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Divers find more artifacts at wreck of the Mentor, which sank carrying the Elgin Marbles

Divers exploring the Mentor ship that wrecked off the southern coast of Greece in 1802 while carrying the Parthenon marbles to England have found …


New Archaeological Findings of Apollo Sanctuary on Greek Island

New excavation work at an Archaic sanctuary site on an Aegean Sea islet unearthed important findings about its size and organization, Greece’s …


In Buddha's footsteps: The spread of the ancient religion through 11 sculptures


Huqoq 2015: New Mosaics Unearthed at Huqoq Synagogue

This mosaic depicting a theater mask is one of the new discoveries that have come to light during excavations this summer at Huqoq. Photo: Jim


How Neanderthal DNA Affects Your Genome

Ancient members of our species had sex with Neanderthals. That lineage contributes to 1–3% of the DNA in almost everyone outside of sub-Saharan …


Archaeologists uncover human settlement dated to the dawn of civilization

Aşıklı Höyük, a mound near the banks of the Melendiz River in southern Turkey, lies not far from the site of Çatalhöyük. Dated to about 7500 B.C., …


2000-Year-Old Cat Paw Prints Discovered on Tile

The cat paw print on the Roman roof tile.

David Rice

Italian archaeologists have unearthed the largest Roman water basin ever found, right in the heart …


Where the cave dwellers once lived

As Turkey’s audacious llisu Dam approaches completion, the ancient settlement of Hasankeyf looks set to lose thousands of years of history underwater.

Cradling a baby goat in his arms, my driver, Mourad, crouched next to me on the bank of the mighty Tigris River. All around us in the shade of …


MIT Technology Review: LIDAR archaeology shines light on Ancient Sites

Airborne laser scanning has revealed the remnants of a vast urban structure in the vicinity of Angkor Wat, a famous temple in Cambodia. The study, …


Rooms Full of Jars Discovered at Israel’s Tel Kabri

HAIFA, ISRAEL—The latest excavations at the 4,000-year-old site of Tel Kabri in northern Israel have uncovered three more rooms with plastered floors …

Middle East

Grave Guns, Coffin Torpedos and Other Methods of Protecting Your Bones From Thieves

Nosferatu, the first movie vampire! via FICG on flickrGrave robbing isn’t always about stealing artifacts or grave goods, nor is it just a thing of …


The Amazon rain forest has been shaped by man, say scientists

• Scientists estimate 8-50 million people lived in Amazon basin at its peak• 
They say 83 species of plant were domesticated and farmed in the area

The Ottomans Defeated at Belgrade

The fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453 sent a shockwave through Europe, and the Pope declared a crusade. The victorious Sultan …


What Hiram Bingham Got Wrong About Machu Picchu

The explorer had first reached the ancient Incan city on July 24, 1911

Until the archeologist Hiram Bingham came across it on this day, July 24, in 1911, most of the world thought the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu was lost, as was their capital Vilcabamba. As TIME reported in 1948, when Bingham …

Machu Picchu

Archaeologists find possible evidence of earliest human agriculture

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered dramatic evidence of what they believe are the earliest known attempts at agriculture, 11,000 years before the generally recognised advent of organised cultivation.

The study examined more than 150,000 examples of plant remains recovered from an unusually well …


Face of Copper Age 'Thankerton Man' revealed

Scientists from Dundee University have recreated the face of a young man who lived more than 4,000 years ago.

The skeleton of "Thankerton Man" was found in a stone cist - a type of burial chamber - at Boatbridge Quarry, Thankerton, South Lanarkshire, in 1970.

It was radiocarbon-dated to between …


Fort dig unearths 'evidence' Cardiff is 6,000 years old

The excavation of an Iron Age hillfort in Cardiff has revealed the "most compelling evidence yet" the city dates back 6,000 years, archaeologists said.

A dig at Caerau Hillfort revealed a Neolithic causeway enclosure and one of the largest collections of pottery from the period ever discovered in …


Million-Dollar Find: Shipwreck's Golden Treasure Includes Very Rare Coin

Treasure hunters off the Florida coast recently pulled up the haul of a lifetime: nearly $1 million worth of gold coins and elaborate gold chains, as …

Archaeologists discover ancient Egyptian stelae in Wadi el-Hudi with 'important inscriptions'

A team of archaeologists have unearthed three ancient stelae in Egypt that could hold important inscriptions.

The three stones bearing messages were …


First glimpse inside the Siberian cave that holds the key to man's origins

The significance of the cave is immense, and the experts are convinced it has more secrets to give up on human origins. Picture: Vera …


15 rare photographs of Iran's stunning palaces, mosques, and baths

The Vakil mosque in Shiraz, Iran.

Iran is home to breathtaking mosques filled with intricate mosaics and a kaleidoscope of colors.

But because professional photography equipment isn't permissible in most of these institutions, their stunning beauty often remains unseen.

Self-taught photographer …

Middle East

Modern pictures of 19 Churches and their churchyards in the Romney Marsh area added to the Visual Records section | Kent Archaeological Society

In the early 20th century our late member Leland L. Duncan spent time recording many of the monumental inscriptions (M.I.s) in the churchyards in the …


Neolithic house discovery at Avebury stone circle dig

Archaeologists believe they may have found the remains of a house where people who built Avebury stone circle may have lived.

The three-week Between …


Earliest Pictish fort yet discovered was situated on sea stack

An inhospitable sea stack on the Aberdeenshire coast has been confirmed as the site of the earliest Pictish Fort and pre-dates the iconic Dunnottar …


Slime Molds and Roman Roads

Slime mold, Physarum polycephalumCan an acellular slime mold mimic the Roman road network in the Balkans? It’s not a riddle, but the subject of a new …


Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Stirling Castle

By James Turner

Stirling Castle perched imperiously upon a vast crag of rough primeval rock enfolded on every side by its sweeping lines of carved …

Middle Ages

Israeli Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Jar With Inscription of Name From the Bible

Archaeologists in Israel have found a rare inscription of the name of an apparently influential person from the time of King David, a name that is …


What Motivated Viking Raiders?

YORK, ENGLAND—Steve Ashby of the University of York thinks that Viking raiders of the eighth century were motivated by more than the acquisition of …


First Civilizations Challenged by Climate Change

MIAMI, FLORIDA—Abrupt climate change may have affected some of the earliest civilizations in the Middle East and the Fertile Crescent, according to a …


La Corona Team Discovers Maya Stela & Hieroglyphic Panels

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA—Marcello A. Canuto of Tulane University and Tomás Barrientos of the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala announced at a press …