She is Electable

Who runs the world? Filmmakers (and candidates and those supporting candidates) from across the US spotlighted women running for local elected offices in their community.

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She is Electable
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    When I Grow Up...

    Kelly Rose is currently running for the Georgia State Senate in District 17. She is challenging the incumbent Republican Senator and hopes to be the Democratic nominee to flip the seat. After taking her grievances to the State Senate regarding women's rights, she found that they were unwilling to listen or support the rights of women's bodily autonomy and their right to choose. After lobbying against the controversial "Heartbeat Bill," She told the incumbent that if he voted for the bill that she was "coming for him." She knew she had to stand up and fight... even if that meant challenging her opponent for his seat. She is a mother, a small business owner, and a member of our community that is willing to hear us and take our issues seriously. We don't need a puppet or a politician. We need a human being who has as much invested in this community as we do. Vote Kelly Rose for GA State Senate in District 17 on November 3rd. I am a filmmaker and actress that has watched Kelly keep her promises in my community. I knew that when this challenge was announced that I wanted to highlight this phenomenal woman. I moved to Henry county over a year ago and I found Kelly's small business and I have been amazed at what she has overcome and pushed through so I felt it only necessary to do my part. She is the one making the difference... I just tell stories. Her's is one to tell because SHE. IS. ELECTABLE.

    Shy Morris- New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    Shy has been a fixture in our town for over a decade implementing community gardens, town and community beautification projects, and fair and affordable education and housing for our younger generations. She is running for the Zone 4 commissioner chair and would be a valuable asset to our city now and in the future.


    "Rent control may not be sexy but it's important." Anastasia Foster and Caroline Torosis are commissioners on the Santa Monica Rent Control Board and are running as a slate for their second term in 2020. They share their passion for local government, encouraging a diverse, younger generation to get involved in public service, and the high stakes of evictions during Covid 19. As a fellow Santa Monica renter and filmmaker, it was as much educational as it was enjoyable to film these "bad boss ladies" and to know that Santa Monica is leading the way for rent stabilization in the state. To me, that is very sexy! Inspired by the 'She is Electable' film challenge, I reached out to Anastasia and Caroline and asked if they would be interested in being a part of this project. Given they do this work for free, they were raring to go! I made this piece as a one-woman-crew -- camera, sound, and editor. To learn more about Anastasia and Caroline and the rest of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board click below: You can learn more about Anastasia and Caroline and the rest of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board here: And here are a few local organizations to get involved: Emily’s List Emerge California She Should Run Get Her Elected National Women’s Political Caucus

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