DEI backlash hits corporate America

U.S. companies' diversity, equity and inclusion efforts are losing momentum this year after the Supreme Court's June affirmative action ruling.

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DEI backlash hits corporate America
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    The big picture

    The slowdown is a reversal from the explosion in corporate DEI after George Floyd's killing pushed companies to act to address racial inequality.

    DEI backlash hits corporate America

    DEI backlash hits corporate America

    "2023 has undeniably shifted the DEI landscape for years to come," write the authors of a report out Monday from DEI consulting firm Paradigm.

    Between the lines

    In June the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in colleges — ruling that schools can't explicitly consider race in the admissions process.

    Go deeper

    Reality check: A backlash is rising, possibly because the DEI efforts made in 2020 had a real impact. Companies will face a talent pipeline problem.

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