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Roman Mosaic Conserved

STARA ZAGORA, BULGARIA—Conservators have completed work on a fourth-century A.D. mosaic that was discovered in the ruins of the ancient Roman city of …


The Russian Idol Three Times as Old as the Pyramids

New carbon dating places Siberia’s Shigir Idol at 13,000 years old, more than three times as old as Stonehenge and the Pyramids—but scientists are still puzzling over its secret symbols.

An enigmatic wooden idol that has puzzled archaeologists since it was unearthed in a Siberian bog 125 years ago …


City of Pergamon’s ancient appeal spans millennia

I was in a hilltop theatre built for 10,000 people, one that had one of the most striking backdrops I had ever seen. The sun, sliding low toward the earth in the west, lit up a mosaic of olive groves and grasses in the valley below. Deep green mountains rose beyond. Before me, 80 rows of seats …

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Do the Easter Island Heads Really Have Bodies?

An email containing photos of a startling excavation project has inundated inboxes in recent weeks. According to the email, the mysterious Easter …

Easter Island

Unusual rituals at 2 thousand years old cemetery | News | Science & Scholarship in Poland

The cemetery is known to scientists only since 1999, when it was pointed to them by a local resident who stumbled upon an accumulation of objects …


Ancient ships discovered at Sg Batu archaeological site

ALOR STAR: Archaeologists have unearthed wrecks of ancient ships embedded in the mud of an ancient river which once flowed through the historical …

Ancient Civilization

Mountaintop Rescue

Mountaintop Rescue

Archaeology, coal, and activism collide in the Appalachian Mountains at the site of America’s largest labor conflict

The coal mine …


Mega Copper Deal in Afghanistan Fuels Rush to Save Ancient Treasures

Under threat of Taliban attack, archaeologists are excavating a spectacular Buddhist complex before it’s obliterated by a huge mining operation.

About an hour’s drive along the Gardez highway south of Kabul, beyond the bustling shops, the trucks spewing diesel exhaust, and the clatter of donkey …


Ancient Temple of Bel in Syria bombed by ISIS

BEIRUT - Activists say Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have set off an explosion that severely damaged the Bel Temple in the ancient …


Ancient Greek Well Used For Hydromancy Discovered in Athens

The ancient Greek phrase “ΕΛΘΕ ΜΟΙ Ω ΠΑΙΑΝ ΦΕΡΩΝ ΤΟ ΜΑΝΤΕΙΟΝ ΑΛΗΘΕC” is written on the mouth of a well that came to light during the latest …


A Mediterranean anchor stock of the fifth to mid-second century BC found off the coast of Britain

The aim of the following post is to draw attention to a recently-recognised find of a fifth- to mid-second-century BC Mediterranean ship anchor from …


Massive Ancient Greek city discovered submerged in Aegean Sea

An ancient Greek city has been discovered sunken beneath the Aegean Sea. The settlement dates back around 4,500 years (2,500 BC) and was the size of …


Philistines introduced cumin, opium poppy and sycamore into Israel

One of the most pressing issues in modern biological conservation is “invasion biology”. Due to unprecedented contacts between peoples and culture in …

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7,000yo Stone Age carvings of elk, reindeer found in Norway’s Arctic Circle

© Anja Roth Niemi / Tromsø Museum / FreeScientists in Norway have claimed a sensational discovery: prehistoric carvings from the Stone Age deep


Portland Castle lead thieves target Henry VIII's fort

A castle dating back to King Henry VIII's reign has been targeted by thieves.

About 20ft (6m) of lead drain pipework was stolen from the Black Barge Beach side of Portland Castle in Dorset.

It is unclear when the offenders struck as the theft was only discovered on Friday evening, police said.

English …

Henry VIII

A day after finding ancient city, archaeologists unearth 2500-year-old temple in Raipur - Firstpost

Merely a day after the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) unearthed a city near Madurai around 3,000 years old, archaeologists have found a temple …


Archaeologists 'find Pictish palace' in Aberdeenshire

Archaeologists excavating a field in Aberdeenshire where standing stones were found believe they have uncovered the entrance to a Pictish palace, BBC Scotland has learned.

The University of Aberdeen team is digging at a site where the so-called Rhynie Man stone was discovered in the 1970s.

The …


Ancient Tomb In Spain Destroyed And Replaced With A Picnic Table

Updated at 1:45 p.m. ET

The accidental destruction of an ancient tomb in northwest Spain was best summed up by an archaeologist in one perfect, if unintended, pun: "monumental error."

Workers in the town of Cristovo de Cea in the Galicia region mistook what is believed to be a 6,000-year-old …


Submerged Structure Beneath Sea of Galilee Stumps Archaeologists

Tia Goldenberg

TIBERIAS, Israel (AP) -- The massive circular structure appears to be an archaeologists dream: a recently discovered antiquity that …


How A Pregnant Woman's Love Of Dogs Led To Her Death By Parasites In Ancient Greece

Hidden within an ancient bronze water jug exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in Greece are the cremated remains of three elite individuals. Anthropologists examining the fragments have come to a startling conclusion about cause of death: the pregnant woman may have died when a …


What Happened After The Romans Left Britain?

How the Black Death Changed the World

Each Monday, this column turns a page in history to explore the discoveries, events and people that continue to affect the history being made …

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In Medieval Times, Popular Dog Names Included Little Hammer, Fortuna and Bo

Dogs and cats have been with us for centuries, and so has our habit of giving them affectionate names. Based upon various Medieval texts, we know …

Middle Ages

The Justinianic Reconquest of Italy: Imperial Campaigns and Local Responses

This article examines a particular aspect of Justinian’s campaigns against the Ostrogoths in Italy, one that is often overlooked, yet one that is …


These pictures will make you want to visit Pompeii, which was covered under a layer of volcanic ash thousands of years ago

On August 24, 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius, a 4,000-foot volcano near the Bay of Naples in Italy, erupted, taking down an entire city.

Pompeii was buried under an almost 20-foot blanket of volcanic ash that flooded the city, killing 2,000 people.

It was one of the world's most famous and deadly volcanic …


Garum sauce: ancient Rome's 'ketchup' becomes a modern-day secret ingredient

The best thing you never heard of is called colatura di alici, or garum, its ancient name.

Garum and other similar fish-based sauces were the ketchup of the ancient world, mass produced in factories by the Romans, and sprinkled on anything savory. They usually made several versions: a dark-colored …


Why is ISIL targeting cultural heritage?

The armed group's destruction of ancient sites in Syria and Iraq is drawing condemnation worldwide.

The latest site ISIL fighters have destroyed is the ancient temple of Baal Shamin in the Syrian city of Palmyra.

The armed group seized Palmyra from government forces in May, fuelling fears that it …

Cultural Heritage

Unusual use of blue pigment found in ancient mummy portraits

Mostly untouched for 100 years, 15 Roman-era Egyptian mummy portraits and panel paintings were literally dusted off by scientists and art …

Ancient Egypt

1,500-Year-Old Remains of Newborn Found in Siberia

GORNO-ALTAISK, RUSSIA—The Siberian Times reports that the partially mummified remains of an infant were discovered by a team from Gorno-Altaisk State …