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My Memos 1

Since first grade, we have had science courses in school. We have learned about cells, photosynthesis, anatomy, etc. However, no class has challenged me, personally, as much as Honors Biology has. We went much more in depth with each section, expanding our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. While my six year old self knew that cells made up our bodies, I would have most likely been lost at the mention of organelles. In 7th grade I learned about each organelle, and this year I feel as if I have acquired even more knowledge on them. For instance, even though I knew that photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts, I knew nothing about thylakoids, stomata, etc. Overall, I am grateful to have learned more in depth on so many different science topics.

More recently, we performed a lab about cellular respiration. In this lab, we put yeast with molasses into four tubes, then put each tube under different temperatures. As predicted, the yeast produced the most foam (in other words cellular respiration occurred faster) under the warm conditions.

The first lab we ever performed was about mold growth. We used our hands by swabbing unwashed hands and washed hands, then putting the swab on two different beats. Then, we put the beets in containers and let them be. After a few days, there was a decent amount of growth on each beet.

Another skill I acquired this year is new technology skills, because in Honors Bio we used a lot of apps to do projects that i have never used before.

For our summer reading assignment, we were to read a specific book and complete several assignments on that book. I chose to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, a book about the woman behind HeLa cells. I am particularly proud of my animoto about this book.

As for microscopy, I am fascinated by how we can now see a whole new world that was formerly invisible to the naked eye. Microscopes help scientists study cells, bacteria, atoms, etc.

Enzymes were of interest to me because even though I️ had heard of enzymes often in my life, I never knew exactly what they were. However, now I know that enzymes act as catalysts for chemical reactions that occur within a body. Enzymes act upon molecules called substrates, and they bind with the substrates through induced fit. In other words, enzymes are specific shapes for each different shape of substrate. Therefore, enzymes can only act upon one type of substrate: the one they were made for (i.e. lactase has the exact shape for lactose, so lactase can only bind with lactose).

I was very engaged in photosynthesis because it blows my mind that without this process, none of what we know today could exist. Photosynthesis is a basic procedure, which only occurs in autotrophs. The chemical equation for photosynthesis is 6CO2 + 6H2O —> C6H12O6 + 6O2.

During this semester, I faced many challenges with all of my classes for many different reasons. One issue I struggled with was studying, because I never really had to study in Jr. High. Honors Biology taught me how to study, and I did progressively start to study more and more often throughout the semester.

Before this class, it was extremely difficult for me to work with other people. However, due to all of the labs we performed, I learned how work as part of a team instead of just individually.