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These Recently Uncovered Ancient Texts Show What A Normal Day In Rome Was Like 2,000 Years Ago

Earlier this month, a team of researchers from Britain’s Southampton University unearthed a previously undiscovered ancient Roman settlement …


Ancient Roman Mosaic Revealed

Italian archaeologists digging in a small Tuscan village have unearthed part of what they believe is a large and impressive ancient Roman mosaic.

The …

Ancient Civilization

The Roanoke Island Colony: Lost, and Found?

MERRY HILL, N.C. — Under a blistering sun, Nicholas M. Luccketti swatted at mosquitoes as he watched his archaeology team at work in a shallow pit on a hillside above the shimmering waters of Albemarle Sound. On a table in the shade, a pile of plastic bags filled with artifacts was growing. …


ARCHAEOLOGY - Ancient tombs in Fethiye cleaned after controversy

ARCHAEOLOGY >Ancient tombs in Fethiye cleaned after controversy

MUĞLA - Doğan News Agency

The Amintas Tombs in Fethiye have been cleaned by museum …


ISIL blows up Arch of Triumph in Syria's Palmyra

Syria's head of antiquities calls on international community to "find a way to save Palmyra" after latest destruction.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) have destroyed the nearly 2,000-year-old Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria's head of antiquities and activists have …

Arch of Triumph

Before Islamic State: The Getty acquires earliest photos ever taken of ancient Palmyra

In recent weeks, the world has watched helplessly as members of Islamic State have laid waste to millennia-old temples at the ancient ruins site of Palmyra in Syria. All of this makes a cache of early photographs acquired by the Getty Research Institute (GRI) that much more valuable.

On Thursday, …

Historical Photography

The bloody rise of Augustus

Before his death 2,000 years ago in August AD 14, the ageing Roman emperor Augustus composed a political statement that recorded his unprecedented …

Julius Caesar

Global Middle Ages Project launches website

By Rachel Griess

Online users can now travel back in time to the medieval world by clicking through a collection of international research on the …

Middle Ages

Using ancient DNA, researchers unravel the mystery of Machu Picchu

Dramatically perched on an Andes mountain ridge some 8,000 feet above sea level in Peru, Machu Picchu is a visual wonder and a technical …

Ancient DNA

Dormice, ostrich meat and fresh fish: the surprising foods eaten in ancient Rome

We often think of the Mediterranean triad – bread, wine and olive oil – as the diet of most Romans, but in fact food in ancient Rome was much more …


New 'Gilgamesh' Verse is Epic

A serendipitous deal between a history museum and a smuggler has provided new insight into one of the most famous stories ever told: “The Epic of …


EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND—The remains of nine people unearthed in 1975 in Cramond, Scotland, during the excavation of a Roman bath house and fort have been …

Bubonic Plague

STAFFIN, SKYE—A fragment of burned and worked bone and several hundred flints were discovered near Staffin Bay by a team of archaeologists and …

Isle of Skye

4,000-Year-Old Sauna Found in Scotland

ORKNEY, SCOTLAND—A rare, almost complete underground building dating to the Bronze Age has been discovered on the periphery of the prehistoric Links …

United Kingdom

Explore the Lush, Overgrown Ecology of 1600s Manhattan

Search block-by-block for the animals, plants, and Native Americans who occupied the island before European settlement.

Before bankers and club kids, Manhattan had gray wolves, harbor porpoises, and the Lenape (aka Delaware Indians). Now New Yorkers can explore where these historical humans and …


Machu Picchu DNA Study Planned

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Machu Picchu was built in the Andes Mountains some 8,000 feet above sea level by the Inca in the fifteenth century, and abandoned in …

Machu Picchu

Greek tomb was 'for Alexander the Great's friend Hephaestion'

Image copyright Greek culture ministry

The archaeologist investigating an ancient Greek tomb from the era of Alexander the Great has suggested it was

Alexander the Great

Ancient Iron Age town unearthed in one of the largest British archaeological discoveries

SWNSExperts believe they have unearthed one of Britain's biggest pre-historic settlements

Archaeologists believe that the "very exciting" discovery …


Massive underground complex in Greece WASN'T Alexander the Great's tomb

The archaeologist leading the project says it may have simply been a tribute to Hephaestion (inset) the closest friend and general of ancient …

Mystery Greek tomb was dedicated to companion of Alexander: experts

Thessaloniki (Greece) (AFP) - A massive ancient tomb recently opened in northern Greece was likely a monument to Hephaestion, the close companion of Alexander the Great, experts working on the monument said Wednesday.

"We surmise it was a funerary heroon (hero worship shrine) dedicated to …


Second Well Found at 1607 James Fort Site

JAMESTOWN, VIRGINIA—Archaeologists have been excavating the cellar of a building that sat outside the perimeter of the original 1607 James Fort. They …


Preservation society: how bronze age Britons mummified the dead

Bronze age Britons may have mummified their dead by tossing them into peat bogs or smoking them over a fire, according to archaeologists who have studied the bones of hundreds of ancient locals.

The leathery corpses may have been kept in homes for decades and rolled out for special occasions, or …


The CITiZAN Project

16th October 2015

A lecture by Gustav Milne for the City of London Archaeological Society examining the work of the Coastal and Intertidal Zone …


The Shocking Truth About E-Commerce Conversion Optimization

When it comes to ecommerce optimization, most people just don’t get it.

In the vast and varied field of ecommerce, many marketers are blinding by misconceptions. They mistakenly think that they can’t compete with Amazon. They mistakenly think that paid search is the solution. They mistakenly think …


First-Century Vessel Was Accidentally Printed With Ancient Poem

TATAREVO, BULGARIA—Archaeology in Bulgaria reports that researchers from the Plovdiv Museum of Archaeology discovered a pottery vessel covered with …


Archaeologists uncover secrets of historic Revolutionary War battle site

BOSTON – Archeologists using 21st-century technology are mapping out the exact spots British soldiers and Colonial militiamen were standing as they fired at each other during a pivotal skirmish on the first day of the American Revolution.

Parker's Revenge, as the fight is known, occurred on April …

American Revolution

2200 year old walrus bones suggest the most famous medieval chess set might be Icelandic in origin


By Staff

The Lewis Chessmen A ferocius berserker (rook), a stern king and a contemplative queen. Photo/Wikimedia, published under a Creative …


Early Medieval Tunnel System found in Co. Kildare

By onSeptember 29, 2015 in Archaeology blogs, Irish Archaeology Sites, News

Inside the Kildare souterrain (photo ACSU)

A remarkably well-preserved …

Middle Ages

Post-Minoan rock-cut tomb found in northern Crete

A rock-cut tomb of the Late Minoan period (around 1300 BC), was discovered in a rural area of ​​the monastery at Malevizi in northern Crete.

This is …


Hair-raising moment archaeologists open a 1,000-year-old coffin

Archaeologists may have discovered what could be the oldest bishop's grave in northern Europe

Archaeologists in Denmark have opened the lid of a sarcophagus to reveal a 1,000-year-old skeleton believed to be that of a 6ft 2in cleric.

The archaeologists are hoping to prove whether it could be the …