nikita Pirogov | LensCulture

the lily goes down into the sky, unfolds, its petals<p>cover the water. drops shine in the sunlight.<p>how far you are, sun, how near, sorrow—<p>the age of worn-out paths, in vain we've been searching—<p>for some other peace and calm in freedom, searching<p>for another way, we follow the same corners, the same …

Ağaçevler vol.2


Jessica Tremp

WittyFeed | Beyond Stories, Latest Trending News and Viral Videos.


WittyFeed | Beyond Stories, Latest Trending News and Viral Videos.

Paint — A Series of Photographic Self-Portraits - Photographs by Katerina Belkina | LensCulture

In this series of stylized self-portraits, Katerina Belkina explores the expressive force of her artistic heroes Lempicka , Picasso, Degas, Malevich and Klimt (to name but a few). She pays homage to these artists with a combination of photography, painting and extensive digital manipulation.<p>She …

WittyFeed | Beyond Stories, Latest Trending News and Viral Videos.

WittyFeed | Beyond Stories, Latest Trending News and Viral Videos.

WittyFeed | Beyond Stories, Latest Trending News and Viral Videos.

HugeDomains.com - Viralsax.com is for sale (Viralsax)

Hurry - once it's sold this opportunity will be gone!<p>Besides being memorable, .com domains are unique: This is the one and only .com name of it's …