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What These Parents Did for Their Autistic Son Left Him in Tears

For the last seven years, Hector and Rose Zuniga have been taking their autistic son, Hector Jr., to a Blockbuster Video in Texas twice a week to …


Alabama Considers Mandating Coverage for Autism Treatment<p>April 24--A bill working its way through theAlabama Legislaturewould require most private insurers to cover a type of therapy proven to …


Naval Hospital Beaufort Hosts Autism Fair in Support of Exceptional Families

BEAUFORT, SC, UNITED STATES<p>04.20.2017<p>Story by Lisa Lill<p>BEAUFORT, S.C. – Naval Hospital Beaufort, in partnership with the Marine Corps Community …


DWB Hosts Clinic Tailored for Kids with Autism

Autism Hoops Clinic


Portland Sea Dogs dedicate Sunday game to Autism Awareness



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7 activists tell us the best thing about being autistic

Forget what you've heard — autism isn't something to cure. In fact, it's a condition we should embrace and celebrate.<p>About 1 in 68 people in the U.S. are autistic, meaning they communicate and experience the world in ways not typically expected. There isn't a "missing piece" to their cognitive …


Autism: A special kind of ability (Business Standard)

Open this storyin Apple News.<p>For the best reading experience, open this story on a device with<p>Apple News. It may also be available on the publisher's …

Actors with autism finally get the star treatment

When film director Rachel Israel was casting her love story about a couple with autism, she auditioned about 100 women for the leading role of Sarah …


Sam's Canterbury Cafe employs adults on the autism spectrum -- and serves good food, too

When Michael and Jennifer Myers decided to open a restaurant, they had in mind serving the staff as much as the customers.The couple were determined …


I Love Someone with Asperger’s Syndrome

When I first met my friend Parker, he seemed a bit different than most people, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. At times, I noticed he was …


What People Miss When They Use 'Autistic' As An Insult

Elizabeth E. looted everything in <i>Fallout 3</i>’s Raven Rock. She collected three units of vodka, five stealth devices, four cuts of mirelurk meat and 88 …


Parent Reports of Autism Features Vary by Country

U.S. parents tend to view the condition’s signs very differently than in other cultures


Autism advocates learn 'All About Me'

Including Kids recently hosted its regular workshop lunch, inviting parents, teachers, administrators and community members to learn more about …


10-year-old autistic boy handcuffed and arrested in Florida school for allegedly kicking teacher

A video shot by the boy's mother shows him crying as he is arrested.<p>A 10-year-old autistic boy from Florida, John Benjamin Haygood, was on Wednesday …


16-Year-Old with Autism Donates Birthday Money, Supplies to Shelter Animals in Need

All Daniel Jaicks wanted for his 16th birthday on April 9 was a lawnmower.<p>So, with that big gift covered, Daniel’s mother Joanna Jaicks asked the …


This coding startup trains autistic people to take on the tech industry

People on the autism spectrum are getting the support and skills they need to break into the tech industry. And it's all thanks to a new program for autistic people, by autistic people.<p>A new startup called Coding Autism, which launched earlier this month, is developing a school in Los Angeles to …


Just because I'm autistic doesn't mean I can't empathize

When I was in the fourth grade, I took a handwritten note, sprayed it with my mom's drugstore perfume, dotted it with loopy pink hearts, signed "Love always" with my full name and dropped it in the locker of the kid I had a crush on. Before I went to school that day, my mom asked me if this was …


Safety Net

Pillows Pillows everywhere! Ever see an ad for a furniture store and there are a ton of pillows on the beds? Well, I am one of those people who …


Autism On Television Needs More Diverse Representation

This is what you don't see on TV.<p>My girlfriend and I love watching <i>Girl Meets World</i> together. It’s a bit of nostalgia for us, since we were both avid fans of <i>Boy Meets World</i> when we were younger. I didn't go into the show expecting any discussion of autism, but in the episode “Girl Meets Farkle,” I …


21 of the Most Comforting TV Shows to Watch When You're Stressed

Forget about your problems, one episode at a time.<p>Sometimes life can be exhausting. Luckily, we have television to help us escape from the realities …


Best Foods to Eat to Battle Anxiety (and What to Avoid) | Reader's Digest

Omega-3 fatty acids make your brain happy<p>Yulia Furman/Shutterstock Doctors often treat anxiety with therapy and medications, but the answer to …


LEGOLAND Celebrates Autism Awareness Month With ASD Initiative

<i>PHOTO: The LEGOLAND Orlando entrance. (photo via Flickr/Rain0975)</i><p>My youngest son is four. He has Sensory Processing Disorder.<p>Large groups of people, …


'When I Was Your Age' And Other Pitfalls Of Talking To Teens About Stress

It's difficult to have a teenager's mind. The brain develops rapidly during the adolescent years, which partially explains why teens experience anger, sadness and frustration so intensely.<p>During these tumultuous years, hormones surge, bodies change and adolescents must face a number of social and …


How to have compassion: 13-year-old boy with autism shares his perspective

Ken Rabow<p>Email successfully sent<p><i>As a life coach, I work with all sorts of people in their teens and 20s. I learn from all of them. One of my most</i> …


Ohio official wants to make Akron area autism friendly

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - A county official in Ohio is hoping to formally declare the Akron area a welcoming place for people with autism.Summit County …


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