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Hidden Monuments Reveal 'Stonehenge Is Not Alone'

The megaliths of Stonehenge, which were raised above England's Salisbury Plain some 5,000 years ago, may be among the most extensively studied …


Mass Grave Reveals Ottoman Soldiers Fought To The Death In 16th Century Romania

On November 13, 1594, Michael the Brave summoned his subjects in the client state of Wallachia to rise up against the Ottoman Empire. As part of a series of land wars between the Ottoman Empire and various powers in Europe, Michael led his troops to conquer several castles along the Danube River …

Mass Graves

New Imagery Allows Viewers to ‘Tour’ WWII Shipwrecks

High-tech underwater cameras help uncovering the secrets of HMAS Sydney

A recent expedition to survey historic World War II shipwrecks has produced a …

Australian Universities

MATSURRA, JAPAN—The Asahi Shimbun reports that underwater archaeologists surveying the waters off the island of Takashima have located the remains a …


Ancient Bobkitten Burial Identified

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS—In the 1980s, archaeologists excavating a Hopewell Culture (200 B.C.–A.D. 500) burial mound 50 miles north of St. Louis found …


30 Greek Ideas that Changed the World

Created by The Power of Music Art

Greeks have greatly influenced and contributed to culture, arts, exploration, literature, philosophy, politics, …


ISIS Destroys 6 Archaeological Pieces In Ancient Syrian City Of Palmyra

BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State group militants have destroyed six archaeological pieces from the historic town of Palmyra that were confiscated from a smuggler, the group said.

An IS statement, released late Thursday, said the six busts were found when the smuggler was stopped at a checkpoint. The …


How old is the toilet seat?

Communal latrines were a regular feature in Roman towns, with the bottom holes cut into the benches.

These forica toilets are perhaps 2,000 years old, …


ARCHAEOLOGY - Hidden history revealed in Ermenek

ARCHAEOLOGY > Hidden history revealed in Ermenek

KARAMAN - Anadolu Agency

AA Photos

Best known for coal, the ground beneath the southern Anatolian …


GIANUTTRI, ITALY—An impressive ancient Roman villa that has been closed to the public for more than a decade has reopened for visitors, according to …


Scientists confirm oldest European human footprints in Romanian cave

A new study published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology has revealed that ancient human footprints found in a Romanian cave and …


Islamic State takes sledgehammer to 'irreplaceable' ancient Palmyra ruins

Isil militants have released images showing a civilian being forced to destroy priceless artefacts from the Roman city of Palmyra as the head of Unesco warned of "cultural cleansing" by the extremist group'

Militants from Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil) are feared to have begun …

Ancient Civilization

2nd shipwreck confirmed from 13th century Mongolian invasion

MATSUURA, Nagasaki Prefecture--A shipwreck found here is the second confirmed vessel from a 13th century Mongolian fleet that foundered in a typhoon …


Historical Artifacts Unearthed in Seattle

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON—Construction workers building a rainwater storage facility unexpectedly encountered a trove of historic artifacts beneath …


Archaeologists digging in search of common people

In Angkor Wat research, the focus has long been on temples and high society. A new project there is taking a different approach, laying the …


Roman Villa Reopens on Wild Tuscan Island

The remains of one of the most prestigious maritime villas from Roman times are set to reopen tomorrow in a small, almost uninhabited island off the …


Ancient Humans Had Sex with Mystery Relatives, Study Suggests

A new, improved sequencing of ancient human relative genomes reveals that Homo sapiens didn't only have sex with Neanderthals and a little-understood …

Inca Road: The ancient highway that created an empire

Do long-dead builders have the answer to more sustainable road development? A new exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC shows why the Incan kingdom built a lasting infrastructure.

The Inca Road is one of the most extraordinary feats of engineering in the world. By the 16th Century …

Ancient History

Jerusalem family finds 2,000-year old mikveh underneath living room

They hesitated about calling in the authorities for some years, during which they simply lived above the Second Temple-era ritual bath.


British Museum’s ivory icons denied US entry for loan show

The US Fish and Wildlife Service blocked the importation of six Byzantine ivory pieces due to come to the US on a loan from the British Museum for …

A Surprising Find Under the Living Room Floor

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—During renovations of their home in the neighborhood of ‘Ein Kerem, a family discovered a ritual bath, or mikveh, under the living …


Lancashire Museums - Understanding the past, inspiring the future - Lancashire County Council

This spectacular collection of Viking silver was discovered in mid September 2011. It is the third largest collection of Viking silver found to date …


Museums and looted art: the ethical dilemma of preserving world cultures

Every month produces new cases of the “repatriation” of antiquities from American museums to their countries of origin.

In late May, Italian authorities displayed 25 looted artefacts retrieved from the United States. They included some objects smuggled by the infamous dealer Giacomo Medici, …


2,000-Year-Old Footprint Uncovered

VINDOLANDA, ENGLAND—Archaeologists at the site of Vindolanda in northern England have unearthed another piece of evidence of the daily life of the …

Hadrian's Wall

Sport and Spectacle

Roman Spain, 3rd c. A.D.

In the Greco-Roman world, racehorses were potent symbols used by both individuals and the state to express power, encourage …


Colonial Americans Drank Roughly Three Times as Much as Americans Do Now

In 1784, the doctor Benjamin Rush described alcohol as a threat to morality—and a danger to the nascent republic.

Go ahead, have a small beer; it will bring “Serenity of Mind, Reputation, Long Life, & Happiness.” Even a strong beer would be fine, for that brings “Cheerfulness, Strength, and …


ARCHAEOLOGY - Roman-era athlete found in Turkey's west


Hill fort said to be where King Arthur’s Guinevere was born has lasted 3,000 years: now it’s under siege

A powerful group of senior archaeologists are sharpening their trowels to fight “ethically unacceptable” plans they say will destroy one of the nation’s greatest Iron Age treasures.

Old Oswestry Hill Fort, an imposing ancient feature that dominates the skyline on the fringe of the Shropshire market …

King Arthur

Dig sheds new light on Norwich’s medieval past

08:00 26 June 2015

Skeleton in an uncovered tomb. The 18-week excavation of the site at St Annes Wharf, Norwich. The site, close to the river, has …

Middle Ages

Ancient Buddhist scripture found near Beijing

A sacred Buddhist scripture was found in a suburb of Beijing. The 'Lotus Sutra' - supposedly wrested from a realm of snake gods - is one of the …