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Honey, I love you: our 40,000-year relationship with the humble bee

Humans have always had a special relationship with bees. And while the archaeological evidence is sparse, what does exist shows the richness of ancient human activities<p>Earlier this month I received my first package of bees. A package refers to a box containing 3 pounds of bees, or roughly 12 …


Study provides surprisingly complex portrait of ancient trade networks

(—The study of ancient civilizations, particularly those that did not leave extensive writing in the archaeological record, is reliant on …


Ancient Slingshot Was as Deadly as a .44 Magnum

An excavation in Scotland shows that Roman soldiers used lead ammo with lethal accuracy.<p>Ruins—and Fierce Weaponry—From Bloody Roman Battle Discovered<p>On a fortified hill in Scotland some 1,900 years ago, a Roman army attacked local warriors by hurling lead bullets from slings that had nearly the …


University of Leicester academics work with University of Oxford in project to examine how historical farming methods changed England’s landscape

• Project will examine how innovations in farming enabled English populations, towns and markets to expand<br>• Stresses on cattle bones will establish where …


Ancient Pools in Jerusalem Succored Jewish Pilgrims to Temple 2,000 Years Ago

“Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before Hashem thy God in the place which He shall choose; on the feast of unleavened bread, and on …


These Trees Uncover What Plunged Egypt's Climate Into Chaos

Examining tree rings inside the world's oldest trees reveal a seismic event that took place around 3,500 years ago


Severed limbs and wooden feet: how the ancients invented prosthetics

We are living through an incredibly exciting period for prosthetics. A pioneering brain computer interface that will allow veterans to control …

Ancient History

Antikythera Anniversary: Astronomical Computer Still Puzzles After 115 Years

What looked like a hunk of corroded metal lying at the bottom of the Aegean Sea near the Greek island of Antikythera turned out to be a piece of a …


New hope of uncovering Stirling's lost Iron Age roundhouse

<b>Archaeologists believe they have found part of the remains of an Iron Age roundhouse, known as a broch, in Stirling.</b><p>It was first discovered and described by a local archaeologist Christian Maclagan in the 1870s.<p>Attitudes towards women at the time meant her academic paper on the broch was only …


Intact Spine of Hominin Toddler Revealed for 1st Time

The lonely fossil of a 2.5-year-old early human ancestor has revealed for the first time that the spines of ancient hominins were a lot like ours — …

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Explore an Ancient Cave City in Armenia

Residents lived in Old Khndzoresk up until the 1950s

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The Secrets of Viking Sword Making

Vikings. The feared raiders struck terror through Northern Europe for three centuries in the Middle Ages. But were their swords… just for show? A lot …


Malta’s Hypogeum, One of the World’s Best Preserved Prehistoric Sites, Reopens to the Public

The complex of excavated cave chambers includes a temple, cemetery and funeral hall


First humans emerged in the eastern Mediterranean and not East Africa

Controversial study claims to have found the origin of humans as early as 7.2 million years ago.<p>Humans may have split off from the rest of the great …

East Africa

"Space archaeology" transforms how ancient sites are discovered

Archaeologists often spend years digging and hoping they'll find the remnants of ancient civilizations. There's a lot of ground yet to be uncovered. …


Stone Age ‘cult’ henge site and human remains discovered near Stratford

Stone Age 'cult' henge site and human remains discovered near Stratford<p>A STONE Age ‘cult’ henge site and human remains – which could belong to some …


Archaeologists discover medieval 'Dark Ages dancer' skeleton in Siberia pulling mysterious pose

A bizarre medieval skeleton has been unearthed in Siberia by archaeologists who've branded it the 'Dark Ages dancer'.<p>Archaeologists say they are …


Mayor confirms fate of Roman mosaic found in Leicester

<b>High-status Roman floors discovered by archaeologists during building work will go on permanent display, it has been confirmed.</b><p>The mosaics, part of a 1,700-year-old town house, were found on the site of a development in Leicester.<p>Open days attracted thousands of people but a question mark hung over …


Tool sharpens focus on Stone Age networking in the Middle East

A stone tool found in Syria more than 80 years ago has sharpened scientists’ understanding of Stone Age networking.<p>Small enough to fit in the palm of …


Why a Modern Cosmetics Company Is Mining Armenia's Ancient Manuscripts

There is something remarkable about the communities that line the former Silk Road. Bound together by a shared natural environment, there is a …

Soviet Union

The Bamburgh Bird: Unique 8th century Anglo-Saxon decorative metal work discovered at Bamburgh Castle

Near the end of last summer’s excavation season we made a marvellous new find of national significance; a beautifully decorated copper alloy bird …


56 embalming jars for the mummification of high Vizier found at Deir el-Bahari

An excavation project by a joint Egyptian and Spanish archaeological mission from University of Alcalá has uncovered 56 embalming jars for the …


Saving a one-of-a-kind gravestone, a piece of an archaeological puzzle at historic Jamestown

Six months after launching a painstaking probe aimed at English America’s second-oldest church, Jamestown archaeologists have unearthed a jumbled historical puzzle that reaches back 400 years.<p>First, there are the fractured layers of brick pavers and floor tiles laid during construction of three …


Akrotiri Archaeological Site in Santorini

Visitors of Santorini who have a spark for learning about the history of Greece, must definitely visit the Akrotiri area where the Akrotiri …


Shared genetic heritage from Sicily to Cyprus

The hunt for York’s Roman amphitheatre

THE hunt is on for York’s hidden Roman amphitheatre.<p>Leading archaeologists, including Time Team’s Stewart Ainsworth, will gather in the city’s Museum …


Oldest working Roman arch in Britain damaged by lorry driver who got stuck following his sat nav

The oldest Roman arch in Britain which is still used by traffic has been damaged after a lorry driver who was following his sat nav became wedged underneath it.<p>Police were called to the third century Newport Arch in Lincoln after a distribution lorry became lodged under the Grade I listed edifice …


'Hunchback of Torrenueva' unearthed in Roman cemetery in southern Spain

Archaeologists have found the remains of a young man who suffered from Scheuermann's disease.<p>In an ancient Roman Necropolis located near Granada …


Teenager In Ancient Panamanian Ritual Burial Had Bone Cancer

The 700-year-old ritual burial of a teenager at the site of Cerro Brujo in Panama recently revealed to archaeologists an unusual condition: a sarcoma. Although bone cancer is well known today, it has been found only seldomly in ancient skeletons. This young person appears to be the first case of …