The Only Planet We Got

Short films focused on the best planet out there.

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The Only Planet We Got
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    The Last Straw

    A group of volunteers come together to raise awareness for single-use plastics by collecting 168,000 straws and breaking a world record. Credits: Installation art by Von Wong and Zero Waste Saigon Sponsored by Starbucks Vietnam Hosted by Keppel Land Video: Fox – Creative and Visuals Spoken Word performance (video): Steve Connell BTS photography: Anna Tenne Technical Build Consultants: Nick Moser, Stefan Suknjaja, Fosha Zyong Set Builder: Tr?nh Thiên Tân LED Technician: Thành Hu?nh Production Support: Don Le, Dave Lemke Special thanks to the German International School, British International School and American International School for supporting our cleanup efforts. Volunteers: Quinn Tran, Leanne Lim, Tam Binh, Mong Binh, Tuy Gentry Buckner, Gia Kang, Thanh Duy, Ti Hon, Nguyen Quoc Dung, Bùi Phng Nht, Leo Pukachi, Julia Mesner Burdge, Michael Burdge, Loan Joy, Huyn KaRa, oàn Linh Chi, Angeli Castillo, Nguyn Ngc Huân, Dng Bi Linh, Matthew James Morris, Pakdi Decnud Models: Sebastien Burdge, Elijia Ken, Nguyen Thuy Duong (TyhD)

    Every Nine Minutes

    Every nine minutes, the weight of a blue whale (300,000 pounds) in plastic makes its way into our oceans. To call attention to this, the Monterey Bay Aquarium built a life-sized replica of a blue whale made of single-use, locally sourced plastic trash. Certified by Guinness World Records, the whale is the largest sculpture of its kind ever built.

    Douglas Tompkins - A Wild Legacy

    Douglas Tompkins was a world-renowned adventurer, entrepreneur, and conservationist. Co-founder of The North Face and Esprit, Doug spent the first half of his life building successful, global brands, while simultaneously adventuring around the world, completing first descents of the world’s toughest rivers. In 1968 Doug embarked on a trip to Chile, driving with friends from California to the tip of Patagonia. Documented in the film Mountain of Storms, the trip solidified Doug’s place as rock climbing legend. In the early 1990s, Doug sold his part of Esprit and moved down to Chile to do conservation work full time with his wife, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, the former CEO of Patagonia, Inc. Together, over the last 25 years, Doug and Kris have protected 2.2 million acres, more land than any other individuals. The foundations under the Tompkins Conservation umbrella, along with their partners, have created five national parks in Chile and Argentina and are in the process of creating five more. A Wild Legacy tells the story of Doug’s incredible life, his lasting impact on the wild landscapes of Patagonia, and Kris and the Tompkins Conservation team’s efforts to continue his audacious mission. Doug was tragically killed in a kayaking accident on Lago General Carrera, north of Patagonia Park, on December 8th, 2015. Douglas Tompkins: A Wild Legacy was presented to audiences at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival on May 24th, 2016 during the festival’s tribute to Doug.

    Kroger's Canteen

    In 2014, Kilian Jornet won the Hard Rock 100 mile run through the San Juan’s of Colorado. Along the way he stopped at Kroger’s Canteen – an aid station perched on a tiny ledge, 13,100ft above sea level. This is a story about that aid station, about the people that make it happen, and about the spirit one can only find at The Hard Rock 100

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