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More on Bodicacia’s Tombstone

CIRENCESTER, ENGLAND—It had been thought that a finely carved tombstone unearthed in western England was the first in Roman Britain to have remained …


Priceless Roman artifacts displayed in Turkish villager’s garden

Authorities have issued a permit for a villager in southern Turkey to display a number of centuries-old Roman artifacts that were discovered in her …

Genetic study points to northern route out of Africa through Egypt

New research suggests that European and Asian (Eurasian) peoples originated when early Africans moved north – through the region that is now Egypt – …


Late Roman Fortress Wall Unearthed at Bulgaria’s Durostorum

SILISTRA, BULGARIA—Archaeology in Bulgaria reports that rescue excavations in the ancient city of Durostorum, the headquarters of the elite Roman …


Mystery Deepens Over Rare Roman Tombstone

Mystery has deepened over a Roman tombstone unearthed earlier this year in western England, as new research revealed it had no link with the skeleton …


New finds at Plassi, Marathon in Attica

This year’s excavations of the Prehistoric-Classical site of Plassi, Marathon in Attica, conducted by the University of Athens, have been completed …


Rome's Lost Aqueduct

Rome's Lost Aqueduct

Searching for the source of one of the city’s greatest engineering achievements

Archaeologist Katherine Rinne stands beside a …


A One-of-a-Kind Trove Reveals What 19th-Century American Boyhood Was Really Like

Writing in 1897, Ida Farr Nelson remembered the last decade of family life in rural Goshen, New Hampshire, with happiness. Her sons Elmer, Arthur, …

New Hampshire

Cuneiform: 6 things you (probably) didn’t know about the world’s oldest writing system

Now, the curators of the world’s largest collection of cuneiform tablets – housed at the British Museum – have written a book exploring the history …


British Museum to give live tours over Periscope

Live-streaming apps may have become a new way for social types to show their vanity, but they're also great tools for delivering slices of world culture to people's mobile phones. That's exactly what the British Museum hopes to do with its popular exhibit Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek


Biggest Beaker people burial ground in Europe found in Overijssel

The biggest Beaker people burial site in Europe has been uncovered close to the town of Dalfsen in Overijssel province.

The site, described as …


Artifacts Recovered from HMS Erebus

NUNAVUT, CANADA—Last month, underwater archaeologists from Parks Canada with the support of Royal Canadian Navy divers descended to the wreck site of …

Franklin Expedition

Well preserved Roman remains at Binchester

Recent discoveries at Binchester Roman Fort represent some of the most well preserved remnants of an empire dating back some 1,800 years


Evidence of Violence from a Late Black Death Cemetery

When we study history, we tend to focus on the big events. This is especially true for medieval England where history is defined by wars, plagues, …


Dark Side of Medieval Convent Life Revealed

British archaeologists excavating a church site in Oxford have brought to light the darker side of medieval convent life, revealing skeletons of nuns …

Middle Ages

Hellenistic sarcophagus unearthed in NW Turkey

A 2,200-year-old sarcophagus containing ancient bones, a gold crown and teardrop vases was discovered in the Gemlik district of Turkey’s northwestern …


Staffordshire hoard: experts piece together rare warrior's helmet

More than 1,500 scraps of silver gilt foil from the Staffordshire hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure, including strips stamped with designs of warriors and beasts and other fragments the size of a fingernail, are being pieced together by archaeologists and conservators into a warrior’s helmet of …


Archaeologists Report Recent Damage to Egyptian Tomb

CAIRO, EGYPT—The Catholic Leuven University archaeology mission announced on their Facebook page (KU Leuven - Egyptologie) that a section of a wall …


Seal Left Impression of Musical Scene 5,000 Years Ago

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—Scholars have taken a fresh look at a 5,000-year-old seal impression unearthed in western Galilee in the 1970s, and think that it …

Israel Antiquities Authority

Mummy Science: Modern Human Leg Treated by Ancient Egyptian Methods

The ancient Egyptians famously mummified the dead to preserve their loved ones in perpetuity, and now, scientists have mummified fresh tissue from a …


Amazing Drone Footage Of Sudan's Mysterious & Forgotten Pyramids

When talking about pyramids, the topic of discussion is likely the iconic structures found across Egypt, in particular the mind-boggling Pyramids of …


In Ancient Egypt, Life Wasn’t Easy for Elite Pets

Animal skeletons found buried in a 5,000-year-old cemetery reveal injuries from beatings, restraints.

For ancient Egyptians, owning a menagerie of exotic animals conveyed power and wealth. But the remains of baboons, hippos, and other elite pets buried more than 5,000 years ago in a graveyard near …


Archaeology: Bulgarian dig finds 8000-year-old ‘double-storey’ houses

Bulgarian archaeologists say that they have found 60 houses from a Neolithic settlement, estimated to date back 8000 years, that were seven to eight …


Afterlife of Early Neolithic houses in the Polish lowlands

Joanna Pyzel is an archaeologist graduated from Warsaw University in Poland. After scholarships to Cologne and Mainz in Germany she received her PhD …


Irish and Scots may have been first to settle Iceland, researcher finds

It has long been believed that the first people to inhabit Iceland were the Norse settlers who arrived around the year 874 AD. However, the discovery …


ISIL razing of Palmyra’s cultural heritage “not foregone conclusion”

Western outrage over fears ISIL will raze Palmyra’s cultural patrimony has handed the radicalists valuable propaganda, an expert has claimed.

But Charlie Winter, a researcher on jihadist movements at the Quilliam Foundation, says the destruction of the Syrian city’s heritage is not a “foregone …


A Global Museum: How Flipboard Can Help Bring a World of Ancient Wonders to Classrooms Half a World Away

Being born and raised in Australia, it was easy for me to feel isolated from the rest of the world, especially as I developed a love of history as a child. I recall my disappointment when I learnt that the lands of the Romans, Incas and Medieval Europe were on the other side of the world from where …

World History

Bust of Queen Nefertiti: Egypt’s most fascinating artifact after Tut’s mask

CAIRO: Several museums all over the world house ancient Egyptian treasures but the iconic bust of Queen Nefertiti, currently on display at Berlin’s …


Experts disagree over antiquity repatriations

Last week Cambodia welcomed home a 10th-century statue of the Hindu god Hanuman. The statue, which had been looted from the Koh Ker temple complex in …