Celebrating Women in Film

We proudly support female filmmakers and raise the voices of those perspectives that deserve to be Celebrating women behind the lens.

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Celebrating Women in Film
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    Day 74.

    What rituals ease the chaos boiling in our minds? Day 74. follows an afternoon in the life of a Kenyan woman in quarantine alone. Starring Amandla Jahava Directed by Courtney Jamison Written by Moses Ingram & Patricia Fa'asua Story by Patricia Fa'asua, Moses Ingram, and Courtney Jamison Produced By Ava McCoy


    A couple tries to maintain a sense of normalcy while stuck at home, dealing with Coronavirus. I've been thinking a lot about the strain this pandemic is having on romantic relationships and the distance it can create. This is especially interesting to me since I am in a long distance relationship and quarantined far, far away from my fiancé! I wanted to show that there is still an opportunity to do nice things for one another, how every day of the week seems the same and how we might have to take on roles that we wouldn't usually. I had to challenge myself so much for these short 2 minutes, I’m used to being the producer so I had to stretch myself to play the director, the cinematographer, the sound engineer, the editor... it was stressful but rewarding!


    HAVE IT ALL is a true story of one meeting, one baby, and one big myth. I'm a director/writer/actress, and last year, I became a mom. Suddenly, I realized it was hard enough just to fit in a shower... I had no idea how to still be a creator in this new day-to-day, with a new identity. I thought, "How can I possibly make a film with a five-month-old?" The answer was to make a film WITH a five-month-old. This is that film, based on a morning that actually happened to me. Driving home from that meeting, I realized it was important to me to tell a story about how the baby is not the enemy, and the coworkers are not the enemy either. The expectation is the enemy. Being a mom is hard but doable. Having a career is hard but doable. What's impossible is the idea that women should be able to do both at full capacity...while still maintaining a perfect blowout.

    She's Revolutionary

    Tarana Burke, civil rights activist and creator of the #metoo movement was featured among other female activists as the Time Person of the Year for 2017. The film explores Tarana’s life as a survivor, activist and mother and how she found the confidence to start a movement telling other survivors they are not alone. Tarana continues to raise awareness, leading the conversation to stop sexual violence through policy change and community support.

    Going Viral

    Going Viral is a series I created while in confinement with my cat, Jannus. In this episode, Jannus interviews the CoronaVirus. Written and directed by Marcy Stone-Francois Original music and voice-over by William Klintberg.


    Directed by Susanne Serres, Zaya follows its titular character who is a contemporary dancer and has just realized her love for her dance partner Nadege. But first she must realize her love for herself, overcoming her fears and opening up about who she is to her mother. #LoveIsLove

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