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Why teach programming? Kids spend an increasing portion of their lives interacting with and through screens about which they know little or nothing. The more they do so, the more they accept the values of Facebook, Google, or iTunes as pre-existing conditions of the universe. Instead of opening their minds, technology shuts them down. Compounding all this, the few places most young people have available to learn about computers tend to teach them how to use and conform to existing software applications rather than how to make their own. Introducing kids to code reveals to them how computers are really “anything” machines, capable of doing pretty much anything we program into them. It gives them the ability both to read and to write in the foundational languages of the digital age and, in doing so, fundamentally transforms their perspective from that of user to maker, consumer to creative. -Douglas Rushkoff, author, Program or be Programmed Register for iTech Kids Camp at

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“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” -Steve Jobs Register for itechville IT Programming Training for Adults and Kids