How Biden botched the border

Infighting, blame-shifting, and indecision — these words are emblematic of the Biden administration's struggle with the border crisis, which has slowly escalated. Details from a previously unreported meeting in January 2023 reveal Biden's frustration with his team.

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How Biden botched the border
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    The big picture

    Many current and former Biden officials say they believe they've done their best considering the circumstances. But others told Axios they think the administration has fallen far short on matters within its control.

    Exclusive: How Biden botched the border

    Exclusive: How Biden botched the border

    The crisis grew slowly. Many administration leaders treated the issue like a hot potato because it was politically thankless, several sources in and out of government told Axios.

    Between the lines

    The internal turmoil led to contradictory actions by Biden's team.

    Go deeper

    The origins of people seeking entry into the U.S. at the southern border have shifted dramatically during the past decade.

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