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This Online Archive Will Tell You Exactly Which Typeface Your Favorite Products Use

Even if you’re a designer, you may not be able to identify all the typefaces you see in the world by sight, aside from a few of the most common, like …

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3 tips to create better infographics, faster (and cheaper)

Infographics remain among the most shareable content formats on social media. They’re also perfect for anything from white papers and articles to …


I find it hard to believe people are using Siri and are still convinced AI will take away all of our jobs

Health Care

Tutorial: Why Timelapse When You Can Hyperlapse?

Here's how to shoot and edit a (handheld) hyperlapse.<p>What is Hyperlapse?<p>I recently went out to experiment with hyperlapse photography. If you are …

Wztv Fox 17 @wztv_fox17

Nashville building implosion<p>Periscope<p>video<p><p>

Bill Gurley — the legendary investor who backed Uber, Snap, and eBay — is now betting big that healthcare has hit a 'tipping stage'

Bill Gurley is getting serious about healthcare.<p>The tech investor, a general partner at Benchmark Capital, has made a name for himself backing companies like Uber, Snap, Twitter, and eBay. But Benchmark's footprint in healthcare wasn't as prolific.<p>In 2014, he tweeted that the healthcare market is …

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How engineers can take inspiration from the natural world. Case in point: Japan's high-speed Shinkansen trains.

How Stranger Things got its retro title sequence

Behind the old-school style in the opening credits.<p>Back for a highly anticipated second season, Netflix’s <i>Stranger Things</i> does an impressive job remixing and referencing a whole lot of ’80s classics. But the show’s tone owes a lot to the striking credits sequence that follows every episode’s cold …

Lit-html is a game changer for bridging the gap between JS & HTML. Love @reactjs? Then you will love lit-html.My fav talk @ #ChromedevSummit

Build A Fast Offline-First PWA with StencilJs

Offline-first is a concept that allows developers to assume that some of our application users do not have access to the latest device and the …

Venture Capital firm names Nashville among tech innovation hubs

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A report from Atlanta-based venture capital firm BIP Capital names Nashville among five areas emerging as market-leading tech …

The Creator Of The Papyrus Font Knows You Hate It, And Admits It's Overused

"It was one of the best things I've seen."


How to paint a castle with SketchUp

There are a range of painting techniques you can use for digital painting, but sketching a 3D scene such as a castle from scratch can be difficult. …


Bezier animation

How Sean Tucker creates Dramatic Black and White images for Instagram

If you found it helpful, share it on.<p><b>FINAL IMAGES:</b><p>Una publicación compartida de Sean Tucker (@seantuck) el 28 de Jul de 2017 a la(s) 8:31 PDT<p>Una …

ARKit Inter-dimensional Portal by @nedd. Music by The SAME. Literally chills down my spine. The future is going to be nuts 樂 — Aaron Watson ☄️ (@AaronWatson59) June 30, 2017 This is absolutely incredible. — Paul Maclennan (@PaulMaclennan) June 30, 2017 Ive been sitting here for 10 mins trying to figure out how theyre doing this…. — Fabian Buentello (@initFabian) June 30, 2017 This may be cooler than VR. — Alex Delia (@alexdelia) July 7, 2017 Incredible. — Jeff Benjamin (@JeffBenjam) June 30, 2017 This is epic next level #AR. — Blair Hughes (@MrBlairHughes) July 11, 2017 We need AR Apple Glasses!!! — Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) June 30, 2017 The game has changed. — Asim Aslam (@chuhnk) June 30, 2017 I’ve done this hundreds of times across multiple video games, but I honestly was surprised when you were able to step into the door. — iandanforth (@iandanforth) June 30, 2017 Someone call @StephenKing stat — Mitchel Broussard (@mbrsrd) June 30, 2017 AMAZING AND WOW WOW WOW !:) — azamsharp (@azamsharp) June 30, 2017 Wow, this is amazingly cool — Sulka Haro (@sulka) July 6, 2017 That’s just way too cool. The imagination unleashed. — Radjin (@_Radjin) July 2, 2017 jesus christ ARkit is going to be insane — juan (@juanbuis) June 30, 2017 Absolutely stunning —  ZABIR (@ZPCigaars) June 30, 2017 This stuff is getting mind-blowingly good SO quickly. — Dennis Doughty (@DennisDoughty) July 23, 2017 Madness — Abdus Fauzi (@abdusfauzi) July 3, 2017 Unreal. — Martin Legowiecki (@IAmMlego) July 1, 2017 This is incredibly cool. I’m beyond impressed. — Youssef Sarhan (@YS) July 1, 2017 No words possible for the awesomeness of this. When will we hook ourselves up to the Matrix? — Michiel Sikkes (@michiels) June 30, 2017 it’s like a magic ✨✨✨— Lisa Dziuba (@LisaDziuba) June 30, 2017 How???? — Gustavo Saez (@gustavosaez) June 30, 2017 With an ARglasses, an iPhone and ARKit there is going to be a revolution. Awesome demo!!! — Choche (@Fremen1430) June 30, 2017 This is absolutely bonkers. I stopped working and watched it about ten times in a row. — Chad Marriotti (@cmarriotti) June 30, 2017 Once again, the reason I think Augmented Reality is going to be bigger than Virtual Reality :) — Will Burns (@darianknight) July 5, 2017 @mattmchale That is INSANE!!!!! — Casey Ferrier (@caseyferrier) July 1, 2017 @bst3r @erfon @lkahney this just blew my mind — MrShep23 (@mrshep23) July 1, 2017 Wow wow WOOOOWWW — Arturo Elissonde (@AElissonde) June 30, 2017 mind = blown — Marcos Griselli (@marcosgriselli) June 30, 2017 Looking so good looks like I’m gonna have to get a new iPhone after all — chrrissss (@chrrissss) July 1, 2017 I’ve seen a lot of cool AR but this might be the coolest — david gabeau (@dgabeau) July 15, 2017 THIS IS SO COOL. — James Nichols (@Jamesnicholsfry) July 15, 2017 this is the one that blows me away the most — kiggle (@kiggle) July 12, 2017 Ok, my doubts about AR are gone with this. — Franz Unterkoffer (@peterapmcfly) July 23, 2017 What the…?! — James Marsden (@Jimbomarsden) July 11, 2017 This is awesome! Alot happening in AR these days — Bjarke Aagaard (@bjarque) July 7, 2017 This is blowing my mind — Andrew Minchew (@andrewminchew) July 11, 2017 Lots of potential applications for AR games with this sort of tech! Exciting times! — Tim Browne (@N1tch) July 11, 2017 HOW DID THIS ONLY GET LIKE 4 MINUTES AND A COFFEE CUP IN THE KEYNOTE — Ed Cormany (@ecormany) June 30, 2017 Wow! Just wow! This is going to be amazing! — Gerald (@jfversluis) July 23, 2017 Absolutely crazy stuff! — Alex McPherson (@mymocouk) July 7, 2017 Mixed reality… The next level. WOW! — cedric chambaz (@CEDRICtus) July 7, 2017 Mind. Blown. — Carlton Jefferis (@CarltonJefferis) July 7, 2017 This is incredible. Wow. — Jake Underwood (@jakeu) June 30, 2017 Okay this is pretty damn amazing. — David ಠ_ಠ (@dacoursey) July 6, 2017 Absolutely inspiring! Cannot wait to use this! @Matteo_Aliberti @kamenovk — ajwhelan (@ajwhelan) July 6, 2017 VR and AR adds so many new variables to the game palette. Wow! — Brian Fargo (@BrianFargo) July 6, 2017 We’re gonna see some pretty awesome AR stuff hitting the mainstream this year — Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) July 6, 2017 #AR platform #ARkit from #Apple will open entirely new directions of storytelling as #OS11 launches. — Jared Hendler (@jaredhendler) July 5, 2017 ARKit will be huge.  — Jakub Beneš (@jukben) July 4, 2017 This is surreal — Krishna Sagar (@_KrishnaSagar_) August 3, 2017 Lots of cool ARKit demo’s to be found these days. Seems to be an AR Renaissance happening… — Brian Selzer (@BrianSe7en) July 5, 2017 Definitely the coolest use of AR I’ve seen  — Edie//Jo (@digitaldualist) August 2, 2017 I want this so bad. — Mike Dwyer (@Cruiter) July 4, 2017 This but with historical scenes would be amazing!! — Tom Screen (@tomscreenx) July 3, 2017 I want one — Maegan Collins (@maeganc16) July 3, 2017 This has actually blown my mind — Adam Howe (@AdamHoweStop) July 3, 2017 So super cool — Josh (@Jetstopia) July 4, 2017 This is incredible. ARKit continues to astound. — BJ Homer (@bjhomer) June 30, 2017 Every demo I see of things @madewithARKit convinces me that the world is about to drastically change. — Scott McDaniel (@mcdev) July 1, 2017 This is nuts. I’m constantly floored by what people are building with ARKit. — Grant Butler (@grantjbutler) June 30, 2017 Mark my words - the next appstore gold rush will be in augmented reality. #ARKit #appstore #iOS11 — Fran O'Reilly (@franoreilly) July 1, 2017 This is just getting silly now — Tony Onodi (@TonyOnodi) July 1, 2017 This is getting very crazy very quickly. Wow!  — Sid (@sidoza) June 30, 2017 This is ridiculously impressive. Convinced that #AugmentedReality has some serious potential yet? #ARkit — Rob Lindley (@rlindley70) July 3, 2017 Everything else was awesome but this is wild — BEE | Kraken  (@allonsykraken) June 30, 2017 This is beyond next-level. — Timothy Reavis (@TimothyReavis) June 30, 2017 This is awesome. And think what this would be like on a pair of Apple glasses #takemymoney — ᴀʟᴇx ᴍᴏʏʟᴇʀ (@aeoye) June 30, 2017 This is cool and will be even cooler when you can step through the portal into the same streetscape as of 50-100 years ago. #VRTimeTravel — Vance A Lehmkuhl (@VanceTune) June 30, 2017 Whhhhhaaaaaatttttt…… . These ARKit prototypes on iPhone are INSANE. My bet is Augmented Reality will be bigger than VR. No doubt. — Jason Jahnke (@JasonJahnke) June 30, 2017 For anyone doubting the dramatic potential of ARKit… — Nick Pryor (@nickpryor) June 30, 2017 ARKit is smashing it, and the publicity and increased awareness for AR are going to accelerate — Lee Walker (@leewalker10) June 30, 2017 This is pretty jaw-dropping, especially at the end when the camera turns around. — Cult of Mac (@cultofmac) June 30, 2017  ARKit is some straight-up sorcery. Can’t wait to see more! — Realm (@realm) June 30, 2017 Like I said before, #ARKit is going to be huge. Hundreds of millions of eligible devices on day 1. Biggest thing Apple has done for years. — Evan McCann (@MrEvanMcCann) June 30, 2017 Android friend still saying ARKit won’t be significant 路‍♂️ — Saleem  (@SaleemUsama) June 30, 2017 Historical tourism will be amazing with ARKit and iOS 11 - the past will come alive — Daniel P Dykes (@DanielPDykes) June 30, 2017 Press: Apple not innovative as before Apple: ARKit — Amro Guzlan (@3amrology) June 30, 2017 Devs are getting out of control. Wow. — Tai (@bullseyetech) June 30, 2017 See All Videos

Augmented Reality

We all know it

1001 Retailing Nights (Software Etc... Training Video)


Everyone, just take a few seconds of your day to appreciate Mac OS' original control panel.

Microsoft: The smartphone is dead. You just don't know it

The platform to replace the smartphone will be a mixed-reality device like HoloLens, says Microsoft tech guru Alex Kipman.<p>Apple's iOS revenues are …

Apple Maps, you suck.

Atlanta tower owner in line for huge Cool Springs site - Nashville Business Journal

By Adam Sichko <br>– Senior Reporter, Nashville Business Journal<p>Apr 24, 2017, 2:46pm CDT<b><br>Updated</b> Apr 24, 2017, 4:07pm CDT<p>A developer from Atlanta has a …

Nvidia 1080ti with new drivers in external enclosure quadruples MacBook Pro native performance – MacDailyNews - Welcome Home

“Enthusiasts have wasted no time in testing the new Nvidia Pascal video card drivers, and have found external GPU performance nearly four times that …