Inside Trump's shadow grievance campaign

With former President Trump tied up in court for much of the next six weeks or more, supporters are staging events and creating an online chorus that the trial-bound Trump later touts on social media, Axios' Sophia Cai reports.

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Inside Trump's shadow grievance campaign
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    One big thing

    Trump has expressed frustration at the prospect of being in court four days a week, not being able to post on social media as much as usual, and being under a gag order.

    Inside Trump's shadow grievance campaign

    Inside Trump's shadow grievance campaign

    Trump loyalists, operating separately from his campaign, are amplifying his grievance-fueled messaging well beyond his online rants and indignant statements before and after court sessions in Manhattan.

    the big picture

    Trump is on trial in Manhattan in his hush money case — the first of his four criminal cases to go to trial. He must attend every day of his trial in-person.

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