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Julius Caesar Suffered from Strokes, Not Epilepsy, New Study Says

In a paper titled “Has the Diagnosis of a Stroke been overlooked in the Symptoms of Julius Caesar?” doctors Francesco M. Galassi and Hutan Ashrafian …

Julius Caesar

Oldest crucible steel weapon in East Europe found by Russian archaeologists

Russian archaeologists conducting a routine examination of an old sabre unearthed seven years ago in the city of Yaroslavl say it represents the …


Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe, study shows

Emory Health Sciences—The ability to make a Lower Paleolithic hand axe depends on complex cognitive control by the prefrontal cortex, including the …


Pictish fort found off Aberdeenshire coast

Archaeologists have uncovered a "very significant" Pictish fort after scaling a remote sea stack off the coast of Aberdeenshire.



Ancient Rome: Julius Caesar suffered mini-strokes not epilepsy claim Imperial College doctors

Julius Caesar's well documented health problems may have been the result of a series of mini-strokes, according to new research.

The Roman general, …


Medieval Truck-Stop excavated

Where to Park your Horse? What is on the daily menu? Archaeologists have found the remains of a long-haul truck-stop near Peissen in Sachsen–Anhalt …

Middle Ages

Texting in Medieval Times

Middle Ages

Similar short logistical messages survive from medieval times, although their manner of survival is different. Fig. 3 shows waste material …

Middle Ages

LEIPZIG, GERMANY—Analysis of dental calculus on 18,000-year-old teeth found in Spain’s El Mirón Cave indicates that Magdalenian hunters ate a variety …

Red Deer

More Evidence of Cannibalism Found in Gough’s Cave

LONDON, ENGLAND—Ancient human remains from Gough’s Cave, located in southwest England, exhibit signs of a sophisticated culture of butchering and …

Natural History Museums

Andrew Moore on preserving ancient artifacts from the hands of ISIL

Oldest Stone Tools Discovered in Kenya

3.3-million-year-old artifacts reveal primitive ancestors like “Lucy” may have been capable of tool-making.

A trove of stone artifacts uncovered in northwestern Kenya suggests human ancestors were crafting tools 3.3 million years ago—about 700,000 years earlier than previously thought.

The tools, …


Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House

Bronze artifacts discovered in a 1,000-year-old house at the Rising Whale site suggest trade was occurring between East Asia and the New World …


These mysterious caves in a Sligo hillside carry secrets from the Ice Age

IN THE LATEST edition of the Hidden Heritage series, we explore the mysterious Caves of Keash in County Sligo, and we visit one of Ireland’s most …


Man stumbles upon Roman-era grave while exploring with metal detector

A man in England went exploring with a metal detector and made the discovery of a lifetime: an exquisitely preserved Roman-era grave filled with artifacts, including bronze jugs, mosaic glassware, coins and hobnails from a pair of shoes, all dating to about A.D. 200.

The grave likely belonged to a …


Only a Handful of People Can Enter the Chauvet Cave Each Year. Our Reporter Was One of Them.

The entry into the depths of the Chauvet Cave, the world’s greatest repository of Palaeolithic art, begins with a dramatic ascent. A steep switchback …

The Arts

Skeletons Could Shed Light Indus Valley Civilization

HARYANA, INDIA—Four 5,000-year-old skeletons from the Harappan civilization have been recovered from an ancient cemetery near Rakhigarhi village in …


Earliest humans in Western Europe followed the climate

First excavated in 1993, the site of Barranco León in the Guadix-Baza Basin of southeastern Spain, just 80 km west of the Mediterranean shoreline, …


Why ISIS Hates Archaeology and Blew Up Ancient Iraqi Palace


Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit in Essex

Prehistoric Britons had "required understanding" of fire and pyres to combust corpses at more than 600 degrees

Archaeologists say a section of burnt …


Was Ancient Egypt destroyed by 'perfect storm' of disasters?

• Historian Eric Cline at George Washington University says a series of disasters between 1225BC and 1177BC led to downfall of ancient societies• 

Researcher casts doubt on sea peoples theory

University of Tübingen doctoral candidate Jesse Millek has been honoured for his research, which questions the controversial theory of the “sea …


Diary of a WWI digger discovered 100 years after it was written

The Foot family sent four boys off to the First World War, but only two came home. Now 100 years later one of their diaries has returned to north …

World History

Iron Age coin suggests ancient links between Bristol and the Med

• Tiny copper coin is dated to the Iron Age, almost 2,300 years ago• 
It was found in Saltford between Bristol and Bath in South West England
Bears image

Centuries of Italian History Are Unearthed in a Quest to Fix a Pipe

Lecce, Italy: All Luciano Faggiano wanted when he purchased the seemingly unremarkable building at 56 Via Ascanio Grandi was to open a trattoria, a …


Cut Marks on Neanderthal Bones Analyzed

MADRID, SPAIN—A new study of 57,600-year-old fossils from the Marillac site in France suggests that Neanderthals beat and fractured the bones of the …


Digs Reveal Stone-Age Weapons Industry With Staggering Output

Millions of weapons were made at Paleolithic “factory” in the Caucasus.

Under a cloudy winter sky, the eastern slope of Mount Arteni has the dull monotone of a barren wasteland. At 6,715 feet, its spare crest is dwarfed by the snow-capped 13,419-foot summit of nearby Mount Aragats, the highest point …


Royal Chapel Discovered in Cairo’s Heliopolis Temple

CAIRO, EGYPT—Egypt’s Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty announced that carved basalt blocks and part of a statue carved with the cartouche of …


New Research on Ancient Greek Politics

Adam graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in History and wrote for university publications as a student. Writing for the New …

Ancient History

Classicist sheds new light on lost epics which show the bloodier side of the Ancient Greeks

An Oxford academic has pieced together fragments of ancient epic poetry, revealing a new side to Ancient Greek culture in scenes of startling …

Ancient Civilization

A race against time to save Spanish Armada wrecks before they are lost forever

Historic wreckage on Sligo coast is in danger of being swept out to open sea

Something massive and urgent needs to be done to excavate and recover the …