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Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Stirling Castle

By James Turner

Stirling Castle perched imperiously upon a vast crag of rough primeval rock enfolded on every side by its sweeping lines of carved …

Middle Ages

Israeli Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Jar With Inscription of Name From the Bible

Archaeologists in Israel have found a rare inscription of the name of an apparently influential person from the time of King David, a name that is …


What Motivated Viking Raiders?

YORK, ENGLAND—Steve Ashby of the University of York thinks that Viking raiders of the eighth century were motivated by more than the acquisition of …


First Civilizations Challenged by Climate Change

MIAMI, FLORIDA—Abrupt climate change may have affected some of the earliest civilizations in the Middle East and the Fertile Crescent, according to a …


La Corona Team Discovers Maya Stela & Hieroglyphic Panels

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA—Marcello A. Canuto of Tulane University and Tomás Barrientos of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala announced at a press …


The British Library and National Library of Israel Announce Partnership to Digitize Hebrew Manuscripts

As part of the National Library of Israel’s International Digital Library of Hebrew Manuscripts initiative, the National Library of Israel …

Middle East

Archaeologists think they have found ancient York road on 950-year-old battlefield

ARCHAEOLOGISTS working on the battle of Fulford project have uncovered an ancient road through the ford from which Fulford gets its name.

Chas Jones, …

Ancient History

The Origin Of Immersive Design? This Getty Exhibit Reveals The Technology Of Medieval Manuscripts

In the late 1300s, an anonymous English scribe made a book that could reveal the phase of the moon on any given evening. The book contained a volvelle, a set of overlapping parchment disks that the reader would rotate to calculate astronomical information. Related to the astrolabe, the volvelle has …

Middle Ages

Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House

A prehistoric disaster, possibly an epidemic, may be responsible for the remains of nearly 100 bodies found stuffed into a 5,000-year-old house in …


Palmyra: Ruins that inspired the architecture of power

What do the ruins of an ancient Roman city in Syria and some of the most iconic buildings in Washington and London have to do with each other? A new exhibit aims to connect US audiences with antiquities under fire in Syria's civil war.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Haliphat. She …


Ruins of 2,200 year-old Berenice Temple unearthed south of Egypt’s Red Sea

CAIRO: Two 3,800 year-old ancient Egyptian wall reliefs and a Greek temple facade were unearthed in the Red Sea port of Berenice, the Antiquities …


Ancient tongue that forged the modern mind

The last state school to teach classical Greek at A-level has announced it will no longer do so. That’s not just a shame, argues Harry Mount – it’s a mistake

One afternoon last autumn, I had a revelation that took me back 25 years, to my school days.

I was on the Sacred Way in Ephesus, one of the …

Great Books

Accidental Find: Scientists Stumble on Centuries-Old Shipwreck

While searching for a mooring from a previous trip, researchers off the coast of North Carolina discovered a well-preserved shipwreck and artifacts …


18th century village discovered underneath Montreal interchange

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an 18th-century village buried beneath Montreal's busiest highway interchange.

Over the past few months, …


The Viking Age longhouse in downtown Reykjavík burned to the ground


By Staff

Uncovering the past The dig by Lækjargata can be viewed from the sidewalk, and is definitely one of the must-sees in downtown …


The Byzantine Silver Bowls in the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial and Tree-Worship in Anglo-Saxon England

Byzantine bowls found at Sutton Hoo

The Byzantine Silver Bowls in the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial and Tree-Worship in Anglo-Saxon England

By Michael D. J. …

Middle Ages

The Painted Horn: visiting a rock art site in Somalia

Jorge de Torres, Project Cataloguer, African Rock Art Image Project, British MuseumPainted image of long-horned cow with human figure underneath, …

Rock Art

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK—A new large-scale genome study is adding to the debate over how the peopling of the Americas occurred. An international team of …

Life Sciences

Discovery in Israel pushes back dawn of agriculture to 23,000 years ago

Humans living in wood huts were growing grain with pesky proto-weeds 11,000 years earlier than thought, international team of scientists finds.


Ancient Amazon Rainforest Was Once Used for Agriculture

The Amazon rainforest, often thought to have been pristine wilderness before the modern era, was once domesticated, and was reclaimed by the wild …


Ancient carriage way discovered near Athens

A 300-metre section of an ancient carriage way dated to the 4th century BC was discovered by archaeologists at the Megalo Kavouri beach in the …


Technology reveals inner secrets of iconic Renaissance building

Using state-of-the-art techniques, an international team of specialists has been busy piecing together a chronology of construction for the …


Keynsham cemetery: Roman temple excavation under way

Fresh excavation work has begun at Keynsham cemetery, near Bristol, on the site of a possible Roman temple.

In 1877 substantial remains of a large Roman building were uncovered by workers building mortuary chapels.

Archaeologists have spent two years conducting geophysical surveys in part of the old …


'Population Y': DNA Links Amazon Natives to Prehistoric Mystery Group

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown source of ancestry for some native peoples in Brazil, suggesting a new wrinkle in the story of the settlement of the Americas. The finding does not change the broad outlines of what scientists believe: that the Americas were settled by people who …


'Oldest' Koran fragments found in Birmingham University

What may be the world's oldest fragments of the Koran have been found by the University of Birmingham.

Radiocarbon dating found the manuscript to be at least 1,370 years old, making it among the earliest in existence.

The pages of the Muslim holy text had remained unrecognised in the university …


Ancient lakeside settlement older than the PYRAMIDS uncovered on new housing estate

Archaeologists think it could be one of the world's oldest known boat building communities


Taxila, the lost civilisation

A cluster of buildings, covered with lush green weed, in the Pakistani city of Taxila is the treasure trove of a lost civilisation that once thrived …

Prostitution in the Medieval City

Brothel scene; Brunswick Monogrammist, 1537; Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

Regulating Prostitution: Everyday Life in the Late Medieval Austrian …

Middle Ages

The House As Old As Stonehenge